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"Truly great business men are not often satisfied with safety. Conquering the limit is the way to help them become great. "

Everyone has the so-called "safe zone". You know that I'm talking about mental space where you live, where exists fences that make you feel safe with your job and decision making.

Successful people are different from others in the way they do with their safety zone. There are people feel quite pleased to be in a safe and cozy box they creat but there are some one else who always have the urge to challenge all limits inside.

You know who will go on to become successful business men, right?

I do not think the safety zone is bad. It exists to protect us. Otherwise all of us will jump off cliff and aircraft. Safe zone also avoid us from stress and anxiety. But after all, familiar routines in your safety zone will inhibit you learn and experience new things promised well for us. It also prevents you from creating a prosperous business.

So how do you know when the safety zone is pulling you backwards? Here are a few things you may notice:

• Excessive Stress

• Boredom

• Self-criticism

• Jealousy

• Worried about your situation

• Too many excuses!

• Work stalled or failed

Do you see these symptoms are quite similar? So it’s time to extend the safety zone. Try the following steps and see how will your world change?

Accept that you are not perfect

Are you afraid of what people think of you or making them disappointed? Often these "rules" of behavior that we create for ourselves to be accepted by others are self-imposed and oddly high standards. Let do something a little crazy. Let do something fun like dancing in the downtown area or singing karaoke. Let break the illusion of perfection and integrate with the rest of the world.

Push down barriers of fear

What are you really afraid of? Make a list of all the things you fear from fear of spiders to fear of bankruptcy. And now let set up a plan to face with each fear. Let start from the smallest things. For example, if you have a specific phobia, seek help from outside to remove it. The Emotional Freedom Techniques can treat various phobias. Remove each of your fear out of the list, one by one and celebrate after every success.

Find a partner

There are things you cannot do alone. Over two years ago I had a dream of holding and presenting at a conference on women's power. But it was just a dream and nothing more. Then one day, the instructor told me: “You cannot accomplish it on their own", and I finally understood. I need a partner to jointly perform this endeavor. It's wonderful and exciting to create such an event and and I have overcome my safety zone really. But because I am not alone in this little adventure, I still feel safe.

Is there something you want but cannot do it yourself? Find a friend and work together with them.

Remove and accept

The safety zone will keep you in a space very easy to predict: You often know exactly what is happening. The fear of unknown things will make you forever deadlock. So, the trick here is to let your expectations go and accept the results of your actions. Be adventurous in a certain extent. If you are designing a new advisory program or launching a new product, please do it bit by bit. Do not recklessly taking on only to lose it all. Take a gamble with what you are willing to lose. It’s those loss that will teach you something good, such as how to make better products or marketing it in another way. Look forward to the results, whether they are good or bad.

Assembled with someone completely different

Often we would choose friends and "scraping” who have similar characteristics to us. Try making friends with someone more "crazy" than you. Select companies who have people dare to hurdle will take you to a land of adventure. Open your hearts and receive the benefits of daring.

Imagine yourself successfully

If you spend a few minutes a day to visualize your success, you will become more willing to risk. Let your brain be rest and dream a little. You will be very surprised at the results.


 "Most of us consider too much of the cost to pay for the changes but less consider of the costs if not changed."