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HCM71 Project Manager 9/25/2019 11/30/2019 Architecture/Building Hồ Chí Minh
  • Client liaison.

  • Cost Estimation, prepare quotation and bills of quantities.

  • In charge of all necessary submission to relevant authorities such as Building Management.

  • Ensure that project handover deadline meet on time.

  • Liaise with client's representatives with regards to all site matters.

  • Coordinate with suppliers/ sub-contractors for the delivery of products and installation works.

  • Ensure that sub-contractors carry out their works in safe manner and according to the schedule.

  • To monitor daily progress at project site incl inspection of quality of material and carry out corrective action as and when necessary.

  • To prepare and maintain related site reports and photos.

  • Follow up with sub-contractors for defects list and maintain report.

  • To attend site meeting as and when required.

  • All other duties assigned by Managing Director/Project Director.

Job Detail
HCM70 Maintenance Manager – Experienced in management of automated assembly machinery – Attractive salary 9/25/2019 11/30/2019 Automation
Hồ Chí Minh


  • Opportunity to join in a new large-scale factory setting up project in Vietnam.
  • Opportunity to work for a European Group with a professional working environment.
  • Opportunity to develop long-term career path along with the company’s development.


Via optimizing and managing the accidental, preventive, and corrective mechanical and electrical maintenance system and project, including utility operations and infrastructure, new machinery installation and qualification, to ensure the implement of capacity by optimized maintenance cost and investment. Thus support the company achieves the production target.


  • Prepares X+1 and X+3 maintenance plans and budget.
  • Suggests performance standards (quality, efficiency, cost) for maintenance and monitors performance.
  • Offers advice within the scope of technical projects or investments.
  • Explores improved and more efficient maintenance methods.
  • Audit the accident maintenance/preventive maintenance/predictive maintenance/corrective maintenance program and monitor the implementation, make sure the maintenance work goes smoothly.
  • Monitor and analyze the maintenance report, take improve action to the abnormity data.
  • Audit the training plan and monitor the implementation to improve the skill of maintenance people.
  • Monitor 5S implementation, to make sure a neatness working environment.
  • Monitor SOP (standard operation system) implementation, to make the maintenance work under control.
  • Audit the TQM project establishment, monitor the implementation of TQM project.
  • Monitor the consumption of spare parts to optimize the stock.
  • Keep best communication with product Dept. Understand what they want.
  • Audit the safety system and inspecting the implementation to avoid the accident happening.
  • Lead, coordinates and monitors new expansion project execution, be responsible for the project implementation and checking.
  • Support the purchase department in selecting the supplier.
  • Monitor the management of the subcontractor.


Job Detail
HCM69 Partner Channel Marketing Manager 9/24/2019 11/29/2019 IT/Computers - Software Hồ Chí Minh

Key Responsibilities include:

Drive partner enablement strategy and plan across company products and services 

Understand company value proposition, partner storybook, brand and programs to drive new recruitment

Understand local company products and services capacity needs and gaps

Create an end-to-end partner enablement plan across company products and services

Validate enablement plan across relevant OCP roles to ensure alignment

Grow partner capacity through building capabilities to meet or exceed capacity gaps  

Orchestrate enablement plan by assigned partner

Coordinate with company partner recruitment team to engage new partners

Accelerate partner certifications and capabilities through headquarters and local enablement programs and engines

Land digital and in-person enablement engines and content to partners 

Deliver the right enablement activities in the right format, to the right partner audience, at the right time

Leverage the partner website to optimize local digital engagement 

Ensure local trainings opportunities are integrated into the digital journey experiences on the partner website 

Ensure local webinars and other digital trainings are integrated into the partner website experience and platform 

Optimize partner enablement execution through community collaboration

Coordinate overall partner enablement efforts with company subsidiary teams and engines to insure effectiveness 

Report on progress and challenges with enabling our partners within your company subsidiary and to company headquarters  

Share partner enablement best practices

Embrace the learning culture prioritizing time for learning & personal career development.  Leverage technical and industry expertise to become a thought leader and trusted advisor to your partners

Use internal and external learning resources to build expertise, enabling business value and solution driven conversations with your partners

Complete all required company professional and technical trainings

Job Detail
HCM68 Device Marketing Manager 9/24/2019 11/28/2019 IT/Computers - Software Hồ Chí Minh
As a key advocate for business in your area, you’ll help the Consumer and Devices Sales Team achieve revenue and scorecard goals for company’s products and related services.  In partnerships with sales, you’ll drive commercial & consumer marketing campaign innovation for your local area, working with partners and segment teams to drive success.
Key Responsibilities: 

Device Marketing Strategy (10%)

Work with SEA Device Marketing Lead, SEA and Geo Device and Local Channel Sales Leads, SEA Windows Commercial Category to understand and apply their input and strategies to align partners and build effective Device Marketing plans. 

