Understand about Gen Z personnel resources

Gen Z personnel are forecast to make up more than one-fifth of the workforce by 2030 (SHRM). Many businesses are facing difficulties when managing and working with this workforce. Let's find out more about this issue with Faro Vietnam.

1. What is Gen Z HR?

There are many definitions and ways to determine who Gen Z is. Some definitions of gene Z are as follows:

According to Forbes, Gen Z is a group of people born from 1997 to the early 2000s. According to CSP Global, Gen Z is a group of people born from 1995 to 2010. Gen Z is mostly knowledgeable about technology. technology, social information development.

In particular, the Gen Z generation has more aspirations towards the future, especially regarding their work and career. Nowadays, you can see that many Gen Z tend to do business rather than become employees for a certain organization or business. An Emerald study shows that this group of employees has clearer expectations at work than previous generations.



6 Factors That Motivate Gen Z in the Workplace

2. Interesting statistics about the Gen Z workforce generation

Before getting to the things that Gen Z employees care about in their workplace, you can learn some statistics about this group of employees. As follows:

2.1 What Gen Z cares about at work

To work effectively with Gen Z employees, you need to know what they care about in their work. The following statistics may be useful for you to answer this problem. Include:

  • Respected, inclusive, empowered in the workplace - 96% of Gen Z respondents agreed with this factor (Forbes).
  • Income and benefits - 67%% of Gen Z and Millennials are interested in this factor (Gallup).
  • Balance between work, life and personal happiness - 65% of Gen Z and Millennials care about this factor (Gallup).
  • Organize a diverse workforce - 45% of Gen Z and Millennials care about this factor (Gallup).
  • Some other factors of concern according to Gallup statistics about Gen Z and Millennials human resource groups include career development (37%), remote work opportunities (34%), and more meaningful work ( 33%), reputable organizations - big brands (29%).

2.2 Statistics of problems Gen Z faces in the workplace

In addition to the things Gen Z cares about, businesses should also better understand the things they often encounter and feel worried about in the workplace. Some of the following statistics will help you better understand this issue:

  • 31% of Gen Z employees find it difficult to cope with pressure and stress at work.
  • 68% of Gen Z and more Millennials say they often feel stressed (Gallup).
  • 1 out of 4 Gen Z employees surveyed said they are not really satisfied with the level of education they have learned to prepare for their future jobs.
  • Fear of not receiving a salary or bonus worthy of the effort they put in when only 59% of Gen Z believe they have received it properly (Deloitte).
  • Isolated and disconnected at work, 73% of Gen Z report feeling lonely sometimes or always (CNBC). 



Gen Z In The Workplace: Reimagining the Future Of Work

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3. Is working with Gen Z difficult?

So, is working with Gen Z employees really difficult? In fact, no matter which generation of personnel you work with, it will have its own advantages and challenges. It is important in the process of working with human resources groups to recognize those advantages and challenges. For Gen Z generation, there will be the following advantages and challenges:

3.1 Advantages of working with Gen Z personnel

The following characteristics will help you better understand the distinct advantages of Gen Z compared to other employee groups. Include:

  • Competitiveness: Gen Z has been growing up in a very dynamic, success-oriented social environment. It makes Gen Z naturally competitive employees. Therefore, they love to compete in the workplace and this helps them become better versions of themselves.
  • Tech awareness: Gen Z is the most tech-savvy generation, having enjoyed and been connected to technology since childhood.
  • Working independently: Because they do not like constant mentoring and micromanagement, they are better able to work independently.
  • Multitasking ability: Gen Z is very good at handling multiple tasks at once. Even though they have a shorter attention span, they can focus intensely and switch between responsibilities quickly.
  • Learn quickly: Gen Z employees are eager to learn and grow in and out of the workplace.

3.2 Challenges when working with Gen Z personnel

Besides the above advantages, when wanting to work with Gen Z personnel more effectively, businesses will face the following challenges:

  • They want more technology: Gen Z is likely to be attracted to companies that are using technology to create a more meaningful employee experience.
  • Gen Z's entrepreneurial spirit is higher: Without attractive salary, bonus, and incentive policies, it will be difficult to work with this group of employees.
  • Gen Z wants more personalized experiences in their work.

Above are detailed shares about the Gen Z human resources group and the factors they expect in their workplace. Hopefully with this article, businesses will better understand how to manage and connect with this group of human resources.


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