Executive Search and Selection

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Executive Search and Selection
Executive Search and Selection
After many years of experience in Executive Search and Selection, we found out the unparalleled methodology to achieve our client‘s toughest purposes with big difference.

Our knowledge and extensive candidate network is your key to business solution.

We understand many reasons organizations turn to us for their executive search and selection need. It could be a lack of ready-now talent to operate demanding role; expansion into new markets or geographies in which require local talents; inadequate resources or time constraints that affects on recruitment performance. Whatever reason it is, we still can fully meet your special requirement.

Our consultation team is very handy in many industry insight including Manufacturing, Information & Communication Technology (ICT), Engineering, Medical & healthcare, Retail/Wholesale, Telecommunication,… Our databank of more than 370,000 talent profiles indicates an extensive network for leadership and professional solution that you can totally rely on. And you know, that number is increasing radically by 30 percent every year, which means our qualified talent pool is getting better and more sophisticated though years to adapt your trending demand.

At Faro Vietnam, you are guaranteed to be satisfactorily offered top qualified candidates at different level from top management level such as general manager, Director,  Country manager, etc. to specialized professionals such as Plant Manager, Sourcing Manager, Chief Accountant, HR manager, Sales & Marketing, etc. 

At Faro Vietnam, we develop a complete process of 8 steps to provide you the best ESS service.

Step 1. Receive order from Client

Here, we are committed to developing a close and effective working partnership with you based on listening, integrity and trust.

Step 2. Analysis Clients Requirements

At this stage, we provide the most comprehensive analysis report on your requirements. From that, many issues could be identified.

Step 3. Search & Evaluate Candidates

From our extensive 370,000 talent pool and even more from our personal professional network, we look for the best candidates that can be matched with your specific demand at any level. Our unique methodology of evaluation is best to served you with great difference.

Step 4. Summit short-listed Candidates to Client

Having too many resumes can be considered as not comfortable for you to look through all. We understand your time constraint and thus provide you only the best selection of qualified candidates.

Step 5. Arrange for Client’s Interview

Even though you are at overseas, we can fully support you to arrange the interview with our qualified candidates or reschedule the time to best satisfy your convenience.

Step 6. Perform Reference & Background Checks

We conduct additional references & background check once you decide whom to be more preferable.

Step 7. Support Client in Offer Negotiation

We advise client on making attractive offer and compensation terms that are most reasonably appeared toward local motivation specialty.

Step 8. Follow up through on Acceptance & Probation Period

We stay in close contact with chosen candidate during interview & recruitment period and even after that. We attempt to act as an intermediary communicator who connects and transmits understanding between recruiter and the talent. 

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