Top 6 Recruitment Agencies In Vietnam

The recruitment field in Vietnam is growing strongly with a lot of quality HR services. In which, it is impossible not to mention the Recruitment Agency because of the positive changes and strong recruitment effect.

However, there are many Recruitment agencies in Vietnam operating in the market today. So how to find the right agency for your business? Readers, please join Faro Vietnam to list the best Recruitment agencies in Vietnam today to get useful information.

1- What is recruitment agency?

Recruitment agencies are units specializing in providing recruitment services at the request of businesses. These agencies act as an intermediary. They connect businesses that are in need of recruiting personnel with the right candidates. The main function of the Recruitment agency is to attract and find the most suitable candidates for the position the company is recruiting for. At the same time, they will also handle most of the stages in the recruitment process such as screening, scheduling interviews and assisting in salary and benefits negotiations.

Besides, Recruitment agencies also work simultaneously with clients and candidates. They play a role in making sure both parties are satisfied with the outcome. The relationship between the Recruitment agency and the business is established and adjusted based on the contract. Accordingly, the agency will follow the requirements of the client, advise them and receive the agreed fee when finding suitable personnel.


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Although businesses all have human resources departments, they still look to Recruitment Agencies because of the benefits from their services. For example, agencies can help them find candidates faster, more cost-effectively, ensure the quality of candidates, and avoid recruitment risks. However, besides the benefits, using the services of Recruitment agencies also has certain disadvantages. Therefore, businesses need to consider carefully before deciding to use agency's recruitment service.

2- How to choose the right Recruitment agency

Currently, there are many Recruitment agencies operating in Vietnam. Each company has different sizes and strengths in different areas. Therefore, when needing to use human resource recruitment services, businesses should consider the following points to choose the right agency.

2.1- Learn the agency's recruitment process

You need to find out if the agencies understand the position and the culture of the company. What method will they use to properly evaluate the vacancy? What methods will they use to identify, find, attract candidates, and manage the process?

A competent agency will not depend on posting job ads. Instead, they have a source of quality candidates available, capable of exploiting passive candidates and their relationships. These factors will show whether they have the capacity to meet the needs of the business or not.

2.2- The agency's credibility

When a business decides to cooperate with a Recruitment agency, that agency will represent the business. Find out more about their professionalism and reputation in the recruitment field. Because this will determine your ability to find the right senior staff for your business.

2.3- Assess the agency's human resources capacity

You should chat directly with a recruitment specialist in charge of finding candidates for your business. Find out how they work as well as find out if they really understand the position, the operating system, business strategy and culture of your business.

3- Top 6 best Recruitment agency in Vietnam today

You can consider the following reputable Recruitment agencies when looking for a partner:

3.1- Faro Vietnam

Faro Vietnam is a leading Recruitment Agency with over 17 years of experience in the recruitment industry. With prestige and high recruitment efficiency, the company always receives the trust from customers who are large enterprises and corporations both at home and abroad.

Faro Vietnam is dedicated to furnishing practical and compliant guidance and resolutions to its clients in a highly professional manner. By doing so, it alleviates clients from administrative complexities associated with managing human resources in the dynamic and ever-changing business landscape of Vietnam. Besides, HRchannels also provides professional high-level HR solutions for customers. Services provided by the company include: Executive search & selection, Payroll administration, Staffing solution and Human resource compliance

With deep recruiting expertise and a wealth of qualified candidates,Faro Vietnam is able to deliver innovative human resource solutions for organizations of all sizes. At the same time, Faro Vietnam can also ensure the supply of the right talent for the business quickly and efficiently.

3.2- MP Human Resources (MPHR)

MPHR is part of the MP Group ecosystem. With more than 19 years of experience in the field of Contact Center and BPO in Vietnam, MPHR is proud to be a leading human resource service provider with long-term professional experience.

Operating with the principle of "People are valuable assets", MPHR is committed to providing customers with the most comprehensive, specialized and effective human resource management solutions.

MPHR's services currently include: payroll management services, staffing services, personnel recruitment services, training services, and career counseling services.

3.3- NIC . Human Resources Consulting Joint Stock Company

NIC Human Resources Consulting Joint Stock Company, a member of NIC Group, is also one of the reputable companies operating for many years in the field of human resources.

Over ten years of operation and development, NIC has affirmed its brand and position in the human resources market in Vietnam.

With a team of professional and experienced experts and extensive network in the market, NIC has become a reliable human resource solution provider for many domestic and foreign enterprises.


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3.4- HR company Hr2B

Initially, Hr2B was established with only one consulting service. But up to now, Hr2B has developed many other services such as personnel selection, salary consulting, etc.

With years of experience and capacity, Hr2B is now able to take on the role of managing large HR projects.

3.5- Manpower Vietnam

Manpower Vietnam was established in 2008 with 100% investment capital from Manpower Group. The company's main field of activity is to provide recruitment services, human resource consulting and labor solutions.

Manpower is known as the leading brand in the field of recruitment, supply and human resource management in the world. The group is present in 80 countries and has a history of more than 70 years.

3.6- Talentnet

Talentnet Vietnam or Talent Connection Company is one of the leading human resource consulting firms with more than 20 years of experience in the fields of human resource management.

Currently, Talentnet is providing comprehensive, professional and practical human resource management solutions to the needs of each business. With the desire to realize the vision "Make a difference in the life of every employee", Talentnet aims to connect talented candidates and businesses through a professional recruitment team and data sources.

Hopefully this article by Faro Vietnam has brought a lot of useful information to readers when they need to find the right Recruitment agency.


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