After the Millennials generation, Centennials - Generation Z (1997 - 2012) are the new human resource entering the workforce. With innovation, creativity, and a multi-dimensional view of things, generation Z is a breakthrough factor for the development of your business. However, Gen Z is still a breath of fresh air with many differences that businesses and human resource managers need time to learn about in order to work together. To be able to accompany Gen Z and develop businesses, let's first learn about Gen Z's needs and trends at work.

1. Career ambitions and desire for personal development

Generation Z is now entering the workforce in increasing numbers and is gradually disrupting traditional office culture. However, to bring the best results to businesses, managers need to understand and have the right approach to Gen Z.

If Gen Y is famous as the job-hopping generation, then in Gen Z, the tendency to job-hopping is somewhat reduced. Although Gen Z is a generation that loves novelty, it is also a generation that prefers stability in life and work, so this generation has a longer time with businesses than Millennials.
However, the level of career ambition of young human resource is much higher than that of Gen Y. This can be seen, if Gen Z realizes that they have conquered all the challenges and difficulties in their current position, then they are willing to "leave their clothes" to find a place with many challenges to develop themself. That is also the reason why today's Gen Zers are extremely attracted to the challenging and highly realistic Startup environment.

Also because of the desire to develop themselves in their career, one of the benefits that Gen Z is most interested in when learning about the company is the career development journey while accompanying the company. When faced with a choice between an internship that can open many doors and a job with a higher salary, Gen Z often looks at the long-term path and 93% would choose to become an intern instead of the high salary. Therefore, when human resource managers want to save recruitment costs and retain generation Z human resources, focus on the real values (in addition to profits) that the company can bring to them. A clear and feasible promotion path, along with quality training programs and attractive challenges will make this generation more loyal to the business.

2. The need for balance

Not only Millennials, but generation Z also appreciate flexibility in working policies. Because Gen Z is the generation that prioritizes work-life balance quite highly. Therefore, businesses need to really pay attention to Gen Z's need for balance. Implementing a flexible working hour policy, along with promoting remote work, and respecting personal time are the key things Gen Z needs when working in a business.
Flexible working hours and remote working in many different working spaces will help Gen Z feel comfortable, improve work performance, and stimulate them.

3.  Desire to break boundaries for unlimited connection

Gen Z always wants to aim for equality at work. They prefer to build relationships as colleagues rather than social stratification. Gen Z wants to break the boundary between "superiors - subordinates". Because they believe that human connection truly has no limits. Even though they are a technological generation, gen Z still want to connect directly with their colleagues, not through social networks. Because Gen Z values efficiency when communicating, problems will be resolved during face-to-face conversations.
At work, connection and feedback are also very important to young labor. They always want to receive continuous feedback on the work they are doing. Constructive contributions will help them do their job better and help them know for sure that they are doing their job correctly.
In addition, diverse connections in the working environment are also what Gen Z wants. 63% of Gen Z feel that working with people from different educational backgrounds, skill levels, and cultures is essential. Integrating with everyone in the business, not just within the team, will satisfy your desire to learn. Diversity not only makes your company more attractive to Gen Z, but it's also an important part of your employee retention plan.

4. Listen and recognition

Recognition for Z generation is not only about recognition of the results and efforts they have made, but also about listening to businesses. Although this is a source of young people, Gen Z can be completely proactive in the process of promoting company development thanks to a modern, globalized mindset. One of the ways to promote work morale and retain Gen Z is to make them feel respected for their opinions and contributions in their roles, encouraging Gen Z to come up with solutions for work.

5. Generation Z-  Multi-taskers

Gen Z grew up with so many different types of technology at their fingertips that they could easily switch between tasks without losing energy or ability. As such, they’re remarkable multi-taskers and prefer to work on multiple projects. This ability makes them assets for companies who crave more collaboration and like to encourage employee growth in more than one area. Gen Zers are jacks-of-all-trades and look for opportunities to learn more about whatever it is they’re working on, so they also desire mentors across the company to help them round out their skill set. This desire makes Gen Zers excellent members of any company, as they’re constantly looking for ways to improve. 

As Generation Z joins the workforce, be prepared to hire employees who can wear multiple hats and want to learn from everyone at their office. In order to best support this generation, give them the ability to focus on whatever catches their interest instead of worrying about the minutiae of others.


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