Payroll Administrator Salary in Vietnam 2024

Payroll Administrator is an important position in any company. Whether small scale or large corporation, they all need a Payroll Administrator. It's a "hot" industry, but perhaps what many people pursuing this industry are most interested in is what is the current Payroll Administrator salary? So let Faro Vietnam answer and help you reveal how to have an attractive Payroll Administrator salary in the industry.

1. Salary in Payroll Administrator profession by level

Salary depends not only on the number of years of work experience but also on rank. You will receive a salary commensurate with your rank and Payroll Administrator position. According to Faro Vietnam's 2023 Recruitment Market & 2024 Recruitment Demand Report (Refer to slide 47), the lowest salary by level is Payroll Administrator intern with a starting price of 3,000,000 VND to the highest level of finance director is 39,000,000 VND.

  • The salary for Payroll Administrator interns/new graduates: During the first time you graduate, you will work as an intern with a salary of 3 - 5 million VND because you do not have experience. If your strength is a foreign language or you have accumulated previous experience, the salary will definitely be higher.
  • The salary of employees/Payroll Administrator specialists ranges from 7 - 18 million VND. Usually when you have 2 or more years of experience in the field of Payroll Administrator, are proficient in Payroll Administrator operations.
  • Salary for team leader/manager/head of department, in addition to experience and deep understanding of operations, software, Payroll Administrator, you can manage a team, the salary for this position will be increased. from 10 - 20 million VND.
  • The chief accountant salary in many businesses can be up to 30 million VND. This is an important and key position of the company. Whether in a small or large company, they need a chief accountant with experience and expertise to balance and manage finances effectively.
  • Salary of director/director of finance and Payroll Administrator ranges from 20 - 45 million VND. This is a high-level position in the enterprise with the responsibility of managing related departments and teams. At the same time, perform financial analysis and growth trends of the business.




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2.  Three factors affecting accountant salary

Not only Payroll Administrator but also any profession, the salary of each position will depend on many different factors, specifically:

2.1 Professional experience

As with any profession, the higher your qualifications and experience, the better your income will be. Especially in the field of Payroll Administrator, having many skills, tricks and experience in the industry will help you complete the assigned work well. For these reasons, the salary of new Payroll Administrator graduates will not be as high as the industry average. However, if you try and accumulate enough knowledge, after 1-2 years, your income will improve significantly. There are many different Payroll Administrator job positions. Once you have experience, you can advance to positions such as Payroll Administrator specialist, Payroll Administrator department head or general accountant, etc. These positions will have different salary ranges depending on your ability to meet the job.

2.2 Enterprise scale

Accountant salaries also depend on the size of the business and financial situation. Normally, foreign businesses will have higher salaries and bonuses than Vietnamese businesses. In addition, large businesses remunerate Payroll Administrator positions better than startups or small companies. Financial situation also greatly affects employees' income. Therefore, if your company is losing money and has no profits, it will not be enough to pay employees. This will affect the salary of accountants in particular and other positions in general.

2.3 Work location

Socio-economic development also has a great impact on workers' salaries. In large provinces and cities such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City or Da Nang, etc., people's living standards are higher, so salaries are also higher than in other areas. On the contrary, in provincial areas such as Nam Dinh, Thai Binh, Nghe An, etc., living standards and income will be lower and affect Payroll Administrator Salaries.


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3.  The secret to a higher accounting salary

To quickly increase your income, you can develop yourself according to some of the following suggestions:

  • Be fully equipped with industry knowledge and understand accounting operations to increase your capacity.
  • Continuously learn and improve professional knowledge. This is also a way for you to develop yourself and improve your personal capacity.
  • Soft skills at work are also very important at work. In addition, you should also learn a foreign language to be able to work in a multinational corporation with higher remuneration.
  • Make sure to do the assigned work well, especially when accounting is a job that involves a lot of numbers. Be very careful and meticulous to avoid mistakes. Only then will you be able to impress your superiors and quickly advance to higher positions.

Above is all the information about Payroll Administrator salaries that many readers are interested in. In fact, the salary at work depends greatly on the experience and qualifications of the worker. So you should cultivate more knowledge and accumulate more experience to get the best salary and bonus.

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