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Job Requirement

At least 5 years working experiences in quality management of garment & accessories

Good understanding of Fits/Garment construction, Testing process, Machinery & work aids, Product risk assessment process, Legal & safety requirements, Production processes, Factory efficiency, Factory Technical compliance, Inspection processes

Good communication in English

Work independently and is willing to travel frequently

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Job Description

Evaluating products during Fit/Red seal stage to ensure approved samples meet F&F quality standard, safety and legal requirements

Conducting Risk assessment for all products to identify potential quality, legal and safety issues, defining controls to manage them and providing solutions to potential problems

Evaluating suppliers Sample room in order to meet and deliver the correct samples for F&F

Working  with UK technical team to create the blocks to ensure all correct blocks are updated and available in MPD

Conducting pre-assessment audit for new factories to ensure we are working with factories who can meet the company's technical standards 

Monitoring TMS audit /NCs to ensure all F&F factories achieve the TMS audit standard

Carrying out pre-production meetings at factory to ensure factory has a clear understanding on critical and major findings of the product and to ensure all issues are corrected before proceeding for BULK

Carrying out First BULK inspection to ensure BULK production meet the F&F quality standards 

Approving Green Seal samples to ensure samples represent the BULK standards 

Conducting Firewall audit to ensure the consistency of company's WOW for the Self certified factories  

Participating in Buying trip meetings, to support buying team through providing required technical inputs relevant to product 

Achieving objectives , KPI’s for  Garment and Production technical 

Contributing to TCGT, TCQC and TCST  training  program & monitor their performance with the relevant suppliers 

Monitoring 3rd party final Inspection to ensure 3rd parties are aligned with company's quality standards  

Reviewing factory production capacity and line allocation for F&F to ensure we have the traceability of production to avoid the unauthorized subcontract 

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