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Skills required
- Business or Engineering graduate
- 3-5 years experience in sales (FMCG) or oil industry is a plus.
- Strong in sales-marketing, negotiating, analytical and reporting skills.
- Strong leadership, sales and analytical skills.
- Proven ability to manage a geographically diverse customer portfolio.
- Ability to work with different entities and Departments
- Excellent Interpersonal and communication skills (written and verbal English Vietnamese)
What you will do
Retail Area Manager (Petrol Station, Motozone, Quart-Auto-Care) is a project owner who is responsible to find good petrol stations, motorcycle-repair-shops and garages in the market for investment, rebranding and selling lubricants. There are three channels of investment :
(i) Petrol stations – After rebranding it will be called Rebranded Service Station (RSS).
(ii) Motorcycle Repair Shops – After rebranding it will be called : MOTOZONE (MTZ).
(iii) Garages for repairing cars – After rebranding it will be called QUARTZ-AUTO-CARE (QAC). Benefit of the investments are:
(1) Selling lubricants.
(2) Strengthen brand image in the market. KPI for year 2020 are as following:
• # Rebranded/upgraded service station (RSS) at year end 2020: xxx RSS, get a part of budget of xx BVND for rebranding service station. Target volume contribution of : 620 tons. Chose appropriate service station for building a billboard to increase brand awareness at the market area. Get a part of budget from xxxxx BVND for Billboard.
• # Rebranded/upgraded MOTOZONE (TMTZ) at year end 2019: xxx MTZ get a part of budget from xxx MVND for MTZ. Target volume of 172 tons.
• # Rebranded/upgraded Quartz Auto Care (TQAC) at year end 2019: xxQAC get a part budget of xxx BVND for TQAC. Target volume of 81 tons.
• Deploy Top-service program and internal audit at RSS as requested by APMO. Target to Top-service result equal or above 70%.
• Periodically doing visit RSS, TMTZ, TQAC to ensure that signage/billboard are at good condition.
• Report on SALSA at least 31 visits, 10 prospects creation and 5 opportunities creation per month.
• Ensure that Retail activities in the Area are running within procedures and Health, Safety and Quality standards
Rebranding Service Station, TMTZ and TQAC:
• Purpose: Strengthen brand awareness at the market area and selling lubricant.
• Rebranding activities: Follow process, procedures for rebranding works. Support Project Engineer to supervise rebranding activities to ensure the quantity & quality are followed scope of work.
• Propose for maintenance when equipment or materials of RSS, TMTZ, TQAC are degraded or damage.
Sale, Marketing and Services activities:
(1) Sale Volume contribution through RSS, MTZ, QAC based on the commitment of the customer on the rebranding contract – Alignment with relevant sale teams.
(2) Execute activation and marketing activities at the selected RSS, MTZ or QAC – Alignment with marketing team
(3) Support DSR and distributor on managing sale activities in order to support DSR & distributor to achieve the sale volume target will be sold to the customer. Ensure that, the distributor apply nationwide retail price for those RSS, MTZ, QAC.
(4) Frequent visit RSS, MTZ, QAC with the check list to ensure that all canopy, signage, billboard, posters etc… are at good condition. Propose for maintenance if any in case they are degraded or damaged.
(5) Support customer to apply the criteria on “Top-Service program”
• Ensure that all sales and inspection reports are prepared and submitted time as per the approved formats
• Identify liquidity problems with dealers to prevent bankruptcy and non-recoverable funds for the company
• Input details of visit report on SALSA within 7 day from visit date.
• A growing company in Viet Nam with a network of over 170 branded Retail Stations, 150 TMTZ and 47 TQAC nationwide.
• Operates in a semi-deregulated oil industry with no oil majors, 2 big local players (Petrolimex and PetroVietnam) and several independent brands.
• Level of petrol stations, Garage and Repair shop are poor as well as the level of quality
The job holder being custodian of the retail network in Viet Nam is accountable for:
• Development of retail business in terms of branded Retail Stations, TMTZ and TQAC.
• Volume Sales and Profitability regarding selling lubricant in line with or exceed budget
• Management of Dealer Network, ensuring all company policies are complied with.
• Implementation of company standards: regarding quality (service & products), HSE and Code of conduct.
• Company and site specific promotional activities are implemented according to company guidelines. Brand integrity maintained.

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