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Human Resources plays a very important role in the development and growth of an enterprise. Nowadays, in a competitive environment, it is not easy to attract quality personnel, it even takes a lot of money, time, and brainpower to train. Therefore, HR recruitment service was born as an effective solution to relieve pressure for businesses. Along with the development of human resource needs, executive search recruitment is also increasingly innovative and enhanced, in which the executive search service is a big step forward to help businesses really "breathe" easier in finding resources. Human resources can meet the requirements, ready to accompany the business for a long time.

Executive Search and Selection service brings many new benefits to businesses

Executive Search and Executive Selection is simply understood as the process by which the recruitment company identifies an individual with the necessary qualifications and capabilities to handle and perform the jobs required by the business. This is an important step in the HR process to help screen and distinguish between qualified and unqualified candidates to put the right people in the right jobs effectively and completely.

Bringing simple recruitment solutions to businesses

In the past, executive job search was a job which businesses would have to swim in the middle of a mess of documents, however, recently, with the selection service, candidates have been carefully evaluated and selected to determine the best choice for the position. According to the requirements of the business and the enterprise, recruitment positions will gently and comfortably welcome new candidates to the desired position without having to do anything else.

Solutions to optimize costs for businesses

Not only "light on the head", executive search services also helps businesses save a lot of costs in terms of money, time and opportunities. Instead of having to maintain a cumbersome human resources department at the company, recently, the professional Executive Search and Selection with a team of expertise and extensive relationships is ready to provide businesses with the best candidates affordably in a short period of time. You can see, when using the Executive Search and Selection service, you will immediately be satisfied with the selected candidate, but if not, your business will have to post, organize recruitment within a few weeks, even up to a few weeks, months and even if recruited, but if it is not suitable, it will incur marginal costs of probationary salaries, time and opportunities for both parties.

Ensuring the quality of personnel

As mentioned, Executive Search and Selection is a "negative" process of weeding out unsuitable candidates, reducing the number of applicants until a nominee is identified. Therefore, candidates who have passed the selection can be considered as the best factors with capacity and professional skills to carry out the work goals set out by the enterprise, from which improve business efficiency, develop the team, help the company have internal stability to progress to newer plans in the future.

What to pay attention to when choosing executive job search agencies

Like other professions, executive search services also have a process of establishment, development and fierce competition. In the current 4.0 era, it is not difficult to find a company that provides Executive Search and recruiting services, but finding a good Executive Search and Selection service company also is not easy. Hence, when you need consider choosing a partner, you can refer to some of the following criteria:

The reputation of the Executive Search and Selection service provider

Reputation is the result of a long-term construction and dedication process, so a reputable Executive Search and Selection company will be a suggestion for businesses. When looking for a partner to search and select candidates according to their desires. This reputation can be considered based on factors such as: the assessment of experts, the evaluation of customers who have used the service, experience, service quality, transparency in cooperation policy and legal issues, warranty regime, ...


Service quality of Executive Search and Selection service providers

For any industry, the quality of the service is good to retain customers and the same goes for the Executive Search and Selection service. Based on the service that the company provides in terms of diversity, depth of service, operating mechanism, working process, policies for candidates,... that businesses can evaluate part of the quality of the company providing that service.

Service price

Price is always an indispensable competitive criterion in evaluating a good Executive Search and Selection service provider. With a job that requires complexity and strictness on many levels and must apply a series of evaluation as well screening methods such as Search and Selection, a low price is not necessarily a wise choice. Enterprises need to carefully consider suppliers based on comprehensive consideration of factors from quality, price, professionalism…

The ability to selectively search for information

With the task of searching and selecting candidates, owning an abundant source of information, databases and screening technology methods will play a very essential role to help the ability to find applications. members are not limited by geographical location or any other reason. Having a suitable source of abundant candidates can effectively apply the method of narrowing the group of candidates to a bright candidate to successfully introduce to the search business.

Faro Vietnam provides the best Executive Search and Selection service

Faro Vietnam, recruitment agency in Vietnam with nearly 20 years experience in this industry, has recognized by customers as one of the leading Executive Search and Selection service providers. We have a large data source combined with a rigorous recruitment process that applies advanced technology to meet the job requirements, budget as well as the culture of each business.

Executive Search and Selection process at Faro Vietnam

ESS Process


Receiving and analyzing the recruitment requirements of the enterprise in terms of the number, structure and criteria of human resources required, including the cultural factors of the enterprise to ensure the selection of the most suitable candidate, not only for the job expertise but also the ability to integrate into the company culture.


Based on the requests received and analyzed, an In-depth Search process will be initiated to thoroughly examine and compare the behavior, attitude, and effectiveness of many candidates to be able to choose the most suitable one for the job work.


After an intensive search process to select the most ideal candidates, Faro Vietnam will conduct a face-to-face interview. We have a team of professionals with deep knowledge and experience to make sure the candidate is really suitable for the vacancy.

Step 4: SUBMIT

Sending the list of pre-qualified candidates through the interview step to customers along with detailed personal assessment, professional knowledge, soft skills,...Through this submission, businesses will be easier to decide which candidate to choose for the job position of your business.


Supporting customers in the process of interviewing candidates through questions to assess the candidate's ability, qualifications and suitability for the job position.


Supporting clients and candidates in the process of negotiating job offers and creating a contractual agreement between the employer and the employee to please both parties.


Supporting selected candidates during the probationary period as well as during the candidate's working process at the client company. This support includes professional advice, experience, integration ability, information provision, etc. This process takes place constantly and only stops when the candidate has passed. passed the probationary round at the enterprise and the enterprise was really satisfied with the candidate selected by Faro.

Executive Search and Selection Service at Faro Vietnam

Faro Vietnam is always proud of its professional management team, who have extensive knowledge and experience in the field of human resources. Faro Vietnam is always committed to providing customers with comprehensive and flexible HR solutions. , suitable for all needs, even the most complex.

Join Faro Vietnam to recruit new "warriors" to build a "powerful empire" for your business! What are you waiting for, because FARO VIETNAM has:

  • SPEED: We focus on searching as soon as receive order, which help clients find suitable candidates in the shortest time
  • BIG DATA: We have a big data of qualified candidates updated monthly that expand possibility of finding the most suitable candidates to clients.
  • PROFESSIONALISM: Clients have our commitments in service quality in every steps of our service delivery process.
  • CONFIDENTIALITY: All information about vacancies, clients and candidates will be retained at top confidential level.

Our service is considered rendered to completion on the day the candidate signs the Offer Letter or commences employment with Client, whichever is earlier.

We take seriously our reputation in the market. As such, we commit that no candidate placed at Client will be approached while they are employed at the Client unless they have resigned or directly and actively approach Recruiter for other jobs.


With nearly 20 years of establishment and operation, Faro Vietnam is recognized as a leading reputable human resources service provider in Vietnam. Clients are satisfied with Faro Vietnam is not only due to the premier quality of services but also the added-on support that are beyond than the scope of services they engaged.

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