Smart consultant payroll services for enterprises

Payroll calculation service (salary calculation) is a service that supports businesses in managing salaries, bonuses and salary deductions. It covers a fairly broad category in accounting, not simply calculating and paying salaries and bonuses, but also undertaking a number of tasks related to records, procedures, insurance... for employees. The above tasks must be performed quickly and accurately to comply with state and business regulations. Therefore, these requirements are often a burden in terms of time, cost and human resources for businesses, especially small and medium enterprises.

1. Benefits of using outside consultant payroll services

Using payroll and salary calculation services (consultant payroll services) helps businesses effectively evaluate the amount of money spent on employees along with other costs related to personnel. Optimize the use of human resources, increase employee performance while creating motivation with attractive income policies.

  • Save money, time and increase work efficiency
  • Professional process with high precision
  • Secure information security


Payroll Services for Medium to Large Businesses

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2. Salary calculation process

Salary accounting requires high accuracy and transparency and must go through many different tasks such as:

a. Human resources management:

  • Build labor contracts for employees.
  • Calculate and carry out procedures related to benefits, allowances, social insurance, unemployment insurance, and health insurance.
  • Store information records, reports as well as employee salaries.
  • Reporting personnel changes to the management unit.

b. Salary management:

  • Accounting salaries, calculating monthly personnel salaries.
  • Calculate actual salary
  • Paying salaries to employees.
  • Payment of household salary (households upon request).

c. Salary report

  • Prepare and report monthly payroll
  • Payroll report, government insurance

d. Human resources support

  • Update and provide the latest information on labor and salary laws in Vietnam for businesses.
  • Consulting and making salary management proposals for businesses.
  • Providing experience in supporting foreign businesses to adjust salaries appropriately based on the Vietnamese market.

e. Compliance with personal income tax

  • Prepare periodic tax declarations and submit them to the Tax Department.
  • Prepare annual tax deduction documents.
  • Year-end personal income tax finalization.

f. Stand up to work with competent authorities on behalf of the company

  • Monthly personal income tax report.
  • Employer reports.
  • Submit insurance reports to the agency.
  • Pay money to insurance agencies.

Consultant payroll services with the ability to extract data, calculate all of the above requirements, on the same system, ensuring accuracy, high reliability, saving time and more.


How can consultant payroll services help you drive value?

3. Difficulties businesses face

3.1 Easy to make mistakes during calculation

Errors in payroll calculations often occur if not careful, which means loss of costs. Furthermore, your company is also responsible to its employees and state agencies. Payroll calculation service providers (salary calculation) for businesses will minimize serious errors and ensure compensation if they affect the operations of partner companies.

3.2 Time-consuming

An overload of work that causes employees to have to perform many tasks at the same time will create pressure and reduce operational efficiency, not to mention this easily leads to the risk of errors when accounting. Payroll calculation service (salary calculation) for businesses with enough expertise to perform salary calculation processes more accurately and effectively.

3.3 Personnel costs increase

For small and medium-sized companies to build a specialized payroll department, it will be a worrying issue because of the financial burden. Therefore, if your company does not have more than 20 employees, using a payroll service for businesses is definitely more economical.

Every time regulations related to labor laws and taxes are amended, businesses will have the burden of having to keep up with the new rules. Outdated information related to salary and tax calculations will be a great disadvantage for businesses. Therefore, a good payroll service provider will always help businesses update knowledge as quickly as possible.

4. Regarding payroll and salary calculation services for businesses, we commit to

  • Save maximum time and costs: You will be able to save significant time and costs on administrative tasks such as data entry, calculations and reporting checks.
  • Accurate and timely: With experience and the spirit of dedicated customer service, we are committed to providing accurate and timely reports to comply with our staff's deadlines.
  • Comply with legal regulations: We regularly update the latest legal regulations and provide professional advice so you can rest assured to manage and comply with the latest regulations.
  • Minimize risk: We also provide professional advice and practical solutions for customers to minimize risks and save taxes.


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