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HCM279 Site Manager 7/7/2020 9/20/2020 Hậu Giang

Manage the site construction team (supervisors, HSE manager,…) and to monitor the subcontractors activities on the project

Implement, in connection with the Project Manager, the project strategy.

Guarantees the application of company and local QHSE rules in his/her area.

In addition to his/her responsibilities in terms of quality, timing and technical performance for the area he keeps the project manager informed about project control information (progress).

Manages the relationships with external stakeholders (client, consulting engineer, partners and subcontractors) in his/her area.

Applies and implements site contract management in his/her area.

Is responsible for the concretization of opportunities identified on his/her perimeter.

Identifies, analyses and manages risks in the area for which he/she is responsible.

Leads project control for his/her area (progress measurement, change management, event log, non-conformities, gap measurement…).

Consolidates site reports on his/her scope of responsibility.

Ensure the quality control and document are done as per company’s  procedures and local laws/regulations at each stage of the construction and commissioning.

Contribution to team buildings.

Job Detail
HCM283 Customer Service Staff (FMCG Industry) 7/10/2020 9/10/2020 Hồ Chí Minh


- Customer Service Staff shall undertake responsibilities for supporting overall Customer Service activities and/ or assignment.


1. Collect Voice of Customers (VOCs) from different sources and channels.

2. Classify and conduct analysis of VOCs.

3. Identify and assess customers' needs to propose the satisfaction countermeasures.

4. Prepare VOCs reports to management and superiors.

5. Carry out jobs assigned by superiors.


- Internal: Internal Departments, Sections, Board of Management.

Job Detail
HCM282 Customer Service Supervisor (FMCG Industry) 7/10/2020 9/10/2020 Hồ Chí Minh


- Customer Service Supervisor shall undertake responsibilities for controlling overall Customer Service activities and/ or assignment.


1. Summarize Voice of Customers (VOCs) from different sources and channels.

2. Make report and conduct analysis of VOCs.

3. VOCs report and analysis to management members and General Director.

4. Promote and monitor the utilization of VOCs for improvement of products and services basing on the Reports and analysis of VOCs.

5. Collaborate with other Departments to make strategies for products’ improvement.

6. Carry out jobs assigned by superiors.


- Internal: Internal Departments, Sections, Board of Management.

Job Detail
HCM281 HSE Officer 7/7/2020 9/8/2020 Hậu Giang


Contribute to implementing the HSE policy, supporting the Line players in charge of supporting and orienting operational management, within the scope of his responsibility by providing a structure and rolling out the processes and tools that will enable this policy to be applied.

Depending on the level of responsibility, he can be a specialist in one or more HSE fields.  

NB: The Line players in charge of supporting and orienting operational management may be, depending on the scope, the HSE Director, the HSE Manager, the HSE Coordinator or the HSE Local Officer.

Main activities

Providing a structure for procedures and tools

  • Contribute to developing and deploying the processes and tools resulting, indirectly or directly, from the regulatory obligations identified and the Group/Branch HSE.

  • Write, among other things, procedures, communication resources, safety protocols.

  • Collaborate with the HR Department to develop training programmers.

  • Ensure the relevance coherence and updating of the QSE document system.

  • Contribute to writing the Special Guide for Assessing Occupational Risks, in conjunction with a working group.

Ensuring compliance with internal regulations and procedures on the ground 

  • Take part in the regulatory and technical watch process and manage the monitoring of the compliance process.

  • Ensure compliance with HSE instructions.

  • Take part in Field visites, supervision.

  • Ensure compliance of materials and equipment and their correct use.

  • Ensure the right fit between the rules defined within the framework of action plans and the reality on the ground. 

Raising employee awareness 

  • Take part in the personnel-focused communication in order to raise awareness of HSE issues and ensure their take up.


  • Be the first information relay and handle the reporting process.

  • Check the relevance of the indicators for each process.

  • Contribute to the supply of feedback in the organization where he works. 

Contributing to the coordination the HSE line

  • Attend HSE meetings and speak about the HSE part in operation meetings.

  • Be part of the HSE network, and share an overview of the local situation concerning the scope for which he is responsible. 

Representing the HSE line internally and externally 

  • Play the role of relay of the HSE Manager.

  • Convey the overall policies (Group, Branch, BU, BA) at his level.

