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HAN67 Techno-Commercial Associate Consultant 9/16/2019 11/16/2019 Plastic/Rubber Hà Nội

I. About the Employer: 

India 500 listed company; specialized in plastic molding business since 1987. The company has an extensive customer base that includes but not limited to Suzuki India, Suzuki Motorcycle, Volvo Eicher, SMR, Hero Motors, Mikuni, among others;       

II. About the Position:

As a Techno- commercial Associate, s/he will be responsible for providing superior customer service and assist driving sales across the Vietnam commercial business. Provide essential task support by partnering with the Company management to execute visual presentation standards, provide phone and in person support to technical and commercial queries of the regional southeast Asian customers. To ensure maximize inventory and proactively engage customers in sales floor specially with the company’s polypropylene compounds for automotive and home appliances application, and also contribute to  upcoming diversified activities of company viz., in the area of Engineering Plastic compounding for composite applications and any other related field.

 S/he will provide the following services:

  •  Liaisoning with OEMs like Suzuki, Honda Cars, Honda Motorcycles, Toyota, Nissan etc and the Tier 1 customers both in Vietnam and in India for spec finalization and sorting out technical issues;
  • Giving technical inputs in new product development for VA-VE activities as well as in diversified areas;
  • Promptly answering customer calls for any technical and commercial issues, professionally address and direct customer needs to HO in other countries to whom export has been done by the company;
  • Handle all customer transactions; including all sales, returns and defectives, reconcile their transaction history and drawer conclusion;
  • Facilitating import of colours & masterbatches for the company by active liaisoning;
  • Liaisoning with filler/additive manufacturing companies in Vietnam for grade spec finalization and facilitating smooth import in India;
  • Interacting with machinery manufacturing companies in Vietnam and other countries like China for finalization of specs, facilitating in their import and after sales service in Vietnam and other countries for toll compounding activity for supply to target customers;
  • Negotiating with companies with whom the company is interested to enter into a joint venture.
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HAN66 LEAD/SENIOR DEVOPS ENGINEER 9/13/2019 11/14/2019 Financial Services - Finance/Investment Hồ Chí Minh

We are looking for a Senior DevOps Engineer who has solid experience in DevOps, CICD Pipeline, Automation, and Programming. Someone is ready to own the design and implementation of new technology and solutions.

As a member of our Platform Services team, you will be helping to define, create, develop and maintain CICD process, pipelines and automation platforms operating across ASEAN and leverage the lives of millions with the most modern cloud-native technologies as Company Vision.

Key Responsibilities

• Contribute to, and can lead, the design and development of CICD process, pipelines, automation services and solutions at Company Money on various platforms e.g. Openshift, Kubernetes, and Cloud (AWS, GCP).

• Deliver technologies and solutions to all countries that True Money operates.

• Produce clear documents on implemented technologies and solutions.

• Regularly conduct knowledge sharing and workshops.

• Manage and maintain existing services and tools such as Jenkins, SonarQube, Vault, Kibana, Elastic Search ... etc.

• Improve Logging and Monitoring Dashboards for systems that have been implemented.

• Day-to-day support and collaboration with developers, infra, architect and QA teams, to influence design, operate and architect solutions in multitiered environments.

• Produce clear documentation for delivered solutions to the related team.

• Align & Sync with International Tech Team about Technology, Tools and CI/CD Standard for company.

• Research, suggest and transfer new technologies to team and others.

• Improve process and shorten development life cycle.

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HCM65 Associate (Experienced working in Lawfirm) 9/13/2019 11/15/2019 Legal Service Hồ Chí Minh
  • Advising clients on the Foreign Investment, Corporate, M&A, Finance and Banking, Labour, Licensing, etc. areas;

  • Establishing and maintaining contact with clients to identify and understand client’s commercial objectives and analyses such for client’s legal needs;

  • Attending meetings with client/other third parties; representing clients in negotiations;

  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating transaction documents;

  • Conducting research and analysis of information, legal documents; reviewing agreements; checking with authorities on the application of the laws in practice;

  • Liaising with relevant authorities to deal with their requirements as well as to follow up the ongoing cases;

  • Performing other assignments as delegated by Managing Partner and Partners from time to time, drafting legal updates.

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HCM64 Purchasing Officer – Experienced in foreign manufacturing environment – Attractive salary 9/10/2019 11/11/2019 Automation
Quảng Ngãi
  • Search, evaluate and propose vendors of required goods and services.

