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HAN210 Assistant Manager of Import - Export This job has expried 2/24/2020 4/24/2020 Textiles/Yarn/Fabrics/Garment Bắc Giang
  • Implementation of services, customs procedures, transportation, etc
  • Solve problems arising during the work process.
  • Control the work process instead of the board of directors
  • Timely update information on customs declaration, import, export and delivery procedures for customers
  • Survey and exploitation of new transport partners.
  • Support and advice, quote for new customers;
  • Transmitting import and export declarations and monitoring the status of goods declarations
  • Other tasks as requested by Manager.


Job Detail
HCM245 HR STAFF (TRAINING DEVELOPMENT) This job has expried 4/9/2020 4/21/2020 Footware Hồ Chí Minh

Responsible for planning all training courses to upgrade knowledge and skills for all staff and supervisors. 

Doing internal surveys, evaluating staff’s capabilities to propose suitable professional training courses as well as doing TNA as per each division’s needs and requests. 

Building career development plan for all staff to build their own career paths and encourage them to contribute for the company. 

Observing and finding out potential talents for the company. 

Being an internal trainers to conduct some needed internal training programs. 

Other HR tasks as to department’s requests. 

Job Detail
HCM239 Manufacturing Supervisor This job has expried 4/8/2020 4/21/2020 Footware Hồ Chí Minh

Will be discussed via interview.

Job Detail
HAN207 Head of Marketing and Partnership Engagement This job has expried 2/19/2020 4/19/2020 Education/Teaching/Training
Hospitality & Tourism - Restaurant/Catering services
Non Government Organisation
Hà Nội

About the Employer

A not-for-profit social enterprise founded in 1999, currently funded by Australian Government, focusing on empowering at-risk and disadvantaged youth in Vietnam to pursue a fulfill life through its given hospitality training programs. The enterprise's main sectors are namely restaurants, catering services and cooking classes. Its model has been internationally recognized as leading unique and as of today, the enterprise has transformed more than 1,000 lives of disadvantaged youth in Vietnam , with 100% rate of employment success upon graduating its 24-month length training course. 


About the Position

Responsible for the overall strategic and operational functions of Sales, Marketing, Communications, PR, Branding and Fundraising activities

Reporting Structure

This position reports directly to the General Manager

Key Working Relations

Internal:  Trainees and all staffs

External:  Service providers and community service partners.


The Head of MPE will be expected to successfully manage and deliver on: 

1. Marketing & Communications: To identify marketing opportunities and plan and implement marketing and communication strategies that add values to the Enterprise brand in order to; maintain and increase brand awareness, increase sponsorship and grants; grow internal capacity in order to achieve organizational goals;

  • Develop, implement and facilitate annual marketing strategies;
  • Facilitate the development and implementation of marketing plans to support  the Enterprise’s various business units (e.g. operations, trainee recruitment, HR, etc.) for both Foundation and Enterprise;
  • Allocate fundraising targets and key performance indicators for the marketing team and take ownership of these targets’ delivery;
  • Plan and administer marketing budget;
  • Oversee the development of brand communications and marketing collateral designs (including promotional materials, event communication, external and internal communications…etc) to ensure all materials are strictly aligned with  the Enterprise's brand guideline and policy;
  • Take the lead in market research and analysis for the expansion of targeted customer segments, present and proposal strategies for new market expansion;
  • Manage and oversee the digital marketing channels of  the Enterprise (website, social media channels and commercial channels);

2. Partnership engagement and Sponsorship Management: To build and foster new and existing relationships with funders, donors, corporate sponsors/partners and individual sponsors; oversee the management of the trainee sponsorship program;

  • Engage with donors, funders, partners and sponsors to effectively manage the partnerships and relationship building;
  • Develop new strategic partnerships and joint ventures that sustain the Enterprise's organisation for long-term projects;
  • Utilize knowledge of business and social enterprise to build mutually beneficial partnerships with third-party organizations;
  • Manage and maintain effective communications with funders, donors, corporate partners and individual sponsors;
  • Develop and implement joint marketing-communication plans with partnered organisations to promote and sustain the partnerships;
  • Develop effective CSR programs and social study tours to attract CSR funding and increase revenue stream from social study tours.

3. Fundraising events: To strategise, plan and execute funding events and meet the fundraising targets;

  • Plan, organize and execute events to exceed financial goals while raising the Enterprise's profile in both international and local communities;
  • Develop and implement unique fundraising strategies related to special events while coaching event staff/volunteers to achieve their fundraising goals;
  • Responsible for event planning and management. This includes leadership and oversight for all event production from planning, invitations, and programs/brochures to wrap-up;
  • Ensure that events do not exceed budgetary goals by monitoring event expenses, and by identifying potential underwriting/sponsorships and in-kind donations. Plan and task all timelines for each event and work with team members to establish an event calendar.