Job Detail
HCM280 Civil Work Supervisor 7/7/2020 9/7/2020 Hậu Giang

Ensure the quality and quantity of works are done according to the standards, specification requirement, method statement, design drawings, …

Prepare the QA/QC document of the works done.

Control and follow up the schedule, report to the Site Manager if any delays.

Review/check the payment request submitted by the subcontractor.

Prepare the payment request submitting to the client.

Review the variation/claims of additional works submitted by the subcontractor.

Coordinate with the design consultant, subcontractor, client to solve any civil work technical issue.

Coordinate with the company’s HSE officer for monitoring the HSE on site.

Attend the meetings at site for civil work progress review, discussion, etc.

Prepare weekly and monthly report on civil work progress.

Other works related with site supervision assigned by Project Manager, Site Manager.

Job Detail
HAN278 Beauty Consultant 7/7/2020 9/7/2020 Hà Nội
- Phụ trách công việc tư vấn khách hàng đến trung tâm chăm sóc da & làm đẹp  của công ty về cách chăm sóc da, cách trang điểm, cách sử dụng các sản phẩm chăm sóc da, mỹ phẩm…
- Cập nhật thông tin về sản phẩm và các chương trình khuyến mãi
- Chăm sóc, tư vấn khách hàng về quá trình chăm sóc da sau liệu trình điều trị và hướng dẫn Y khoa của Bác sĩ phụ trách
-Phụ trách giám sát số lượng sản phẩm tồn kho 
-Phụ trách theo dõi, sao lưu, cập nhật thông tin khách hàng
-Phụ trách công việc thu ngân, thanh toán tại quầy
-Giải quyết các thắc mắc, khiếu nại của khách hàng từ cuộc gọi bên ngoài hoặc từ website
- Tư vấn bán hàng các sản phẩm của Công ty
- Có tinh thần trách nhiệm và làm việc tập thể, tiếp đón khách niềm nở, tư vấn nhiệt tình
Job Detail
HCM277 Production Management Staff 6/30/2020 8/30/2020 Đồng Nai

1. Control the production process according to the capability of workers, machines/ equipment and materials;

2. Analyze production data to make improvement plans;

3. Study and improve production technology;

4. Tackle problems during the production process;

5. Establish and control management system.

Job Detail
HCM276 Assistant Manager, Product Industrialization (Nordic Boots) 6/29/2020 8/29/2020 Đồng Nai

General Purpose of the Job

Engineering /Industrialization

- Managing the industrialization process of a defined range of products acting as an extension of HQ Project Manager.

- Ensure product is manufactured to cost targets. Work collaboratively with factory, suppliers and Costing team to optimize value /cost ratio.

- Ensures product evaluation covers areas of Fit /Performance, Quality /Lab, Pattern /Grading, Cost /Productivity and commercial feasibility.

Quality management and quality audit

- Responsible for all quality affairs in assigned factories and through all stages from initial product brief to buy-ready to mass production until products landed in company warehouse.

- Ensure Brands quality requirements are fully respected, and objectives are met.

- Ensure products are industrialized (commercialized) and manufactured in mass production in accordance with design, fit and specification requirements.

- Random quality audit in all kind of vendors production stages from IQC, lab test, IPQC, FQC, OQC and Finished Goods incl. necessary reporting.

Key Responsibility Areas

- Ensures all products are developed and commercialized in accordance with design and specification requirements as detailed by headquarters while maintaining an emphasis on performance and integrity; ensures product incorporates latest technical developments when appropriate

- Works with manufacturers and suppliers in continuous upgrades of technical applications and processes based on given specifications and HQ directions.

- Determines and integrates at the direction of headquarters the best possible technical application for product without compromising on design, feasibility /productivity and cost allowance (i.e. Injected EVA, computer stitching, etc)

- Facilitate collaboration between factories, headquarters development team, commercialization and costing to achieve cost targets. Ensure cost efficiencies and value /cost ratio. Responsible for ensuring that bill of material and cost-breakdowns are built in by vendors in an accurate /systematic way throughout the manufacturing process.

- Ensures commercialization procedures are executed according to the commercialization calendar to allow for on-time production start; is able to work within commercialization timelines without compromise to product quality. 

- Has a good understanding of supplier timelines (e.g. molds, lasts, components delivery) and ensures that these delivery timelines are respected.  

