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HCM158 Mac Developer (Swift, Objective C, C++) This job has expried 12/18/2019 2/18/2020 IT/Computers - Software Hồ Chí Minh

The Job

•  As a Senior Mac Developer, you will contribute to the development of a better and more personal way for people to interact with each other using video. You will be also involved in the Mac version of ConX, company’s Presenter and ChromaCam software - the next major advance in video communications - which lets you interact realistically with anyone, anywhere.


•  Design and build applications with advanced features.

•  Communicate with colleagues in Vietnam and US to clarify requirements, to define, design and deliver new features.

•  Deliver high-quality optimized production code on-time.

•  Dig in problems/bugs and provide technical solutions/fixes.

Job Detail
HCM194 Sales Admin (Healthcare Equipment) This job has expried 2/10/2020 2/14/2020 Electrical/Switchgear Hồ Chí Minh


• The Service Sales Ops Specialist (SSOS) is responsible for first class efficient and effective administrator support to the Service Commercial Team in day-to-day business and sales operations and activities. 

• The SSOS will provide critical back-end support to the commercial team to drive Service Growth.

Key responsibilities/ essential functions:

Supporting Service Commercial Team on all commercial handling of all relevant types of work submitted into the department for all company product/ service based offerings.

Support and manage tender/ bid processes including the needs qualification, vendor selection, quotation and closure of their product/ solution/ service opportunities to meet sales and margin targets as well as to maximize customer satisfaction.

Supporting equipment sales team tender process by preparing and submitting service requirements and documents, including service contract quotes and pricing.

Supporting commercial team in quotation preparation and customer pricing enquiries, including dealers.

Support commercial team in managing opportunities in the applicable sales CRM tools (where necessary).

Support in the maintenance of database accuracy for all service contracts (MSA).

Customer Work Flow (CWF), Know-Your-Customer (KYC) Process Management.

Loading service contracts into all applicable processes and systems, including additions, deletions and modifications to existing contracts. This includes communications to all stakeholders, especially to operations and field teams.

Coordination, consolidation and preparation of sales/ finance review tracker.

Local Service Contract documentation requirements i.e. notarization, stamping, signatories etc. (where applicable).

Work with local Service Administrator to ensure the correct and timely submission of necessary documentation to support invoicing activities.

Order, track and deliver all goods upon receipt of a validated Purchase Order or signed quotations.

Manage inventory of accessories and supplies (A&S) to ensure the timely delivery of customer orders and as well as track overall aging of inventory.

Effectively manage and prioritize all responsibilities with minimal supervision.

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HCM157 Digital Marketing Head (Supervisor) – Software application - $2,000 This job has expried 12/12/2019 2/12/2020 Architecture/Building Hồ Chí Minh
  • Research to become a master in understanding workplace design industry and trends, especially for America market.

  • Identify preferences, expectations, and ultimate needs of the audience, i.e. workplace designers.

  • Develop and manage a rich editorial calendar to attract a qualified audience to our platforms and calendar/deadlines met.

  • Find unique angles and articulate interesting subjects to drive engagement and traffic to company’s different platforms (website, Facebook, LinkedIn).

  • Orchestrate digital effort across platforms, coordinating with other departments for offline channels.

  • Measure content performance by analyzing content marketing tools or by working with sales and customer success team to close the loop.

  • Corporate with Sales team in America to push sales up.

Job Detail
HAN156 Information Management and Database Development Supporter (NGO project) This job has expried 12/10/2019 2/10/2020 Non Government Organisation Hà Nội

• Support CITES MA to:

- Update information about farming establishments, species import and export licensing in the database;

- Integrate the management system of origin traceability for the imported and exported species and farming establishments registered with the CITES MA;

- Monitor and update the database on the farming activities provided by relevant organizations, individuals and agencies in order for collating and checking of the documents during the management, inspection and licensing process;

- Provide feedback to the Information Technology (IT) companies on the errors found in the database or any necessary improvement for database efficiency;

• Work with IT companies to provide information about CITES MA database; take meeting notes/briefs.

• Participate in technical meetings and take meeting notes/minutes between CITES MA, USS and IT companies to develop and improve the software.

• Support the organization of seminars, conferences and consultations workshop on the building a database;

• Support CITES MA to develop an evaluation report on CITES data management to give feedback to IT Companies for editing and completing the database;

• Support CITES MA in developing a report on CITES implementation in Vietnam based on a database system.

