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HAN173 Manufacturing Manager This job has expried 1/14/2020 3/14/2020 Mechanical Hà Nội

*Oversees the day-to-day operations of the manufacturing, planning, coordinating, and directing the production
* Plan, determine optimal utilization of manufacturing workers and equipment to meet manufacturing goals
* Ensure that manufacturing stays on schedule and within budget
* Comply with the entire Q/A manual to assure the shipping of high-quality products.
* Train, coach and supervise operators to attain optimum performance considering every operator

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HAN172 QA Manager This job has expried 1/14/2020 3/14/2020 Mechanical Hà Nội

*Lead the quality assurance department to ensure that all external and internal requirements are met before our product reaches customers

* Performe and review internal and external audits to determine compliance with ISO and identify areas for improvement
* establish procedures and quality standards and monitor these against agreed targets.
* Review and approve suppliers/vendors; hosting customer audits and regulatory inspections

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HAN171 Production Planner - Asisstant Manager This job has expried 1/14/2020 3/14/2020 Mechanical Hà Nội

Planning the materials, machines, tools, equipment, and manpower to ensure carrying out the orders within the required quality at the required time.

*Oversee production planning and management activities within the organization.
*Develop production plan, budget and timelines according to production specifications.
*Determine production requirements based on plant capacity and production specifications.
*Plan workflow and schedules for production departments.

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HAN170 Procurement Manager This job has expried 1/14/2020 3/14/2020 Mechanical Hà Nội

*Leading the procurement department to conduct the functions, including procurement management, warehouse management, and production planning management
*Manage the company's sourcing capabilities and supply chain in order to acquire the most cost-effective deals and to reduce procurement expenses

*Developing inventive and cost-effective procurement strategies
*Approving purchase orders and organizing and confirming delivery of goods and services on time in order to meet production timlines

*Inventory management
*Assure and arrange the production timelines meet the customer's demand

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HAN169 Customs Manager (Chinese is preferred) This job has expried 1/14/2020 3/14/2020 Mechanical Hà Nội

Manage all import and export customs processing and affairs.

1. filing and verifying customs
2. Import and export related operations
3. manage the logistics process and operations

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HAN168 Chief Accountant (Chinese is preferred) This job has expried 1/14/2020 3/14/2020 Mechanical Hà Nội

Monitoring financial position,performance and ensures that the company abides with the set of laws implemented by the state related to taxes

*In-charge of all accounting activities including but not limited to
*Monitor and record financial transactions according to company policies and regulations
*Review and recommend changes to existing accounting procedures based on the policies and regulations
budget preparation and monitor expenditures, analyze revenues and determine budget variances
*Corporate tax planning, such as the assessment of tax incentive

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HAN167 General Affair Manager (Vietnamese candidates only) This job has expried 1/14/2020 3/14/2020 Mechanical Hà Nội

*Supervise daily support operations of the company and plan the most efficient administrative procedures to ensure the office operate smoothly and efficiently.
*Planning and coordinating administrative procedures and systems and devising ways to streamline processes
*Ensuring office is stocked with necessary supplies and all equipment is working and properly maintained
*Overseeing facilities services, maintenance activities (e.g electricians)
*Organize and supervise other office activities (recycling, renovations, event planning etc.)
*The Borad related affairs, e.g. planning and scheduling including meetings,

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HAN166 Human Resource Manager (Vietnamese candidates only) This job has expried 1/14/2020 3/14/2020 Mechanical Hà Nội

*Recruit new hires, maintain benefits and payroll, mediate conflict and engage in training and development, and develops and manages the company's culture
*Design the company's organizational structure and draft the human resources policy
*Recruiting, screening, interviewing and placing workers
*Handle employee relations, payroll, benefits, and training
*Establishment and implementation of salary system
*Design and implementation of performance indicator system
*Other assignment from supervisor

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HAN165 Document Controller This job has expried 1/14/2020 3/14/2020 Environmental Service Hà Giang

• Be responsible for controlling incoming and outgoing correspondence, documents, drawings from/to PMU, subcontractors, suppliers;
• Be responsible for printing , scanning , copying , storing and sending documents and drawings to PMU and subcontractors;
• Create templates
• Manage request for documentation
• File documents in physical and digital records and ensure appropriate storage
• Review and maintain the accuracy of the records, editing where necessary to ensure they are up to date
• Maintain confidentiality around sensitive documentation
• Prepare ad-hoc reports on projects when required
• Support in logistical preparations for project staff such as car rental, flight ticket booking, hotel booking, visa arrangement, working permits
• Provide translation of documents from English to Vietnamese and vice versa when requested;
• Manage all office facilities and administrative operation;
• Responsible for tracking leaves of project staff, office inventory
• Arrange the meetings between project meeting and all other parties concerned
• Assist in project procurements
• And other tasks as assigned by the project manager and site manager.

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HAN164 Site Manager This job has expried 1/14/2020 3/14/2020 Environmental Service Hậu Giang

• Manage the site construction team (supervisors, HSE manager,…) and to monitor the subcontractors activities on the project
• Implement, in connection with the Project Manager, the project strategy.
• Guarantees the application of company and local QHSE rules in his/her area.
• In addition to his/her responsibilities in terms of quality, timing and technical performance for the area he keeps the project manager informed about project control information (progress).
• Manages the relationships with external stakeholders (client, consulting engineer, partners and subcontractors) in his/her area.
• Applies and implements site contract management in his/her area.
• Is responsible for the concretization of opportunities identified on his/her perimeter.
• Identifies, analyses and manages risks in the area for which he/she is responsible.
• Leads project control for his/her area (progress measurement, change management, event log, non-conformities, gap measurement…).
• Consolidates site reports on his/her scope of responsibility
• Ensure the quality control and document are done as per procedures at each stage of the construction and commissioning.
• Contribution to team buildings.