Effective and Actionable Partner Marketing Account Planning (20%)

Collaborate with key stakeholders e.g. Windows Commercial Category, and segments to best integrate input and resources from various channels into the plans and ensure that marketing investments from all company resources are considered.

Customize campaigns for partner’s organization based on a deep understanding of the local market and partner business needs for mutual growth.

Monitor execution and results of campaigns to determine effectiveness and adapt guidance and execution plans in order to optimize execution.  

Submit all marketing plans using corporate guidance and processes to ensure compliance and accountability.

Partner Relationships (30%)

Provide marketing leadership with partners, providing guidance on company branding and campaigns

Be transparent with the partner and provide consistent, predictable and timely information on company’s marketing strategy and programs – what company is doing and where we are going to enable the partner to participate in all relevant programs.

Deeply engage with key stakeholders, e.g. Windows Marketing, OCP, SMC, Retail, etc.) to identify opportunities to highlight key partners and hero devices.

Marketing Excellence in Execution (40%)

Create joint value proposition and marketing materials to enable the sales teams and partners to amplify company’s device strategy and messaging.

Identify key internal stakeholders to drive awareness and demand for the partner’s devices across segments and ensure that segment teams are capable of delivering the value prop for the hero devices for that segment.

Adapt marketing materials created by WW Device Marketing and Windows Category/Marketing to use with partners to ensure the Windows messaging is emphasized in their campaigns.

Conduct planning reviews on marketing campaigns, including Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) before the campaign begins, and includes setting expectations for data sharing and reviewing results together.

Ensure the enforcement of compliance rules for the OEM team, and drive the same through training and in practice. Focus discretionary investments to drive sell-through of devices. 


Job Detail
HCM67 Business and Planning Manager 9/24/2019 11/29/2019 IT/Computers - Software Hồ Chí Minh
The individual in this role will bring a broad set of business skills and a deep understanding of the operation of Sales organizations, ideally in the digital advertising space. This role requires a strategic thinker and strong collaborator, with impeccable communication, planning and execution skills. This role is responsible for coordinating across Sales teams, marketing team to develop key insights and enable critical decision-making for Leadership team.
Communication/ Sales Support and Engagement/ Business Operations

Collaborate with other teams to ensure the effective landing and adoption of change to roles, processes, tools and reporting. 

Keep up with leadership priorities and issues to maximize effectiveness and value; be "one-step" ahead to anticipate issues/outcomes for maxim effectiveness. 

Maximizes Budget investments and resource allocations, lands blueprint.    

Advisor to sales leaders in understanding compensation and quota allocations.

Manages Budget Cascade landing of Forecast/Target: Maximizes Budget investments and resource allocations, lands blueprint; Strategize and support design, requirements and landing of forecast/target.

Manage forecast: Coaches on cross-sell/upsell opportunities, growth & recovery; Engages with Sales teams, Customers and/or partners to accelerate deals, share operational practices and improve overall pipeline health.                        

Create, track, and report on organizational metrics Drive a weekly sync for the team as well as frequent syncs on specific topics and projects.

Drive for improvements within our business process and resources.

Job Detail
HCM66 Account Executive 9/24/2019 11/26/2019 IT/Computers - Software Hồ Chí Minh
The Account Executive leads our most valued customers into the digital age. Embracing a challenger mindset, the successful Account Executive manages, orchestrates and leads their virtual teams and closes opportunities with customers that produce transformative business outcomes.
The Account Executive will be responsible for the following:
  • Business Relationship Owner: Build coalition of support (IT and business) with customer. Define specific business outcomes.

