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It’s always easier to fire someone than training them. There is no great leader build his reputation by layoffs. But many people built their reputation by developing employees.

According to John Maxwell- an expert on leadership artistic, the ultimate goal of developing effective leadership capacity is the capacity to reproduce the ladder leaders. The key here is the method of leadership as "tour guide" - who put their employees to the destination. This is the opposite of "travel agent" leadership method which "sends you to places where they've never been before.”

There are 5 levels that leaders may experience in their careers:

Level 1: Position

"People follow you because they are forced to follow due to the decentralization of power." This is when "people follow you because they have to do so". Your influence will not extend beyond the boundaries of your work. The longer you stay at this level, the more you can get the personal interests but the trust of employees will decrease.

Level 2: Consent

"People follow you because they want to." At this level, "people follow you because they want it." People will follow you more than your reputation is. This level is the inspiration for the work. But you should not stay too long at this level.

Level 3: Orientation results

"People follow you because of what you have done for the organization." This is a place where most people get a feeling of success. "They like you and like what you're doing for the organization. The problem is solved with little effort because there was a motivation from you". Success is perceived by others, they like you and like your job, and all problems are easily resolved.

Level 4: Human Development

"People follow you because of what you did for them," This is a long-term growth for the organization. Your commitment to develop the next generation of leaders will ensure the development of the organization and of all people. Do anything you can to develop it.

Level 5: Individuals

"People follow you because of who you are and what you represent." It is only for the leaders spent years developing people and organizations, but not many people get this.

The development of leadership skills is also the approaching through 5 above levels.

From an employee, you will be promoted to a higher position, it is time to level 1, you have power, you have employees, and you have the pressure. This is the first level that any leader goes through, however short or long time will determine whether you can advance to the next step or not. So at this level, let's strive, be humble, and make efforts to take the 2nd level to achieve the first result: employees from submissive to your lane switch to acknowledge your leadership and they want you to lead them. But do not stop too long at this level, try to advance to the 3rd level, you are making employees "admired," because you bring benefit to them, everyone wants to follow the leader who will bring the success or the end result to them, no one wants to follow the person does not give them anything.

At the 3rd level, you are a good leader; you motivate people, and strive for the results you will bring. But to help your organization develop, be the leader at the level 4. A good leader cannot bring long-term prosperity and sustainability, it needs a team leader, and you need to develop your staff so that they become adjacent layer for you, support you, and learn from you to develop your organization.

And you want to become a legend and make an impression in history? Be the leader at level 5, you are not only an individual; you are also a symbol of the organization, moreover, you represent a separate value.

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