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Skills required
- Bachelor of Engineering.
- Or High Vocational Certificate with Experience Steel Making.
- 5-10 year experiences.
- 1-2 years experience in Steel Making , refractory would be a plus.
- English and computer skills.
- Team work and good leadership skills.
- Fluent English skills
- Good problem solving skills.
- Good communication and presentation skills .
What you will do
1. Job Purpose
• Provide technical support for FC products (focus in SGR and PP) for SEA sale team and customers.
• Managing product and information flow from upstream(R&D) to down stream (sale team and customers).
• Pushing products and technology to suitable customer and to create new market ,new opportunies.
2. Direct Reports
• To Steel FC M&T Director SEA.
• Dot line report to Head of Country in which being employed.
• Occasionally to RPM (FC-Regional Product Manager)
3. Dimensions
FC products – such as
Focus on :
SLGA (slidegate Refractory) - sale in SEA.
POPL (Purging Plug) - sale in SEA.
Alternately in other FC products(non-Focus) : such as
VISO (Isostatic products) - sale in SEA.
Possible assistance support (if required) for Digital Service products – such as
Stopper Rod Mechanism
Mould Level Sensor
4. Staff Reporting
5. Key result Areas:
1. Product Implementation – Carry on and execute all process – in managing FC project(SGR and POPL focus). From Design,,selection until to finish commissioning and hand over to customer. Those actions are inclusive but not limited to.
o Coordinate with commercial team , RnD and M&T organization for Product design, selection,installation and commission (
o Select and advise for RFQ process.
o Ensure products information are carried down word for implementation with out problem.
2. New Product Introduction and finding out new market : work with sale team to find out and search for new opportunity in the market and fill in with suitable products. There would be also new products from enacted from the company which needed to be arrange for get in to the suitable market.
3. Product Application control- Set up/ Coordinate / Execute /and Audit in Operation/Application of Flow Control products (VISO focus) to ensure suitable application process which follow Vesuvius requirement and standard, have been implemented in customer location. Training would have to be carried out as per required.
4. Trial of products – for trial ,selection and improvement FC product(VISO focused) using in the area. report back to RPM (VISO , SLGR , POPL)
5. Any other assignment as per Steel Application Director SEA would enquired .
6. Main Working Relationships
a. Internal
1. Steel-FC M&T Director SEA
Contact regularly.
Direct report line. Inform cases of exit report
-Strategic plan report.
-Report Working schedule table plan and actual week by week for approval.
-Report Result of installation , trial, audit etc.
-Technical consultancy
2. Head of company in which the person stay.
Contact regularly.
Report in General management issue
3. Sale Managers,Account Manager , Site Supervisor
Case by case
Communication during Product/Project Coordination in such account
4. Regional Product Managers.
Case by case
Communication Back and Forth for smooth implementation of each product.
b. External
Manager , Engineer or representative in each customer where the Products implement would be taking place.
Case by case by Account
7. Problem Solving / Complexity
- Product analysis & application investigation in suitable selection, installation, commissioning , and problem solving.
- Solving quality issue of product
- Assist customer to improve productivity and cost by proposing Vesuvius product,
- Steel Making knowledge to combine and match with material selection and application
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