  • Team Mobilizer and Orchestrator: Mobilize the entire account team and direct clear opportunity ownership in strong collaboration with partners.

  • Digital Transformation Leader and Operational Excellence: Lead, drive and manage opportunities for each of the 4 Digital Transformation pillars and 4 Solution Areas. Consistent, repeatable achievement of revenue and consumption targets.

Job Detail
HCM65 CHUYÊN VIÊN MARKETING (Digital Marketing) 9/23/2019 11/23/2019 Medical/ Healthcare - Services Hồ Chí Minh
  • Lên kế hoạch và thực hiện nội dung trên các kênh Social Media.

  • Theo dõi, đánh giá các hoạt động M.O và đề xuất giải pháp tối ưu.

  • Triển khai và thực hiện báo cáo kết quả các chương trình quảng cáo trên các kênh OLINE và OFFLINE trong và ngoài Website.

  • Soạn thảo các bài viết SEO, PR.

  • Duyệt và kiểm tra nội dung các bài viết / Forum về Nha khoa.

  • SEO, SEM, Gdisplay, Gplace, DIAGITAL CONTENT.

  • Admin nội dung Website.

  • Xây dựng các PROMOTION trong năm.

  • Làm việc với đối tác và agency.

  • Chi tiết công công việc sẽ trao đổi cụ thể trong quá trình phỏng vấn.


Job Detail
HCM75 Marketing Executives 9/23/2019 11/25/2019 IT/Computers - Software Hồ Chí Minh

The Marketing Executives role reports to the Central Marketing Organization (CMO) lead as part of the M&O field organization. She supports Central Marketing Organization (CMO) Lead in the execution of traditional marketing, social and digital marketing across Business Groups as Modern Workplace, Data & AI.  

Event Strategy & Operational Excellence:

  • Manages event strategy for mainly in-person events with digital scaling as much as possible - that align across product, business solutions and services - including process, systems and tools to optimize the customer event experience in collaboration with other Event team members.

  • Project manage and execute in-person depth/1: few event process/roadshows end-to-end with support of vendor resources and in partnership with local teams.

  • Ensuring all events align to the branding, content, and timing standards which will enable more seamless connection of local in-person events to GDCs/GEPs.

  • Event planning on modern marketing platform (Certain, On24, Allocadia) – master the tool and execute accordingly.

  • Supports Through-partner-Marketing activities to ensure the smooth and timely execution (MS-led marketing @ SMB via engines of digital and event marketing/sponsorship). 

  • Support and optimizes locally owned and operated digital destinations, including MSCOM.

Event Metrics & Insights:

  • Leverage data to gain insights to maximize business impact of events and drive ongoing portfolio and program optimization. This role requires a professional passion for modern marketing techniques and principles.

  • Work with Digital Lead from APAC/Local in achieving all Digital/Social KPI for all invested campaigns.

Marketing disciplines leadership:

  • Proactively work across M&O team and BGs to pull up and maintain an integrated marketing calendar for cross-product execution across GTM campaigns for demand gen.

  • Support internal process of PO generation, administrative work for CIE engine, and other DG activities (event marketing, ABM as EBC/MTC administration). Own the PO process end-to-end (all the way to POE management).

  • Aligns with digital marketing governance and compliance process including brand integrity.

  • Aligns with privacy guidance and compliance policies designed by the Data Analytics team within CMO.

Job Detail
HCM74 Sales and Technical Support Engineer – Semiconductor/ electronic packaging 9/20/2019 11/22/2019 Machinery/Equipment Manufacturing Hồ Chí Minh
  • Service existing customers in a growing Vietnamese industry.

  • Provide close technical support for existing equipment.

  • Increase sales by exploring all possible sales opportunities.

  • Identify sales lead and explore business opportunities by contacting potential customers.

  • Work with applications team to develop engineering solutions for customers.

  • Follow up proactively with ongoing sales activities to ensure secured orders and service excellence.

  • Other related matters as assigned by Sales Management.

