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Using 3rd party labor is becoming a current trend and now with the third party service, businesses will have one more flexible and effective HR solution.

Currently, Faro Vietnam has been providing thousands of businesses with an employer of record service(EOR) thereby connecting businesses with excellent employees as well as solving quickly professional tasks to save costs, increase efficiency and revenue for businesses.

What is employer of record service(EOR)?

An employer of record service is service which a third-party organization that hires and pays an employee on behalf of another company and takes responsibility for all formal employment tasks. Using an Employer of Record service allows companies to legally and efficiently engage with overseas workers either in a new country or state, without having to set up a local entity or risk violating local employment laws.

Outstanding employer of record service of Faro Vietnam

With more than 16-year experience in providing human resources, possessing many quality personnel records and a deep understanding of the law as well as the Vietnamese labor market, Faro's employer of record service is proud of providing the most useful and practical advice and solutions in line with customer needs. Besides, employers of record service guarantee to allow businesses to get rid of the burden of staffing to focus on the core business activities.

- Consulting and recruiting services

Faro Vietnam specializes in consulting and recruiting, especially employing senior human resources. With vast knowledge and comprehensive understanding in many industries and positions as well as an abundant human resources  to meet any vacancies and give the most suitable and economical consultancy for HR issues, Faro Vietnam will advise or directly resolve issues related to policies and legal constraints for customers to get quality human resources while strictly complying with the provisions of Vietnamese law and avoiding legal risks.

For candidates, Faro is the recruiter when for businesses, Faro is a third party service provider to manage, train and directly support candidates to ensure that they meet the job requirements of the business.

- Executive search service

As one of the leading Search and Selection service providers in Vietnam, Faro Vietnam has a large data source combined with a rigorous screening process applying modern technology to select the best candidates to meet requirements, budget and culture of each business. Cooperating with Faro Vietnam, customers only need to suggest requirements about the candidate, all the rest of the recruitment process such as collection, selection, and selection will be taken care of by us.

- Payroll service

Supported by modern HR software along with a team of experienced consultants, Faro Vietnam's Payroll Management service is recognized as the premium salary management service in the market.

We will take over all the responsibilities of the human resources department to do the following:

  • Monthly Payroll Report
  • Monthly Personal Income Tax
  • Registration and Obtaining Tax Code
  • Monthly Social, Health and Unemployment Insurance
  • Calculation and Making Payment to Senior Trade Union
  • Other Payroll Administration tasks including leave tracking and Labor Reporting

The process of implementing employer of record service

To approach the best support for customers as well as guarantee customer capture all information process and handling request process, Faro has built a simple and scientific employer of record service process with 4 steps as follows:

Step 1: Submit a request to use employer of record service

Businesses interested in the employer of record services of Faro Vietnam will contact us in one of the following ways:
Send email to service.vn@farorecruitment.com
Leave a message on the website https://www.farorecruitment.com.vn
Call the hotline + 84 24 3974 3091 (Hanoi) + 84 28 3821 4654 (HCMC)

After receiving the request, Faro Vietnam's specialists will perform a required analysis of the size, number of employees, remuneration policy,... on that basis, we will offer the most suitable type of employer record service for the business.

Step 2. Negotiate and sign contract (can be done remotely)

After agreeing to use the employer of record service package, your business arranges to exchange and sign a contract directly with Faro Vietnam at the office or online exchange in case of long distance.

Step 3. Provide employer of record service

As soon as the contract is signed, Faro Vietnam's team of experts will officially deploy according to the terms signed with the business.

Step 4: Monitor process

It can be monthly, quarterly or yearly, depending on the requirements of the business. Faro Vietnam will arrange meetings to exchange or send performance evaluations with the enterprise. In addition to ensuring that the deadline and the quality of candidates, Faro Vietnam also always listens, supervises and exchanges to consult constantly to bring maximum efficiency for both sides.

Contact to use an employer of record service(EOR) in Faro Vietnam with a team of experienced and dedicated consultants, during its formation and development, Faro Vietnam has always been evaluated as the most prestigious and professional third party service provider.


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