- Co-operates with factory and production team in conducting the production trial in a timely manner; works closely with factory and the production team in resolving any potential problems, which may occur in the transition of the product from commercialization to production

- Close monitor 1st production of new models in production factory through material swatch control to final inspection, to ensure SOP and quality requirement /standards fully respected and right 1st time on 1st production

- Daily audit on incoming material inspection, lab test, manufacturing process and final inspection control to ensure company quality requirement /standard fully understood, respected and met, and factories quality system working well

- Provide suggestion for improvement (or problem solving) in technical procedure or equipment selection & set up in pursuing for:

Secure consistency of production quality & lead time;

Cost minimize and/or;

Simplify the production process.

Job Detail
HAN275 Y TÁ 6/26/2020 8/26/2020 Hà Nội
  • Hỗ trợ Bác sĩ và tuân theo các y lệnh của Bác sĩ trong quá trình điều trị.
  • Thực hiện việc dự trù, quản lí vật tư tiêu hao và các dụng cụ liên quan y khoa
  • Đảm bảo quy trình kĩ thuật và chất lượng dịch vụ theo tiêu chuẩn của phòng khám.
  • Các công việc khác theo sự chỉ đạo của cấp trên.


Job Detail
HAN274 R&D Director 6/25/2020 8/25/2020 Bắc Ninh
• Closely collaborate with Sales and Customer Service Operations to facilitate a positive and welcoming onboarding experience for our customers making sure expectations are documented, aligned with the Services and Support deliverables, mutually agreed upon, and 100% achievable.
• Trusted technical advisor to develop rock solid customer relationships across the customer’s business to include Engineering, Operations, and Implementation.
• Proactively monitor and engage on technical support case work to ensure all service level objectives and agreements are met.
• Coordinate and facilitate customer business meetings to answer technical questions or concerns related to product support issues on company’s overall portfolios
• Assume the role of escalation manager for extended outages and highly escalated Services and Support related issues. Provide timely communication updates, resolution strategies and action plan deliverables.
• Provide end-to-end analysis of technical issues and the customer experience by conducting detailed post-mortem reviews resulting in procedures, best practices recommendations and/or direct actions that will increase customer delight.
• Translate and communicate complex technical root cause analysis reports and relevant product bulletins between company subject matter experts and the customer.
• Work with our Services and Support delivery teams closely monitoring Customer Success Indicators, ensuring post sales technical issues are proactively identified and addressed.
• Represent Global Technical Support during customer operational and business reviews and proactively suggests solutions to customer concerns.
• Establish a clear line of communication back into the Services and Support organization ensuring awareness of network changes, growth activities and new product implementations occurring on the customers’ network.
• Seek out and recommend company Services opportunities within customer accounts by leveraging deep customer relationships and intimate knowledge of our customers’ existing networks and future business needs.
Success Will Evidence Itself In The Following Ways
• Timely resolution of escalated customer network issues and delight our customers
• Influence company Services and Support value through retention, higher product and services adoption, and increased customer satisfaction and overall customer health scores
• Expanded account revenue through documented cross-sell and up-sell recommendations
• Lead new business growth through greater technical advocacy and reference-ability
• Defined and established operational tracking metrics for team and customer
• Fostered trusted advisor status for a meaningful customer relationship across the entire customer lifecycle
Job Detail
HAN273 Business Planning Manager 6/25/2020 8/25/2020 cơ khí Hà Nội
  • Advertising, promotions, and marketing managers typically do the following:
  • Work with department heads or staff to discuss topics such as budgets and contracts, marketing plans, and the selection of advertising media;
  • Plan promotional campaigns such as contests, coupons, or giveaways;
  • Plan advertising campaigns, including which media to advertise in, such as radio, television, print, online media, and billboards;
  • Negotiate advertising contracts;
  • Evaluate the look and feel of websites used in campaigns or layouts, which are sketches or plans for an advertisement;
  • Initiate market research studies and analyze their findings to understand customer and market opportunities for businesses;
  • Develop pricing strategies for products or services marketed to the target customers of a firm;
  • Meet with clients to provide marketing or technical advice;
  • Direct the hiring of advertising, promotions, and marketing staff and oversee their daily activities;
  • Perform any other duties which may be assigned by the management from time to time.
Job Detail
HCM272 Digital Marketing Executive (Clinic) 6/24/2020 8/24/2020 Hồ Chí Minh

Well knowledge about social media/digital marketing. 