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HAN163 Project Manager This job has expried 1/14/2020 3/14/2020 Environmental Service Quảng Bình

In the context of the groups policy and processes is responsible for managing, coordinating implementing, executing, checking and completing specific projects, in line with the company's strategy, commitments and objectives.

In the context of his/her duties, reports operationally to the executive director of the profit center and functionally to the executive director of the profit center or to the executive director of the DB business

Main Accountabilities
- Proposes implements and adapts the project realization strategy
- Guarantees the application of QHSE rules in his/her area
- Autonomous in the defintion of the objective and baseline values
Responsible for the costs (margin objective), quality, lead times and technical performance of the project for which he/she is responsible
- Independently manages, anticipates and influences relationships with external stakeholders (client, consulting engineer, partners and subcontractors)
Proposes and implements contract management
-Leads coordinates and federates his/her team around the business strategy. Is capable of managing a multicultural team and contributes to the different HR wheel processes concerning the teams allocated to him/her for the project
-Defines his/her needs and manages relationships with internal stakeholders (subsidiary managers, engineering, procurement...) of the area for which he/she is responsible. Alerts his/her hierarchical superiors where necessary
-Identifies, manages and concludes opportunities
-Identifies, analyses and manages the risks in the area for which he/she is responsible.
-Issues reports on his/her area of responsibility
-Directs the REX

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HAN162 HSE Officer - Hau Giang Province This job has expried 1/14/2020 3/14/2020 Environmental Service Hà Giang

Providing a structure for procedures and tools
 Contribute to developing and deploying the processes and tools resulting, indirectly or directly, from the regulatory obligations identified and the Group/Branch HSE
 Write, among other things, procedures, communication resources, safety protocols
 Collaborate with the HR Department to develop training programmers
 Ensure the relevance coherence and updating of the QSE document system
 Contribute to writing the Special Guide for Assessing Occupational Risks, in conjunction with a working group
Ensuring compliance with internal regulations and procedures on the ground
 Take part in the regulatory and technical watch process and manage the monitoring of the compliance process
 Ensure compliance with HSE instructions
 Take part in Field visites, supervision
 Ensure compliance of materials and equipment and their correct use
 Ensure the right fit between the rules defined within the framework of action plans and the reality on the ground
Raising employee awareness
 Take part in the personnel-focused communication in order to raise awareness of HSE issues and ensure their take up
 Be the first information relay and handle the reporting process
 Check the relevance of the indicators for each process
 Contribute to the supply of feedback in the organization where he works
Contributing to the coordination the HSE line
 Attend HSE meetings and speak about the HSE part in operation meetings
 Be part of the HSE network, and share an overview of the local situation concerning the scope for which he is responsible
Representing the HSE line internally and externally
 Play the role of relay of the HSE Manager
 Convey the overall policies (Group, Branch, BU, BA) at his level

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HAN161 Standard Product Account Manager This job has expried 1/10/2020 3/10/2020 Chemicals/Petrochemicals
Hà Nội

Company overview: We are leading global styrenics producer, with no. 1 positions in styrene monomers, polystyrene and copolymers, and a no. 2 position in ABS. We have worldwide production/sales offices and employ over 3,400 employees around the globe with a yearly turnover of 6.6 billion euro. 

1. Key Results Areas:
Customer Management
Major Activities:
 Manage the relationship at various levels in the clients – building client relationships.
 Preparing presentations and regularly attend customers meetings.
 Resolve/Coordinate customer complaints effectively
- identify the problems accurately and providing timely solutions
 Conduct customers’ assessments and analyses to ensure strategic focus is in the right place.
 Prepare customer visit report.
Outcome :
 Understanding the requirements of the clients & positioning an appropriate solution.

2. Key Results Areas:
Business Development
Major Activities:
 Obtain requirements of clients and use this information to create business development strategies customized to the customer.
- studying customer base of products or services – identify potential customers
- developing campaigns to help build a company’s profile or its brand image
- creating proposals with recommendations based on market demand
- effectively strategizing to create new businesses and customers on a continuous basis
- monitor competitor’s offering, prices and sales
 Provide company’s one-stop products that best suit customers’ planning
 Identify potential customers

3. Key Results Areas:
Credit Management
Major Activities:
 Co-ordinate with credit control to make appropriate credit recommendations.
 Recommend customer to use company's approved banks for opening Letter of Credit.
 Be responsible for payment collections.
 Minimize company risk and also assess the creditworthiness of prospective customer.

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HCM159 Accountant This job has expried 1/7/2020 3/7/2020 Textiles/Yarn/Fabrics/Garment Hồ Chí Minh
  • Responsible for all aspects of business accounting and financial functions.


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HAN185 IT Operator- Japanese Communicator This job has expried 2/3/2020 3/3/2020 IT/Computers - Software Hà Nội

IT infrastructure Operation support in terms of translation in between Vietnamese
and Japanese
◦ Translation support for operation IT infrastructure system based on manual
◦ Good experience of Windows OS
◦ Good experience of Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Skype.
◦ Any other duties or assignment as and when assigned by the management from time
to time.

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