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The story of "job-hopping" is never old and is always a topic that receives a lot of attention. Leaving a job at any time always makes us hesitate and torn between whether to stay or leave... Among many reasons, we always try to find a big enough reason to make a decisive decision. However, the decision of changing job at the end of the year is even more difficult because this changing time should be considered a sensitive time.

After a long year of dedication and hard work, it's time for you to be reviewed to receive well-deserved bonuses. If you quit your current job and move to a new one, you will lose a significant amount of income... In front of you will be a new path with many new challenges. Although you are excited, you also have a lot of worries about whether it is really worthy.

So, is there a so-called “The best time to change job ”? . The truth is, there is no fixed and “best” time to quit your job. Leaving work sooner or later, at any time, is up to your decision. Like two sides of a coin, in this article, Faro Vietnam will show you a panorama of changing job at the end of the year with both bright and dark sides.

1. Bright colors when leaving job at the end of the year

#01- Changing jobs at the end of the year can easily create a big boost to your career

According to Mr. Paul Herman, Senior Executive Director of Execu|Search, "It is difficult to resist the appeal of a year-end bonus to take a new job, but the truth is that candidates who are willing to accept a career change at this time will completely have outstanding competitive advantages”. This is understandable when the level of intensity in recruiting candidates at the end of the year has clearly "cooled down" due to the scarcity of human resources, so the opportunity for you to choose your dream career has become more feasible because you don't have to compete too hard with other candidates like during the rest of the year.

On the other hand, changing jobs at the end of the year also shows that you are a dynamic person, ambitious and dare to face new challenges. This will make many employers appreciate you.

#02 – Year-end bonus can be replaced with Sign-on bonus

Human resources departments of companies, especially large companies, understand very well the candidate's reluctance to change jobs because they wait to receive year-end bonuses. Therefore, they always prepare temporary policies to compensate for the loss of this bonus to attract candidates. One of the most prominent policies is the application of a Sign-on bonus when candidates agree to join the company on time.

2. The dark side of year-end job hopping

At the end of the year, companies have a lot of recruitment needs, but you will see a series of seasonal jobs, with high compensation but no long-term stability.

Most working people have no intention of changing their current job because this will be the year-end salary review period and they are waiting to enjoy the fruits of a year of hard work. If you do not prepare well, you may fall into unemployment and have to face days of traveling everywhere to submit applications and interviews. It will all take a lot of your time, effort and money.


In a nutshell

Should you change job at the end of the year? Choosing to stay or leave will depend on each person's circumstances. You should not be rigid and follow the rules of the majority.

No matter what decision you make, carefully consider, do your job well and take responsibility for your choice.

In case you are determined to change your job, take this moment as an opportunity to renew and upgrade yourself in a new environment. Don't forget to measure your self-worth, enrich your professional experience and abilities to become a valuable individual no matter where you are.

Last but not least, always remember to complete your tasks at the old company, that is your responsibility you should take. Other companies will only hire you if you are a responsible person.

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