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Job Requirement:

• Qualification:

- College or University degree in Economics, Finance & Accounting, Business Administration or equivalent.

• Experience:

- Three (3) years in a similar position.

• Skills:

- Having good thinking and analytical skills.

- Carefulness to ensure all results / reports given out precisely.

- High sense of responsibility to ensure that all information is not explored to any third parties without acceptance from Leaders.

- Ability to work in a team and independently.

- Good in using Microsoft Office.

- English communication level.

• Other necessary qualities: Strict, honest, able to withstand high work pressure.

Preferred language: English.

Mô tả công việc

Job Description:

- Perform to take care of all issues regarding to Distributors, i.e. booking, shipping, delivery time, payment.

- This Position requires to support Sales Team and Distributors to develop businesses for Vietnam by maximizing revenue and minimizing expenses.

Main Responsibilities:

• Take care of Distributor’s Purchase Order (PO):

- Check and contact Distributors to make sure if all information of POs is correct (customer name, item code, price) and save all POs for checking easily later.

- Key in POs and arrange shipment to Distributors

- Support Accounting to Issue invoices and send to Distributors

• Delivery Control: well communicate with production side to check and negotiate to expedite delivery for Distributors

• Warehouse management: well manage to ensure healthy inventory that delivery to Distributors is smooth and quick at lowest expenses. Manage to ensure write down – write off down to minimum level.

• Payment management: send Account Receivable (AR) statement to Distributors and remind them to make payment on time. Follow up the Bank Guarantee (BG) expiry and remind Distributors to renew BG.

• Price management:

- Apply the price quotation of special items via company’s system, save all quotations and drawings in a place which is easy to check

- Follow to extend the special price list on time and save all lists carefully

- Update and save the price list of standard items

• Inventory management: check and update the information in requested reports correctly to minimize write-off and avoid the lack of goods.

• Customer list management: check and update the customer list when receiving enquiry from Distributors.

• Data management: use Amoeba to download data for daily/weekly/monthly reports, i.e. Daily Booking & Shipping, Forecast, Promotion Results, Solid Tools Distributors Sales Results…

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