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Outsourcing has emerged as a prominent business trend and a smart, modern business model, enabling companies to enhance their competitiveness while ensuring performance, quality, and efficient business management. Global spending on outsourcing services has reached an estimated $1 billion, and outsourcing companies now offer diverse services across various fields, not limited to Information Technology alone, but also extending to payroll and HR management. In this article, Faro Vietnam will help business to understand about definition of payroll service provider.

1. Things you should know about payroll service

1.1 Payroll Service Definition

A payroll service is a company that assists businesses in managing employee compensation by handling various payroll functions. In some countries, employers are responsible for paying taxes and other fees for each employee, deducting the necessary amounts from their paychecks, and maintaining accurate records for auditing and tax purposes. Monthly Payroll services take on these tasks for a fee, allowing business owners to focus on more critical matters. Employers provide the service with employee details, work hours, and any variations, which the service processes and transfers the funds for payment via checks or direct deposit. The service also provides payroll and tax reports.


Monthly Payroll

Payroll service: Instructions on how to calculate salary

1.2 Historical Background

The first payroll service company was founded in 1949 by former New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg and the Traub brothers, later known as Automatic Data Processing (ADP). It started with manual bookkeeping machines and later adopted computerized systems, making it a pioneer in the industry. Over the years, ADP grew through acquisitions and became a leader in the payroll service industry, offering a range of services beyond payroll management. The concept of computerized payroll services has evolved with advancements in technology, and today, many services provide online interfaces for seamless and efficient payroll processing.

1.3 Advantages and Considerations

Using a reputable payroll management service provides numerous benefits, such as time savings, accurate payroll processing, and access to comprehensive records and reports. However, businesses should carefully research and select a reliable service to safeguard confidential information and avoid potential issues with tax compliance or fraud. While rare, such instances can be detrimental to a company. Despite these concerns, the advantages of using a payroll service generally outweigh the risks, making it a valuable resource for businesses managing employee compensation.

1.4 The trend of payroll processing service

Payroll outsourcing, in particular, has gained popularity worldwide, including regional countries, and is increasingly garnering attention in Vietnam, especially among foreign invested enterprises. However, many Vietnamese enterprises still hesitate to embrace outsourced services, with only around 20% currently utilizing outsourced payroll calculation. Nonetheless, the business landscape is evolving, and with the complex administrative system in Vietnam and unique working environment, foreign businesses face numerous challenges in handling payroll operations, taxes, and insurance matters.

In response to these difficulties and the drive to cut costs during challenging economic times, businesses are turning to reputable external partners for salary calculations. This approach allows them to save costs, time, and resources, while also reducing risks associated with payroll management. By outsourcing payroll services to reliable partners, businesses can streamline their operations, ensure compliance, and focus on their core activities, promoting overall growth and success.

2. Reputational service of payroll processing service from Faro

Faro Vietnam provides a comprehensive range of services related to payroll management and administration. Some of the key services we offer include:

2.1 Monthly Payroll Report

Faro Vietnam handles the preparation and generation of monthly payroll reports. These reports encompass details of employee salaries, deductions, bonuses, and other payroll-related information.



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2.2 Monthly Personal Income Tax

Faro Vietnam ensures accurate and timely calculation of employees' monthly personal income tax obligations. We take into account relevant tax regulations and make necessary deductions from employees' salaries.

2.3 Monthly Social, Health, and Unemployment Insurance

Managing social, health, and unemployment insurance contributions is a critical aspect of payroll administration. Faro Vietnam calculates and processes these payments on a monthly basis, adhering to relevant legal requirements.

2.4 Calculation and Payment to Senior Trade Union

As part of our payroll service, Faro Vietnam handles the calculation and payment of contributions to the Senior Trade Union, ensuring compliance with labor laws and regulations.

2.5 Registration and Obtaining Tax Code

Faro Vietnam payroll service provider assists businesses in registering with relevant authorities and obtaining tax codes. This essential step ensures smooth and compliant payroll operations.

2.6 Other Payroll Admin Tasks, including Leave Recording and Labor Reporting


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Apart from the core payroll functions, Faro Vietnam takes care of additional payroll administrative tasks. This includes accurately recording employee leave, maintaining comprehensive labor reports, and managing other payroll-related requirements.

By entrusting our payroll service responsibilities to Faro Vietnam, businesses can focus on their core operations while ensuring that their payroll processes are well-organized, accurate, and in compliance with local regulations.