• Other as requested by CITES MA and approved by USS.


• Start date: Tentatively December 2019

• End date: March 2021

• Total working time: 14 months (8 hours per day, 5 days per week)


Job Detail
HAN155 E-Licensing Supporter (NGO project) This job has expried 12/10/2019 2/10/2020 Non Government Organisation Hà Nội

• Assist CITES MA in evaluating and developing the licensing system, developing statistics on licensing information from the transfer from the paper licensing system to electronic licensing;

• Work with Information Technology (IT) company to provide information about CITES licensing system, licensing process for construction of the e-system; take meeting notes/briefs;

• Attend technical meetings and document meeting notes between CITES, USS and IT companies to develop and perfect the software;

• Support the organization of conferences, consultation workshops on the building of licensing system;

• Assist CITES MA in piloting the new licensing system;

• Support CITES MA to update CITES license data, prepare reports on licensing at the request of the Government and CITES Secretariat;

• Support CITES MA on document archiving and filing;

• Other as requested by CITES MA and approved by USS.


• Start date: tentatively December 2019

• End date: March 2021

• Total working time: 14 months (8 hours per day, 5 days per week)


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HAN154 Operations Assistant (NGO project) This job has expried 12/10/2019 2/10/2020 Construction
Non Government Organisation
Hà Nội

The project is developed with the aim at contributing to support Vietnam with prevention and towards elimination of wildlife trafficking.


• Coordinate with IT company to carry out all related activities;

• Provide inputs for development, testing and evaluation to improve the tools

• Support organization of workshops

• Take part in implementation of the tools

• Support CITES MA in data management and collection and preparation of relevant reports


• Start date: tentatively December 2019

• End date: September 2021

• Total working time: 20 months (5 days/week; 8 hours/day)


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HCM152 HR GENERALIST This job has expried 12/9/2019 2/9/2020 Food & Packaged Food Đồng Nai

A Human Resources (HR) Generalist is a professional who oversees the human resources responsibilities and activities of an organization. They manage recruitment processes, employee relations, regulatory compliance, and training and development.

Administer compensation and benefit plans.

Assist in talent acquisition and recruitment processes.

Conduct employee onboarding and help organize training & development initiatives.

Provide support to employees in various HR-related topics such as leaves and compensation and resolve any issues that may arise.

Promote HR programs to create an efficient and conflict-free workplace.

Assist in development and implementation of human resource policies.

Undertake tasks around performance management.

Gather and analyze data with useful HR metrics, like time to hire and employee turnover rates.

Organize quarterly and annual employee performance reviews.

Maintain employee files and records in electronic and paper form.

Enhance job satisfaction by resolving issues promptly, applying new perks and benefits and organizing team building activities.

Ensure compliance with labor regulations.

Job Detail
HCM151 Interior Design Manager This job has expried 12/9/2019 2/9/2020 Architecture/Building Hồ Chí Minh

Be the creative design lead for our Design Studio based in Vietnam.

Manage a team of 10+ junior designers working on large-scale projects for global customers.

Quickly understand design requirements & guidelines of global organizations and translate them into actual working principles applied to their office spaces.

Understand individual enterprise client needs through requirements-gathering sessions covering interior design, look and feel, and FF&E; translate these into interior design solutions.

Effectively document and convey these custom requirements and design solutions to the broader design team, to ensure proper execution.

Research, recommend and guide the team in space planning and selection of finishes and furnishings that capture the functional, aesthetic and environmental needs of G-2000 companies according to current US design trends.

Manage & deliver test fits based on headcount & design requirements for clients, to assist them in strategic decision making and real estate selection.

Allocate daily and weekly tasks to your team and be the point of escalation.

Communicate with our global sales & customer success teams and manage project deliverables.

Own client implementation of the company design clouds by building a products & materials palette/ catalog to meet various client needs.

Work on the detailed design stage for global projects to assist clients in choosing the right design & finish across various projects.

Develop architecture content in the back office and on company platform.

Assist clients in costing for projects and meeting their budget needs.

Job Detail
HCM150 Training & Development Senior Staff This job has expried 11/29/2019 1/29/2020 Food & Packaged Food Đồng Nai

Direct Superior: Section Manager 

Working Place: Bien Hoa

Gender: Male or Female 

Age: Under 35


- Training & Development Senior Staff shall undertake responsibilities to support overall training and development activities/ initiatives.


