Effective ways to manage employees working from home

There will be situations where your staff must work remotely. So what if your employees have a superficial, ineffective working attitude? Below are effective methods from Faro Vietnam for managing employees when working from home.

1. Disadvantages of working at home

In many cases, you will be forced to let your employees work from home. This cannot avoid shortcomings.

1.1 The employee has no direct supervision

When working from home, managers are often skeptical about the working attitude of their staff. They often think that employees will not work as hard and effectively as they do at the office. On the contrary, employees will also lack timely support from their managers. Because there is no direct supervision, the quality of work will sometimes decline.

1.2 Loss of concentration while working

When working at home, it is difficult for employees to avoid tasks that arise that prevent them from focusing 100% on the work process. For example, the noise of children crying, the noise of neighbors next door…

1.3 Limitations in information exchange

When each individual works at home, it is inevitable that there will be a lack of interaction at work. If the nature of your work requires connection between positions, this becomes even more serious.


How to Manage Remote Employees: Tips, Tactics & Tech

2.  How to manage employees when working from home

Below are ways to effectively manage employees when working from home. Please apply it to your team.

2.1 Take attendance and assign work at the beginning of work hours

This is a basic thing to do every day when employees work remotely. Every day, you need to take attendance to ensure everyone is present and starts work on time. After that, either each individual reports their work to the manager, or the manager assigns the day's work to the employee.

Make sure your work day is similar to the one at the office. Each individual will always have tasks to perform. It is their responsibility to complete the job, and moreover, to complete it with the best quality.

2.2 Quick response, regular support with staff

Let staff know that you are still available to assist when needed. Take the time to respond to messages and emails as soon as possible. If you're busy or need time to review the information, respond first and let them know when you can accommodate their needs.

Besides replying to messages, you can also proactively ask about their situation, showing your willingness to help them with their work. This not only helps you build relationships with your employees, but also helps you control the situation better, detect problems early, and intervene when necessary at each stage.

2.3 Show trust

Managers often wonder: Are employees neglecting their work, are they performing as requested... These concerns are obvious, especially in jobs with strict time regulations. , security and confidentiality.


Best Tool for Managing Employees Who Work From Home

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However, skepticism does not help you solve the problem. Instead, show trust in your team. Psychologically, when a person receives trust, they will feel responsible and try to complete the job well. Therefore, managers should give trust to their subordinates. Not to mention, with the employee management service from Faro Recruitment, you will be able to rest assured about their working attitude.

2.4 Enhance interaction between employees

When working from home, employee interaction will be greatly reduced. Therefore, to effectively manage employees, managers must have methods to enhance interaction between people working together. You can set a meeting schedule for the week, month, or video call so everyone can see and interact directly with each other. Don't forget, the connection between colleagues will also bring better work efficiency.

2.5 Report work results at the end of the day

An indispensable thing at the end of the day is that each individual will report back on their work results at the end of the day. Based on this, you can know the level of work completion of each person, see if they have achieved the goals set at the beginning of the day or not. Reporting results is also a way to make employees focus more on work, not distracted during the work process.


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