Job Detail
HCM73 CHIEF OF IMPORT-EXPORT 9/20/2019 11/29/2019 Medical/ Healthcare - Pharmaceutical Hồ Chí Minh
  • Assist in import customs clearance for all kinds of goods which are ordered by all departments in Company to overseas or export processing zone in Vietnam

  • Assist in export and import customs clearance for all processing goods which are ordered to overseas or export processing zone in Vietnam 

  • Assist in export customs clearance for all kinds of goods which are exported to overseas

  • Assist in consult market development department in exporting to new market and exporting new products

  • Assist in payment collection from all customers for exported shipments to overseas under payment terms: Letter of Credit, Documents against payment, Documents against acceptance 

  • Assist in prepare and submit all kinds of monthly & yearly statistics report which are required by Drug Administrative of Vietnam, Statistics Department, Ministry of Industry and Trade

  • Assist in prepare and submit yearly finalization report on import materials for producing export products, exported products, processing products which are required by Customs Department

  • Assist in update new regulations on import and export activities, tax change and preferential policies

  • Assist in apply for import license and quality certificate of medicines materials, medical devices, functional food, special raw materials

Import operation:
  • Daily follow up import schedule from purchasing team and suppliers

  • Daily set up shipping schedule with suppliers and forwarders

  • Follow up processing contract with suppliers and Customs Department

  • Check the accuracy of import shipping documents from suppliers

  • Check insurance buying for import shipments and monthly payment for insurance premium

  • Make claim dossier for insurance compensation of import damaged goods

  • Check the accuracy of customs declaration sheets and set of dossiers for customs clearance

  • Check and follow up tax calculation and payment accurately

  • Monthly check and update detail import shipment list, forwarder fee for Accounting Department 

  • Check storage of soft  and hard copy for import customs clearance dossier as regulation of Customs Department

  • Register Harmonic code inspection for importing new raw material or product as regulation of Customs Department

  • Register into Customs system on raw materials imported for export production for tax exemption

  • Check and update import tax rate, new regulation on import operation monthly and yearly

Export operation:
  • Daily follow export schedule from Planning team and customers

  • Daily set up shipping schedule with customers and forwarders

  • Check the accuracy of Letter of Credit from the Bank

  • Make and check export shipping documents based on requirement of each market

  • Check the accuracy of export customs declaration sheets and prepare set of dossiers for customs clearance

  • Check the accuracy of dossier for Certificate of Origin registration

  • Check insurance buying and support customers in making claim dossier for insurance compensation in case of damaged goods

  • Collect and deliver original shipping documents to customers

  • Monthly check and update detail export shipment list, forwarder fee for Accounting Department 

  • Check storage of soft  and hard copy for export customs clearance dossier as regulation of Customs Department

  • Consult market development team in developing new market and new product

  • Register into Customs system on export products and consumption material list for tax exemption

  • Check and update new regulation on export operation in Vietnam and from customers in overseas

  • Prepare and check dossiers of payment collection for shipments under payment terms: Letter of Credit , Documents against payment, Documents against acceptance 

Other operation:
  • Update and guide new regulation on import and export operation and tax change for other team members

  • Follow up and submit liquidation on processing contract with Customs Department

  • Check and make dossier for import license and quality certificate registration of medicinal materials, functional food, special materials

  • Check and make dossier for quantity quota of importing sodium chloride on system of Ministry of Industry and Trade to get reduced tax rate

  • Check dossier for dangerous chemical registration on system of Ministry of Industry and Trade

  • Prepare and submit monthly & yearly statistics report on unit price, quantity and value of import and export operation for Binh Duong Statistics Department

  • Prepare and submit monthly report in details for medicinal materials for Drug Administration of Vietnam

  • Prepare and submit yearly finalization report on import materials for producing export products, exported products, processing products for tax exemption

  • Prepare and submit quarterly report on import and export shipments to Administration Director

  • Report to Administration Director all problems relating to import-export operation

  • Follow up performance and check execution result of team members  

  • Support and give advice to other departments regarding to import and export procedures

  • Support Accounting Department and cooperate with the Bank in collecting payment from overseas customers for export shipments

  • Do other jobs assigned by Administration Director

  • Deliver import materials, machines, spare parts to Factory as production plan

  • Deliver import products to Factory as sales plan

  • Get tax exemption for materials imported for export production

  • Import tax calculation and payment accurately

  • Deliver export products to Customers as plan

  • Satisfy all requirements of each export market

  • Well coordinate with relating Departments and Customers to achieve export sales target as plan

