8+ reasons to work with a recruitment partner in Vietnam

Recruitment is a constantly evolving field with many new trends and technologies. To stay ahead in the competitive job market, companies need to find top talent. Join Faro Vietnam to learn about 8+ reasons to work with a recruitment partner in Vietnam in 2024.

1. Expanded global recruitment

In the post-Covid era, remote work is predicted to continue to grow. Many organizations are prepared to adopt this form of working, while others must accept it to ensure their continued operations.

This creates a new recruitment trend where companies must search for talent not limited by geographical location. Thus, organizations will need to have policies to attract and retain employees from all over the world, including Vietnam. This may require companies to change their recruitment approach through a recruitment partner in Vietnam.


When should businesses work with a recruitment partner in Vietnam?

2. Build a diverse team

With recruitment trends in the coming months 2023, the Young Entrepreneurs Council (YEC) believes that partner recruitment in Vietnam will become more diverse by creating work groups with stronger cultures. Such working environments will create favorable conditions for collaboration, creativity and innovation, helping companies develop and achieve better efficiency.

3. Increase HR automation

In a difficult economic context, recruitment partner in Vietnam is looking for ways to optimize its use of CRM. Not only used to sell products, recruitment partner in Vietnam also uses CRM to segment customers, nurture talent pools and identify qualified candidates without additional cost or effort. This means that recruitment partners in Vietnam will focus more on developing current employees rather than general recruitment campaigns, creating stability and sustainability in the client's business operations.

4. Recruitment is more specialized

A reason to work with a recruitment partner in Vietnam is the transition to specialized roles. Instead of hiring a few people who can do everything, a recruitment partner will hire many people with deep expertise and focus on one or two specific things. This can bring more benefits to businesses and workers than before.

5. Online interview

Remote interviews have become a popular recruitment trend during the pandemic. And now, even when the pandemic is under control, this trend continues to be widely used. This is because holding interviews remotely saves time and costs. In addition, recruitment partners can attract more interviewers from around the world and reach more candidates without geographical limitations.

6. Increased use of AI

Recruitment partner companies are aiming to increase their use of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation tools to improve recruitment efficiency. This is done through automated resume screening and interview scheduling. Besides, using AI technology also helps companies search and screen candidate profiles more accurately and quickly.

By optimizing the recruitment process, recruitment partners can increase their ability to select the most suitable candidates and save time and maximize employee productivity.


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7. Change recruitment requirements

With the growing trend of remote work, today's candidates can expect more flexibility in their hiring packages. However, this poses a new challenge in the recruitment negotiation process.

So, in addition to negotiating salary, companies also need to be willing to accommodate requests for flexibility beyond the candidate's initial offer. A recruitment partner in Vietnam service includes providing flexible benefits, such as working remotely or having flexible working hours.

8. Build a faster recruitment process

Job seekers come to companies often with multiple offers of compensation and similar benefits, making it difficult for companies to choose suitable candidates. Therefore, a recruitment partner in Vietnam speeds up the recruitment process so as not to miss the opportunity to recruit potential candidates.

Instead of conducting too many rounds of interviews, a recruitment partner in Vietnam can learn to effectively assess a candidate's technical and soft skills in one or two meetings.

9.  How to find and choose the right HR consultant in Vietnam

Currently, there are many HR consultant hiring services to help companies and businesses easily find a human resource consultant for themselves. However, how to choose the most suitable HR consultant? Accordingly, when companies need to outsource human resources consulting services, they can take the following steps:

  • Step 1: Determine the company's needs based on questions such as: purpose of hiring, services needed, and how long to hire an HR consultant.
  • Step 2: Search for HR consultants from the following sources: websites, social networks specializing in recruitment, through partners or acquaintances or through business organizations specializing in HR.
  • Step 3: Evaluate and select the HR consultant that suits the company's requirements based on the following criteria: experience, professional skills, achievements, HR reliability, whether the hiring cost is suitable for the budget company books.

In short, before looking for an HR consultant, the company needs to determine its needs and costs. From there, you can consider choosing which HR is most suitable.


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