Control all of ATL job including social media, digital marketing, website….

Good at written the content, design, approve the content, design from agency.

Develop new business opportunities to meet all of ATL job.

Help develop and implement strategic sales plans.

Facilitate client requirements meetings – both in person and/or remotely using current. online presentation applications.

Manage projects to make sure that they get completed in a timely manner.

Responsible for assisting with sales/marketing and advertising campaigns.

Analyzes and creates a plan for engaging the target market.

Analyzes the competition to create a plan for engagement.

Support for sale/ marketing in offline activity, conference.

Job Detail
HCM271 Sales Engineer (Manufacturing) 6/23/2020 8/23/2020 Hồ Chí Minh

• Maintain commercial relationships with existing customers and expand supplied product range.

• Manage day to day sales, technical questions and non-conformity claims.

• Develop new accounts and applications in assigned territories.

• Coach and train customers and their technical teams

• Identify opportunities and threats in the market, feedback to product management team and drive for new product development

• Coordinate in between customers, admin team and factories to ensure customers’ satisfaction in product quality, on time delivery and after sales service.

• Develop new business of gas installation projects, build strong relationship with consultant, main contractor, end users for new laboratory set up in all relevant industries.

• Proper reporting to regional office with market information.

Job Detail
HAN270 Retail Sales Manager 6/23/2020 8/23/2020
Hà Nội
• Develops a business plan and sales strategy for the market that ensures attainment of assigned sales goals and profitability.
• Responsible for the establishment and maintenance of dealer network and retail business development plan.
• Responsible for promotions plan with retail distributors.
• Responsible for follow-up and development of TOP50 shops.
• Responsible for marketing plan and budget.
• Assists in the development and implementation of marketing plans as needed.
• Provides timely feedback to senior management regarding performance.
• Controls expenses to meet budget guidelines.
• Adheres to all company policies, procedures and business ethics codes and ensures that they are communicated and implemented within the team.
• Maintains contact with all clients in the market area to ensure high levels of client satisfaction
Job Detail
HCM269 Business Development Manager 6/22/2020 8/22/2020 Hồ Chí Minh


You will lead and manage all development tasks, overseeing a small team and external consultants. You will be a member or leader of Project Development team as our project portfolio grows. You will also have significant input to business strategy.

Our business model focuses including but not limited to green field project development, acquisition of projects at early stage and then overseeing co-development with the original developer to secure PPA and grid connection permits and closing the project. You will experienced in managing market leading site selection criteria and process.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include but not limit the following:

Lead and manage all aspects of utility-scale solar PV project development- both our in-house activities and overseeing the original Developer partner’s deliverables (securing land, surveys, EIS, FA, community engagement, grid permits etc.);

Appoint and manage consultants and advisors to ensure timely progress of project;

Managing external stakeholders, relationships and communications to ensure market leading development process and implemented;

Provide regular reporting on development activity, project schedules, milestones, budgets and risk management;

In conjunction with the technical manager, be the primary interface for EPC company during negotiation of the EPC contract ( with external legal assistance), Early works and construction to ensure scope of work, project delivery and discharge of planning conditions and key millstone deadlines are achieved;

Lead strategic analysis and site selection to build, and continuously refine, a highly competitive portfolio;

In conjunction with the Finance Manager, lead the commercial analysis of project returns and continuously focus on cost reduction initiatives;

Manage formal technical due diligence process of more advance projects as they move into the intense closing and financing phase;

Manage relations and information exchange with HQ to keep them informed and involved in major decisions;

Ensure team, developers and consultants all conforming to best-practice OH&S standards;

The Key performance indicators for this role include but not limit the following:

Take ownership of project delivery, implementing market leading project management processes to ensure high quality outcomes in a time efficient manner;

Successfully manages multiple projects simultaneously – good delegation;

Manage relationship with key stakeholder effectively and comprehensively;

Achieve regular progress on project permitting/ development steps;

Provides regular internal reporting updated in a timely manner, including risk mitigation strategies;

Ensure accurate, updated and high-quality documentation for each project;

Maintain project expenditure within approved budget levels;

Performs regular optimization of project portfolio ( site selection/ranking).

Job Detail

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