- Develop, implement and monitor training programs (TNA, annual training plan, career path…).

- Execute the training plan and the competency-based programs in company such as Recruitment, Training and Development, Talent Management, Position Management, Annual Performance Evaluation, Promotion and Grading…

- Plan the annual budget for training and development activities.

- Carry out the internal training programs including developing its training materials, providing the internal training under the forms of classroom training, demonstrations, on-the-job training, meetings, conferences, workshops, team-building activities….

- Monitor and report on activities, cost, performance… as required.

- Other assignment tasks related to the staff development / motivation / engagement…


1. Internal:

- Report directly to HR Section Manager and/or HR Department Manager.

- Daily working with Company’s Departments / Section / Units / Branches.

2. External:

- Training partners, training centers ….

- Other partners related to the assignment if any.

Job Detail
HCM149 C&B Staff or Senior Staff This job has expried 11/29/2019 1/29/2020 Food & Packaged Food Đồng Nai

Direct Superior: Section Manager 

Working Place: Bien Hoa

Gender: Female Age: Under 30


The position holder shall undertake responsibilities to support overall Compensation and Benefits activities and/or assignment.


1. Payroll

- To be in-charge of timekeeping and payroll for related Department.

- To monitor Annual leave and overtime situation of related Department.

- To pay other benefits for employees.

- To calculate, check and pay monthly salary for the employees.

2. Insurance

- To pay the Social insurance benefits for the employees.

- To issue and re-issue the Health insurance cards for the employees.

- To support the employees in the medical examination and treatment.

- Receive, monitor & check insurance book of new employees.

- To make declarations for new employees.

- To adjust employees’ personal information of insurance.

- Unemployment monthly report to Insurance Dept.

- Guide for Unemployment registration, to return social Insurance book.

- To guide the procedure of the accident compensation for the the employees.

- To support the employees in payment for the accident benefit.

3. Outsourcing Management

- Control and monitor outsourcing activities and service fee payment.

4. Others

- Carry out jobs as assinged by superiors.


1. Internal:

- Daily report directly to Supervisor/Section Manager.

- Daily working with Company’s Departments/ Section/ Units/ Branches.

2. External:

- Partners/Agencies/organizations related to the assignment if any.

Job Detail
HAN148 IC Programming Sales Manager This job has expried 11/27/2019 1/27/2020 Automation Bắc Ninh
  • Develop new customers and maintain positive relationship with old customers

  • Understand the dilemma customers face and provide an ideal solution

  • Internal communication with engineer to help customers

  • Be able to recruit qualified sales and assistant to expand

Job Detail
HCM147 Solution Specialist This job has expried 11/26/2019 1/26/2020 IT/Computers - Software Hồ Chí Minh

As a Specialist, you will be a senior solution sales leader within our enterprise sales organization working with our most important customers. You will lead a virtual team of technical, partner and consulting resources to advance the sales process and achieve/exceed solution sales and usage/consumption targets for related workloads in your assigned accounts. You will help customers evaluate their applications, recommend solutions that meet their requirements, remove roadblocks to deployment and drive customer satisfaction.


The main goal of the Solution Specialist is to win the technical decision of customers to purchase and use our technology. You will work in a team, enabling the customers through digital transformation by leveraging the Intelligent Cloud and Intelligent Edge. Solution Specialists are expected to be able to both own and win the customers technical decisions, as well as find new opportunities through their contacts and work they are on for sales people to further pursue.

The Solution Specialist explains, demonstrates & proves the capabilities of Dynamics 365 solutions by articulating relevant and compelling business case examples built on technical and functional value messaging.

As a Dynamics 365 Solution Specialist:

You will help customers make technical decisions to build tomorrow’s business and IT solutions based on company technology.

• You will lead technical presentations, demonstrations, workshops, architecture design sessions, proof of concepts, and pilots to explain, demonstrate, and prove to our largest customers the capabilities of company's products and services, and how we can make their businesses more successful.

• You will lead to clear technical, competitive and security blockers to accelerate Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement sales and customer usage.

• You will focus in one, or possibly more, of the following areas: Sales Automation, Customer Service, Field Service., Marketing for Dynamics 365, Adobe Marketing for Dynamics 365. You will be an evangelist for the company Power Platform, including PowerApps, Flow and Power BI. 