  • Set up vendors in master data and purchasing systems.

  • Issue RFQ (Request for Quotation), review & evaluate vendor quotations.

  • Prepare and execute negotiations with vendors on terms & conditions in compliance with company purchasing standards.

  • Manage contracts, issue Purchase Orders to vendors based on agreed terms & conditions.

  • Ensure that requested goods and services are delivered on time, at the right quality, quantity and best price, payment and delivery terms.

  • Review and follow-up on outstanding purchase orders regularly.   

  • Realize cost saving targets in alignment with local and global targets.

  • Evaluate existing & potential vendors; manage complaints and corrective actions with vendors.

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HAN63 Continuous Improvement Engineer 9/10/2019 11/10/2019 Packaging Bắc Ninh

Main purpose of position:

Develop Continuous Improvement Initiatives in order to impact the most critical KPI’s of the company, assuring the sustainability of results trough management of daily improvement and continuous training of personnel assuring the compliance with standard methods of operation and closing the gap of knowledge of personnel in charge (operators and trainers).   

Reports to: Quality and Continuous Improvement Manager

Key interactions/interfaces:

All areas of company.

Main tasks:

  • Facilitate Value Stream Analysis according to company necessities to develop a yearly improvement plan.
  • Create and Develop an Education and Training Plan for the company in Lean Tools and Lean Culture (Continuous Knowledge).
  • Facilitate and comply with all continuous improvement Initiatives (KAIZEN EVENTS)
  • Ensure the follow up of Daily, Weekly and Monthly results of each initiative of improvement through root cause analysis.
  • Daily, weekly, monthly Report for KPI for Continuous Improvement Department.
  • Management of KPI be exception through a Control Room update (WAR Room)
  • Guide the value stream to find and implement the best solutions to achieve best profitability for the company.
  • Increase the performance of the value stream with the Management of Daily Improvement and assure the correct root cause analysis and action plan (MDI)
  • Create, Adjust and Deploy/train in new standards of operation (methods)
  • Execute time analysis in detail activities to define actions to improve productivity of personnel
  • Control and Execute yearly training plan.
  • Guide and Teach main leaders to eliminate or reduce deviation and waste (8 wastes of lean) on the processes through a root cause analysis procedure.


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HCM62 INTERNAL CONTROL & COMPLIANCE OFFICER 9/10/2019 11/13/2019 Medical/ Healthcare - Pharmaceutical Hồ Chí Minh

Plan, organize and carry out the internal controls function at company level, including:

  • Manage SOP system of all departments.

  • Implement & supervise integrity & compliance policies.


For SOP management:

  • Establish general SOPs for the company.

  • Review specific internal processes, procedures of all departments.

  • Support & instruct other departments in building SOPs system.

  • Ensure all SOPs aligned with standard format.

  • Propose modifications as needed.

For Integrity & compliance policy:

  • Implement and manage an effective legal compliance program.

  • Develop and review company policies relating to internal control, compliance & integrity

  • Advise management on the company’s compliance with laws and regulations through detailed reports.

  • Create and manage effective action plans in response to audit discoveries and compliance violations.

  • Regularly audit company procedures, practices, and documents to identify possible weaknesses or risk.

  • Assess company operations to determine compliance risk.

  • Ensure all employees are educated on the latest regulations and processes.

  • Resolve employee concerns about legal compliance.

  • Evaluate regulatory compliance program.

For Risk management:

  • Conduct risk assessment of all departments.

  • Identify, evaluate & prioritize of risks relating to business.

  • Propose solutions for risks control.

Carry out other responsibilities as may be required by the Head and Management Board.

  • Establish cross-department cooperation within the Company to assist Company in the understanding and application internal control, risk management, compliance and governance principles.

  • Standardize SOP system of Company

  • Monitor and drive internal control & compliance policies across all departments.

  • Ensure integrity & clarification in working environment.

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HAN61 KEY ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE 9/10/2019 11/10/2019 Packaging Bắc Ninh

Main purpose of position:

Manage and increase the portfolio of current and potential customers in the Apparel industry in Asia based on the standardized work methodology and   Business Unit strategic goals to achieve sales growth and obtain the desired profitability of the business                                                       

Reports to: Sales Management 

Key interactions/interfaces:

All areas of company that might have relation with Commercial process including corporate staff and external customers.                                   