  • Recommend the best delivery term and cooperate with customers for exporting to each market smoothly and support Market Development Department to calculate export unit price

  • Recommend the best delivery term and cooperate with suppliers for importing goods smoothly

  • Get import license, quantity import quota, quality certificate 

  • Get updated regulation on import and export operation, tax rate

  • Well coordinate with relating Departments for preparing yearly finalization report accurately

  • Prepare and submit all kinds of report to State Agencies smoothly, accurately, quickly as regulation

  • Well organize import export section to finish all jobs quickly, accurately, smoothly

  • Well coordinate with relating departments and customers to follow up and collect payment for export shipments

Job Detail
HCM72 Marketing Assistant Manager (Commercial real estate industry) 9/20/2019 11/30/2019 Courier/Freight/Transportation Bình Dương, Hồ Chí Minh

• In charge of writing articles about the Company's products (Projects) and articles related to real estate communication trends.

• Manage website administration, update related information of the company.

• Building good relationships with the media, associations and relevant ministries..

• Handling communication crisis.

• Coordinate the implementation of Marketing and Event activities of the Company.

• Other duties as assigned by Marketing Manager.

Job Detail
HCM71 Key Account Executive (Commercial real estate industry) 9/20/2019 11/22/2019 Courier/Freight/Transportation Bình Dương, Hồ Chí Minh

• Make a major contribution to the ongoing planning and development of the company's sales and business development strategies.

• Manage a variety of existing key accounts within the company's product range.

• Establish solid working relationships with key players in target markets, aimed at developing and growing long term contract business and building company brand awareness.

• Identify opportunities for new business in the different nation markets, follow up sales leads, and co-ordinate all activities to maximise new profits.

• Assess additional export market entry options and identify the most appropriate means in each case.

• Manage all aspects of the customer relationship, including price negotiation and delivery.

• Contribute to new product development, customer care and the company's approach to quality through the presentation of customer feedback and market research.

• Provide data detailing the business activities and performance against targets.

• Monitor and report on competitors and industry activity.

• Develop, update and maintain a database of existing and potential customers through the development and implementation of a "customer relationship management" system.

• Provide regular information to assist management with decision making, including competitor profiles and market analysis.

• Liaise with current customers in the company's target markets on a regular basis to ensure that they continue to be satisfied with the company's products and that these are being sold to the best advantage.

• Make recommendations to the Key Account Manager on business development activity and on how the company can improve the marketability of its products in target markets.

• Assist with after sales queries, investigate customer complaints and ensure that they are dealt with to the customers' satisfaction.

Job Detail
HCM70 Purchasing Officer - European company in Quang Ngai - Attractive Salary 9/17/2019 11/20/2019 Automation
Quảng Ngãi
  • Search, evaluate and propose vendors of required goods and services.

  • Set up vendors in master data and purchasing systems.

  • Issue RFQ (Request for Quotation), review & evaluate vendor quotations.

  • Prepare and execute negotiations with vendors on terms & conditions in compliance with company purchasing standards.

  • Manage contracts, issue Purchase Orders to vendors based on agreed terms & conditions.

  • Ensure that requested goods and services are delivered on time, at the right quality, quantity and best price, payment and delivery terms.

  • Review and follow-up on outstanding purchase orders regularly.   

  • Realize cost saving targets in alignment with local and global targets.

  • Evaluate existing & potential vendors; manage complaints and corrective actions with vendors.

Job Detail
HCM69 HR – RECRUITMENT STAFF (experience in manufacturing or trading companies) 9/17/2019 11/28/2019 Electronics Manufacturing
Long An
  • Responsible for recruitment for the factory (from Team Lead level through to Operators) – 70% and assisting in some other HR tasks related to training, payroll - 30%.

  • Report to: HR Team Lead.

Job Detail
HAN68 Internship – Account Payable Assistant 9/16/2019 11/16/2019 Employment/Recruitment/Staffing Hà Nội

Job Description:

  • Check supporting documents, initiate the payment voucher;

  • File and manage the documents;

  • Prepare the cashbook for bank accounts;

  • Issue VAT invoice, prepare the report on usage of VAT invoice;

  • Assist to prepare the VAT return;

  • Submit the official letter, declaration to Tax Office and relevant authorities;

  • Other assistance work.


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