• You will look to uncover cross-Dynamics 365 opportunities for Finance & Operations.

• You will familiarize yourself with the integration between Dynamics 365 and LinkedIn and be prepared to include in opportunities.

• You will own winning the technical decision at customers for Dynamics 365 enterprise sales opportunities and usage scenarios, through tailoring your message, bringing ideas to customers, engaging with them to show our technology differentiation, and guiding them in decision making.

• You will work with partners and others at company, as well as use our core tools, social connection tools, and AI driven data to extend your reach and the reach of your team, focusing on satisfying important customer needs

You will be a vital connection and orchestration point for a variety of technical resources, by:

• Responding effectively to technical sections in RFIs/RFPs.

• Orchestrating complex solutions with internal and external partners for multiple company products and services.

• Helping identify and diagnose technical, architectural, and competitive blockers and respective solutions for sales opportunities and usage decision blockers, and helping ensure that these solutions are implemented. 

• Sharing practical knowledge with partners to drive the sale, deployment, and adoption of company solutions. 

• Shaping current and future products, marketing strategies, and customer centricity ideas through your feedback to sales, marketing, and engineering.

You will stay sharp, share your knowledge and learn practices from others.

• We encourage all our employees to continuously maintain and enhance their technical, sales, professional skills and competitive readiness. 

• Complete readiness and attain Level-300+ knowledge, expertise and demo capabilities.

• Contribute to the Solution Specialist Community.

• Attain quarterly and annual objectives defined collaboratively with management.

• Your knowledge will be enhanced and shared by participating in internal company technical communities and in the broader industry through events, blogs, whitepapers, training and articles for your domain. 

• You will be recognized for sharing, learning and driving individual work that all result in business impact for customers, partners and within company. We encourage thought leadership and leadership from every employee.

• Be a technical Challenger seller to drive digital transformation.

Active participation in a fast-paced high-energy market segment and balance multiple projects in a team-selling environment.

Job Detail
HCM146 Full Stack Developer This job has expried 11/26/2019 1/25/2020 Financial Services - Finance/Investment Hồ Chí Minh

We are looking for a top-level computer programmer who is comfortable with both front and backend programming. You will be responsible for developing and designing frontend and backend web architectures. A lot of what you do will be starting from scratch. You can expect a lot of autonomy; in return, we expect you to have a strong sense of ownership and desire to help shape the future direction of the company.

Full Stack Developer Responsibilities

1. Developing frontend and backend architectures.

2. Designing interactive sites.

3. Developing backend applications.

4. Creating servers and databases for functionality.

5. Ensuring responsiveness of applications.

6. Working alongside graphic designer for web design features.

7. Building out our proprietary home price prediction model.

8. Designing and developing APIs. 

9. Meeting both technical and consumer needs.

Job Detail
HCM145 Operations Development Analyst This job has expried 11/25/2019 1/25/2020 Automation
Machinery/Equipment Manufacturing
Hồ Chí Minh


• Supports operations functions for existing and new manufacturing facilities. 


Trains, develops and facilitates communication between Functional Managers worldwide.  

Enhances processes for the betterment of the customer and company.

Develops, implements and supports company’s University efforts through creation of best practices documentation, (Cookbooks) and training sessions, which are delivered either in person on site, or via network tools.  Aids in the delivery for the Function sp.

Develops and coordinates testing and/or implementation of new tools or best practices throughout the company.  Assists in maintaining all Change Management requests and provides feedback to the plants and Regional Ops Development as needed.

Works with Regional Operational Development to ensure best practices and tools are in use and meet the business requirements.

Facilitates communication between Functional Managers worldwide.

Works under limited supervision, with output monitored infrequently by the Director.

Errors can cause substantial delay, expense and disruption.

May perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned.


Typically reports to Management.  Direct supervisor job title(s) typically include: Operations Development Manager

Job is NOT directly responsible for managing other employees (e.g., hiring/termination and/or pay decisions, performance management).   

Job Detail
HCM144 Marketing and Technical Engineer – Experienced in Cutting tools. This job has expried 11/25/2019 1/25/2020 Machinery/Equipment Manufacturing Hồ Chí Minh


  • Manage Distributor System, provide technical support and assist Distributor for sales development.


  • Team Leader/ Supervisor.


  • Mechanical.
  • Sales Technical.
Job Detail

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