Main tasks:

  • Develop strong business relationships with current customers to keep trust and increase their Share of Wallet                                                      
  •  Establish, Create and Develop new business relationships with potential customers to increase sales SBU                                                          
  • Carry out scheduled visits and phone calls with key members of current and potential customers   to ensure capturing the customer's voice, learn about trends and key information that guarantee the maintenance and growth of the business relationship                                                       
  • Ensure compliance with the continuous improvement action plans according to VSA for VTL, to guarantee the achievement of BU metrics and ensure the implementation of the standards of continuous improvement.                                                     
  • Support the coordination and analysis of product requirements according to customer expectations to expedite the development and approval of new products                                                 
  • Send and Negotiate quoted prices in different programs to ensure a deal with customers                                               
  • Coordinate new projects for stock management, product and prices deliveries to the customer to generate a higher business profitability and maintain strategic alliances with the client.                                                 
  • Analyze monthly sales behaviors, development time, delivery time (KPI) to generate measurement reports that contribute to improve the decision making process                                                     
  • Define Sales forecasts (LVs) to establish the income expectations of the BU and facilitate the financial analysis and plant capacity                                                   
  • Support in account receivables management to ensure overdue invoices payment and maintain a healthy cash flow                                                   
  • Determine and Prospect customers in selected regions of Asia to identify new business opportunities and develop their preference as suppliers                                                          
  • Support performance and decision making from all the value stream processes to achieve customer satisfaction                                                             
  • Monitor trends, competition and new products that are in the market to proactively propose innovative initiatives that strengthen relations with our clients                                                       
  • Elaborate annual expense budget to guarantee the expected profitability margin for the business unit                
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HAN60 Production Supervisor 9/10/2019 11/10/2019 Packaging Bắc Ninh

Main purpose of position:

Gender: Male

Coordinate and manage all the production resources and operation flow during the assigned shift according to the production plan, policies, internal procedures and strategic vision of the company to ensure the compliance of the master production plan according to the sales goals.

Reports to: Plant Manager

Key interactions/interfaces:

The role will have interaction with the Plant manager, Process Engineer, Quality assurance auditors, production operators, electromechanical, trainer, Production planer, planning coordinator, customer service, quality manager and financial controller.

Main tasks:

  • Ensure that daily production requirements are achieved to meet customer expectation.
  • Data analysis and decision making to support the production team.
  • Manage departmental performance measures, including visual controls and provides regular progress reports to plant manager.
  • Resolve Employee issues through systematic problem resolution.
  • Maintain and control absenteeism, proper inventory levels and effective employee relations (good environment)
  • Elaborates daily, weekly and/or monthly reports of the production cycle.
  • May be asked to perform other duties at a lower level or higher level of proficiency.
  • Coordinate and ensure the fulfillment of the KPI aligned with the corporate goals.
  • Identify improvement opportunities and establish better ways to do things.
  • Assure the full compliance of the standard work in each process.
  • Support with the customer complaints and help to find root causes and action plan establishment.
  • Control and adjust to keep the main production indicators on target.
  • Create and maintain an environment occupational safety in the process to ensure the integrity of employees, under conditions that allow the motivation for the achievement of objectives in the value chain
  • Manage the development of human talent to influence the motivation and development of employees, closing skills required in the job
  • Participate regularly in continuous improvement events.
  • Comply with all the organizational rules and procedures


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HAN59 Purchase Officer 9/10/2019 11/10/2019 Packaging Bắc Ninh

Main purpose of position:

Management of cost-effective buying decisions that remain within the budget of the department. He must communicate and negotiate with suppliers and outsourced suppliers while setting up shipments, delivery and payment schedules to meet the internal customer needs

Reports to: Deputy Country Manager.

Key interactions/interfaces:

All areas of company that might have relation with purchasing process including corporate staff.

Main tasks:

  • Develop profitable suppliers and initiate business and organization partnerships
  • Negotiate with external vendors to secure advantageous terms
  • Approve the ordering of necessary goods and services
  • Finalize purchase details of orders and deliveries
  • Examine and test existing contracts
  • Track and report key functional metrics to reduce expenses and improve effectiveness
  • Foresee unfavorable events to inform to internal customer about potential risk in the Supply Chain.
  • Develop Proactive Plans of prevention to avoid negative impacts for the business
  • Perform risk management for supply contracts and agreements
  • Control spend and build a culture of long-term saving on procurement costs
  • Execute the total purchasing flow
  • Develop Plan of Visits of Suppliers
  • Proactive negotiations with corporate in special requirements
  • Working Proactively with all supplier to guarantee ethical partnerships.


