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Most of us like horror movies, but for recruiters, nothing is more "horrifying" than hiring the wrong candidates. At first it seems to be a perfect job fit for these candidates, but not long after that, they become disasters. Companies have been using a variety of recruitment methods to prevent this.

All companies are afraid of hiring the wrong person which causes lots of adverse effects on the company’s operations.

Wrong recruitment increases the quit rate

There are many reasons why employees leave their positions, but the main reason is due to work pressure. So what is the cause of pressure? This occurs when an employee is not suitable to the job, to the manager or to organizational culture.

Wrong recruitment reduces work productivity

An employee who cannot afford or do not complete the work will affect others. Qualified employees will be distracted and low-qualified employees will make mistakes and cause harm to the organization.

Wrong recruitment makes costly

Changing an employee will cost you about 25% of regular staff salaries. You should consider the cost of recruiting, interviewing, travel and training. All these amounts are employee replacement costs as well as time spent unloading work.

Wrong recruitment causes property damage

What about other costs? Organizations spend millions of dollars to settle compensation claims of employees. According to the experts note, organizations usually spend a lot of money in the settlement of the employee's complaint after the incident has occurred, rather than preventing the problem right at the start.

So what organizations can do to prevent the wrong recruitment? Top organizations always have a consistent hiring process and apply to every candidates. Besides, they use the methods of assessment of skills and behavior to provide consistent information and objectivity of the candidate, then report back to the recruiters. Thanks to this information, recruiters will be able to interview more effectively and choose the right employees in the right positions.

10 methods of wrong recruitment must be avoided:

1. Only hire people like you

2. Recruit the first candidate

3. Ask questions about marital status, family, religion, and race

4. Do not check the reference in profile or resume

5. Talking too much and do not listen to candidates

6. Ask too short questions (Yes / No)

7. Recruitment based on sentiment rather than the quality of the candidates

8. Learn too little information about the candidates

9. Stop recruiting after finding the best candidate

10. Recruitment is based only on instinct


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