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Yêu cầu kỹ năng
  1. Bachelor degree or above in advertising, marketing, overseas study experience is preferred;
  2. More than two years of work experience in market planning or event planning, with strong market plan development ability, able to independently develop and implement market planning, marketing and sales strategy, product development, etc., with good PPT program production, copywriting skills, with offline work experience in the education industry is preferred;
  3. Familiar with new media, with professional copywriting skills and writing ability, can complete the WeChat public number batch article release, can complete the video number short video editing and release;
  4. Excellent communication and expression skills, experience in speech and event hosting is especially good;
  5. Fast execution speed, good at communication and cooperation, able to complete the work independently, clear thinking, strong communication skills, strong sense of responsibility, meticulous and rigorous, strong sense of teamwork;
  6. Strong ability to resist pressure and progressive work attitude.


Mô tả công việc

1.     Responsible for the promotion of study abroad business in U.S. secondary schools, responsible for the planning, organization and implementation of various types of market promotion activities for the business of studying abroad at an early age, experience in the education industry market is preferred, mastery of marketing, brand management skills, and good market insight and analysis skills;

2.     The implementation of marketing plans and programs, including marketing activities, advertising, public relations, presentations, academic seminars and other marketing activities;

3.     Match suitable marketing channels and event marketing content for different businesses;

4.     Combined with the industry hotspots and key events, rapid output of time-sensitive marketing activities planning and publicity programs, responsible for the refining of the selling points of the products of the underage study abroad and conversion and promotion work, including the production of product information: posters, manuals, leaflets, successful cases, etc., organization and implementation of internal training, external support seminars, etc.

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