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Skills required


Graduate in Engineering (Metallurgy / Ceramics / Mechanical).


8 -10 years of heavy industry experience or > 4 years in Refractory / Iron & Steel industry with at least 3 years in a position of similar responsibility.


In-depth understanding of concepts and principles of Products and applications and Iron & Steel making process and knowledge of these elements in business. 

§ An exposure in steel plant with understanding of Vietnamese market situation 

§ Comprehensive understanding of how the local sales integrates with the regional business to contribute to achieving the business goals of company. 

§ Substantial exposure to Contract Management in Iron & Steel plant.  

§ Basic commercial awareness related to business and awareness of the competition with the understanding of how each competitor differentiates themselves and latest developments or changes of market conditions in the Iron & Steel industry sector. 

§ Basic Understanding of Product Manufacturing processes 

Skills & Behaviour: 
§ Planning & organizing 

§ Commercial Acumen 

§ Customer service orientation 

§ Strong communication and diplomacy skills are required to guide, influence and convince others – internal and external customers/agencies 

§ Disciplined Approach 
Problem Solving & Complexity: 
The position requires attention to detail in making evaluative judgements based on the analysis of information and is also expected to resolve problems by identifying and selecting solutions through the application of acquired technical experience and precedents. 
§ To have a thorough understanding of the customer’s processes, work with Corporate Sales teams to come up with proposals to improve the efficiency of process outcomes and present to customers. 

§ As a member of theTeam shared general management accountability a total company perspective must be maintained. 



What you will do

This position is primarily responsible for promoting the new business growth in all 3 main business unit of AR/FC and TC to fulfil the medium and long term business growth plan and building & maintaining effective long-term business relationships with a Vietnamese customers, ensure a high level of customer loyalty and increased revenues. Serves as the primary interface for all Flow Control and Advanced Refractories products and services, it creates demand for the organization's products and services with customers on continuous basis. Typically, generate new business opportunities and derive into commercial sale and maintain business relationships with all customers for CPT/TRM approach. 

Customer’s process understanding:

Responsible for having a clear understanding of customer’s production plan for the year, trend analysis and purchasing strategy. 
Sales & Marketing:  
Responsible for sales of products to the existing customer and maintain the existing business. Also to ensure delivering value to customers through our products & services while realizing organization’s targeted earnings and to achieve the budgeted sales and gross margin of the business by:

- Retaining the market share of existing products supplied.  

- Getting price increases as per the business strategy. 

- Generating new business.

 Promote products and performance benefits to client with continuous after sales service support and convince customer to enhance productivity by:

- Trial of new products and establishing the performance of the same 

- Implementation of Marketing & Technology solutions 
Contract Management / Purchase order: 

Responsible for timely enquiry for all contract renewal, on time submission of offers, providing necessary data for preparing the proposals and securing orders/contracts. 
Receivables Management:  
Payment realization, weekly update on collection made based on the agreed payment terms as mentioned in purchase order. 

Reconciliation of Accounts and closure every quarter and settle the disputed issues. 
Customer Reviews / meetings:

Conducts regular status and strategy meetings with the senior management team of customer to understand their needs and link them to the organization's product/service offering strategies. 
Customer complaint handling: 
Constantly evaluate the performance of a product at the site and regular coordination with the respective departments to initiate corrective actions to avoid failure.  
Market / Competitor’s intelligence: 

To evaluate competitor’s activities in terms of Sales, applications, qualities, pricings and deliveries of their products. 
Monthly Reporting: 

To prepare and submit monthly reports (by 2nd of every month) comprising details of:

- Monthly sales 

- Collection 

- Technical Report

- Competition information 

- CCAR status

- Major events at site 
To ensure strict compliance of Approval procedures implemented by management from time to time. 

Main Interactions – Internal:

Head Steel Sales: To keep them updated about the latest developments of the market. To discuss and seek guidance on account related technical, financial issues, customer complaints, if any, new business opportunity etc. To have discussion on sales forecasting for the region, planning, scheduling, business analysis

Sales Director Steel, SEA – Flow Control & Advanced Refractories: To discuss and update key issues and to receive guidance on strategic and business matters

Marketing & Technology Functional colleagues / Product Managers: To obtain knowledge on products and to take part in technical discussions for their optimal usage at site. To discuss the product related issues, need for product modification, new product development, if any, etc. 

Regional HSE coordinator: To discuss and drive resolution of the safety related issues, rolling out new initiatives in the site etc

Regional commercial coordinator:

To discuss and take stock on payments receivables, invoicing etc


Customers: To promote the business objectives and to discuss on technical and commercial part of the product lines.

Senior customer executives: To liaise on key growth project progress and to negotiate growth project rewards.



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