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Many businesses, organizations and managers have difficulty in operating and development activities. How to solve multiple tasks once at a time? How to build a culture to accelerate the work? Or what should do when facing obstruction? …are always questions standing with managers and leaders. Many management theories can help to mold, but actual observations lead to more success in practice. Have you ever heard "WASTE BASKET", "FISH MARKET", "FOREST LOST" that can bring marvelous management experience? Let's consider new perspectives in management mentioned through 3 simple but effective methods below which are derived from actual successful observations.

1. WASTE BASKET Principle

You may wonder why waste basket is related to management (?) That’s right. Let's look at waste baskets (or bins) placed next to the sidewalk and cleanup rules here. Yeah, usually every 1-2 days or after a certain period of time the waste baskets are moved away. What will happen if waste baskets are not removed on time? Environment will be over polluted, space will be occupied, then the cost of moving will raise, may even have to pay a fine, if encountered bad weather, the resulting spread may cause... are what we can see. And the necessity of the waste basket is just in a certain time, it needs to be moved out, even at that time how much garbage is.

Back to the manager story, after a certain time, it’s necessary for you to finish some work no matter how the solution or the problem is going on. If not finish, you may suspend all operations, increase costs, and face to the consequences spread by created extending. This is similar to the plan that has deadlines, but the difference is that how solution and problem are, you still have to finish to move to other tasks / phases.

This principle of management is called the Waste Basket Management Approach, which is originated from Japan and is suitable for the enterprise, organizations developed in project model. After a period of application, such as daily garbage routine, Enterprise and Organization will keep up the pace, the timely pick-term solution, even gradually complete faster and bring tangible results and benefits.

2. FISH MARKET Principle

Fish dishes are popular and a lot of us have ever looked at the Coastal Fish Market - where of course sells a variety of fish and shrimp and when entering.... we easily feel the fishy smell. Not to mention many fish market are muddy and soaking wet. That’s absolutely right.  But there’s one thing to note, how the fishmonger are? They are always fun, inviting customers, laughing happily, and friendly with each other and with customers. Many fishmonger are willing to passionately introduce customers about fishes they had caught, how to cook those fishes, and how delicious they are ... It was such a juicy, fun and sometimes noisy caused by fishmonger that make us happy too, although we always want to buy quickly enough to leave that area.

And do you know that most people who sell fish at the market are directly go fishing or catch the fresh fish from their relatives after a long night at the sea, even many of them have sleepless fishing nights including nothing in the stomach. What made the joy of the fishmonger to forget all tiredness? Well, that's the love for fishing, love fishes, love the ocean, love customers, love people who fishing with them, love boat, and that’s also the love of the waves, the salinity of the sea or the Mermaid in fantasy anymore.

At this point you've probably guessed the Management Principles that we want to mention in this article, which is Cultural Organization Construction based Fish Market model. Let unify all members who are interested in sectors of organization, interested in work, interested in products, interested in customers. Let build organizational cohesion as sailors on board, share the values ​​of the organization, share the joy of working and serving customers, and do not forget to share the benefits in business as the result of a boat full of fishes.

Build Cultural Organization Construction based Fish Market model will make members work hard and forget all tiredness, try their best for organization and always feel happy with theirselves, with teammates, with clients. And no wonder why the Fish Market only meet in the morning and then sold out pretty fast. Your business or organization will succeed so quickly like that. Fish Market Approach - The model is derived from the US, facsimiled Fish Market in Seattle, and has been applied by many organizations.

3. FOREST LOST Principles

We all have lost the way but it is not as much complex as compared to FOREST lost. When lost in the forest is not easy to find a way to get out of it, you may walk around and go back to the old site or in deeper, no way out, alone, no one to ask, lack of navigation, ... Of course, you may keep calm to follow the old ways, see footsteps, signs and trees, .... And may be able to get out of the forest. But the worst is that finding a way out of forest at night.

What will happen if exhausted after 2-3 hours without finding a way out? Fear, panic, cry out? Please do not do so, you should consider any path selection shows the best possible, try again, and if you do not see the way, do not be sad, let's blow the torch and go to sleep ....! Well, let's blow torch and fell asleep for too tired:-) Tomorrow morning everything will be clearer.

This principle seems a bit crazy and less relevant, right? That is suggestion for practical management when a solution has not been found, or is in stressful conditions or unfavorable, lack of vision, then the smart solution is a halt. After waking up, in the morning, mental and health are both better. You can find your way more easily, even luckily you can meet someone to ask. Similarly, with clearer vision, easier conditions, and smarter thought, the managers will make decisions more accurately and more efficiently.

Way Lost Approach inspired from Tibet when finding the way in the middle of forest and mountain. This principle is very effective in case of lack of information, limited vision, difficult conditions to discuss. It’s much easier for you to find way after a halted night. And it similar to make a decision or find resolution- It would be much more effective than hasty decisions when everything is unknown or even is impossible to make decision.

There will be nothing absolutely in the ever-changing world. Managers or anyone need to adapt to the reality. Actual observations will help us effectively apply and succeed in business practice, management or operation process.

The three above Principles of Management are derived from reality and complementary to the effective Management (Waste Basket Principal), Building Organizational Culture (Fish Market Principle), Decision-making (Forest Lost Principles). Let give a try on these three Principles of Management and receive tremendous success.

Wishing you lots of success!