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HAN58 Quality Assurance Manager 9/9/2019 11/9/2019 Textiles/Yarn/Fabrics/Garment Hưng Yên

- Experience to manage a team of 10 people.

- Experience on manage sudden change in production schedule.

- Experience in QA and QC with good coordination, presentation & negotiation skill 

- Experience in designing quality control system and sampling rate to ensure quality.


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HAN57 Warehouse Manager 9/9/2019 11/9/2019 Textiles/Yarn/Fabrics/Garment Hưng Yên

- Experience on managing both of VAT local sale and export sale at the same time is a must.

- Experience in custom, logistic and warehouse management with good coordination, presentation & negotiation skill 

- Experience to manage a team of 5-7 people

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HAN56 PMC Manager 9/6/2019 11/6/2019 Textiles/Yarn/Fabrics/Garment Hưng Yên

- Experience to manage a team of 5-7 people.

- Experience with calculating production capacity, scheduling , material safety stock, material ordering leadtime, minimum ordering quantity.

- Experience on manage sudden change in production schedule.

-  Experience in pmc with good coordination, presentation & negotiation skill 


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HAN55 Human Resource Manager 9/6/2019 11/6/2019 Textiles/Yarn/Fabrics/Garment Hưng Yên


- Experience with handling strike is a must.

- Experience in HR with good coordination, presentation & negotiation skill 


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HCM54 Designation Manager Sales/ Manager Business Development - Finished Leather Business 9/5/2019 11/5/2019 Courier/Freight/Transportation
Machinery/Equipment Manufacturing
Hồ Chí Minh

- Identify and develop new customers in identified markets and manage existing and new customer relationship and service and ensure delivery of volume & margin targets on a monthly/quarterly/ annual basis.

- Target Customers will be from Leather Goods and Leather Footwear Industry.

- Identify and develop new market segments.

- Ensuring Customer satisfaction by achieving delivery & service quality norms.

- Attending customer queries/quality issues and addressing other grievances, communication with Customers.

- Order generation and monitoring/reviewing orders on a daily basis.



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HAN53 Quality Engineer 9/5/2019 11/5/2019 IT/Computer – Others
IT/Computers - Network
Hải Phòng

1. About the Employer:

Headquartered in San Jose, California; a multinational corporation with 25 years of operation in computer networking device manufacturing, providing networking hardware to consumers, business, and service providers via retail, commercial channels and as service provider. The conglomerate's products are currently sold in approximately 30,000 retail locations worldwide, and through approximately 25,000 value-added resellers, as well as multiple major cable, mobile and wireline service providers around the globe. 

2. About the Position

  • Key responsibilities: Flexible in travelling to conduct all new site qualifications & on-going on-site technical/Quality Engineering support of all Company ODMs/AVLs mainly in Vietnam etc. Support includes successfully results bringing up of factory overall process control and product quality/reliability;
  • NPI FAI Support: Achieves NPI FAI requirements (Test Plan, Test Program review, Manufacturing GateKeeping) & ensures quality products are released per plan;
  • Factory Continuous Improvement: Knowledgeable in 6 Sigma Quality; Engages related departments in Process Capability improvement; real time SPC implementation and QMS improvement. Work with ODM to cultivate Continuous Improvement Culture to achieve QA Key Objectives such as FPY, OOBA and other key goals;
  • RMA FA:

           . Drives ODMs to achieve NTGR RMA FFR goal and co-work to the FA, Corrective Actions & implementation status;

            . Provides Customer Supports in terms of solving product quality and or reliability related issues. Co-work with ODM, AVL and other department to ensure all Customer Complaints are resolved timely;

  • Manages SCAR process: Minimize or eradicate repeat SCAR;
  • Meets Regulatory Compliance: Co-work with U.S. team on Product Regulatory Compliance such as RoHS, CTPAT, WEEE requirements. Conduct related audits and follow up of CA;
  • Manages AVL factory quality: Key AVLs such as plastic, Printers, Cable. Conducts periodical audits, manages the AVL’s product & process quality;
  • EORT and LTT: Monitor product reliability through on going reliability test (EORT) and Life Time Test (LTT)
  • Training: Agile accounts approval, trainings of new CQA/E.
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