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What you will do

Objective of the Job

Advice, monitoring and assurance of inline and final production at Asian producers based on the company quality standards and workmanship guidelines for both, Mountainwear and Backpacks.

Main tasks

Independent planning and communication of necessary visits to producers for quality assurance and quality control.

Giving advice to production companies based on company quality specifications and current production instructions.

Carrying out quality controls during production (income, inline and final inspection) with  focus on inline inspections and assessment of PPS (Preproduction Samples).

Responsible for inline and final inspection reports and the respective bulk approvals.

Passing samples and mock-ups to company Technicians and Quality Assurance

Regular consultations and online meetings with company Quality Management

Regular consultations and meetings with Producers and Subcontractors in order to solve current quality problems (e. g. material issues, cutting or processing problems and delivery delays).

In detail

Ensuring the production processes as explained in the quality manual and implementation in the production facilities.

Communication of company quality guidelines to producers.

Close cooperation and permanent exchange of information with Production Consultant and Team Lead QC Asia, Dagmar Koller.  

Technical support for company inhouse product developers and technicians.

Supporting company Product development during prototyping phase.

Supporting producer product development (material, patternmaking, processing, function, ...).

Carrying out quality controls (especially inline to solve problems in early stage) at the producers' facilities with support of company PLM-Quality App.

On-site training and coaching of producers to ensure high-quality production including internal quality controls.

Giving technical and solution-oriented input to solve production problems.

Monitoring of in-time production and delivery (in cooperation with company production planning and logistics).

Giving input for company producer evaluation.

Coordination of ongoing production with producers, logistics and production planning.

Assessment of the bulk production with support of PLM-Quality App.

o Release if everything is ok.

o Reject if not ok (rework, new production, ...).

Sending reports/ MOM´s of producer´s visits.

Searching, screening and assessment of potential new producers and production facilities.

Supporting the onboarding process with new producers.

Supporting CSR topics like FWF (Fair Wear Foundation) audits.

Support definition of quality standards together with Dagmar Koller.

Supporting claim processes.

Staying uptodate with new processing technologies.

Regular trips to company headquarter in Germany for.

Training and coaching in garment and backpack sector.

Handover of new styles/ news collection.

Training of IT software and tools.

Staying in close contact to company core team in Germany.

Understanding company DNA, values and rules.

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