4. Business Development: Contribute to the strategic planning of the organization and demonstrably work towards achieving the Enterprise’s objectives via effective, measurable marketing and sales activities. This includes achieving revenue-bearing partnerships to increase financial sustainability and autonomy.

  • Drive and boost sales for  the Enterprise restaurants (including restaurant products/services, cooking classes, social study tours, catering/functions/events, and merchandise sales);
  • Generate business development ideas. Plan and coordinate the implementation of business plan and the penetration of new markets;
  • Contribute to the overall the strategic planning of the organization and work towards achieving the Enterprise objectives through innovative and effective marketing;
  • Develop sales strategy for the markets including analysing markets, approaching customers, promoting sales strategy, and increasing sales activities to reach the agreed Sales Target;
  • Evaluate market analysis/do market research to determine customer needs, market trends, volume potential and competitor’s situation;
  • Establish and maintain strong relationship with customers in related industries (travel agents and tour operators);
  • Provide business concept/solution which appropriate customer’s inquiries;
  • Manage all negotiates in phases of inquiry, offer, order/contract in alignment  the Enterprise regulation.

5. Communications and Public Relations: To manage and build brand image and corporate identity through consistency in message.

  • Manage effective internal and external communication systems;
  • Work to establish consistency and continuance in brand identity and the Enterprise's identity;
  • Seek and create public relations opportunities in order to further build the Enterprise's brand and create successful sponsorship opportunities;
  • Work to achieve consistency in message in multiple languages;
  • Ensure relevant senior representatives are briefed in order to best represent the organization;
  • Develop and maintain relationships with the press, media agents and handle any PR, Marcom request from external stakeholders.

6. Team Leadership & Management: Effective management of the team and a keen understanding of the responsibility to lead by example in action and attitude across the entire organization.

  • Manage the MPE team ensuring consistency in message and synergy in projects;
  • Make staffing and hiring decisions with the support of the Human Resources department;
  • Build  and  develop  a  MPE  team  which  is  competent,  commercially  astute,  dedicated  and  efficient;
  • Attend and contribute to all meetings and events, fundraising activities;
  • Ensure a positive attitude is maintained even when under pressure;
  • Build and develop the business development team: participate in recruitment, training, assessment of KPIs periodically;
  • Review and/or create SOPs & forms of the department;
  • Guide and motivate staffs, set goals and objectives according to each sub-ordinate staff.
Job Detail
HAN206 Personal Assistant for Board of Management This job has expried 2/19/2020 4/19/2020 Education/Teaching/Training
Hospitality & Tourism - Restaurant/Catering services
Non Government Organisation
Hà Nội

About the Employer

A not-for-profit social enterprise founded in 1999, currently funded by Australian Government, focusing on empowering at-risk and disadvantaged youth in Vietnam to pursue a fulfill life through its given hospitality training programs. The enterprise's main sectors are namely restaurants, catering services and cooking classes. Its model has been internationally recognized as leading unique and as of today, the enterprise has transformed more than 1,000 lives of disadvantaged youth in Vietnam , with 100% rate of employment success upon graduating its 24-month length training course. 


About the Position

Reporting structure

  • This position reports directly to Founder/General Manager (GM). 

Main responsibilities

  • Provide support to the BOM in delivering overall strategic objectives;
  • Provide administrative services including diary management, booking meetings, planning events, organizing travel and preparing travel itineraries, correspondence and prioritizing emails for the BOM;
  • Event coordination/management, formal correspondence, relationship development and management;
  • Work closely with the  BOM and Head of Department (HOD) through regular correspondence, arrange meetings and prepare briefing materials for the BOM;
  • Liaise with Department Heads and Staff for necessary follow up on queries/deadlines/requests and special functions instigated by the BOM;
  • Provide administrative support in the delivery of assignments and initiatives on behalf of the BOM as and when required;
  • Ensure all correspondence and relevant materials are produced in a timely and accurate manner;
  • Coordinate departmental reports and documentation for the Board of meetings and other meetings with outside partners;
  • Coordinate, attend and take minutes for the Founder or GM meetings and any other relevant meetings;
  • To conduct research/ analysis as directed by BOM;
  • To produce reports for the BOM as and when required;
  • Follow up on action points from meetings on behalf of the BOM;
  • Provide administrative support to the BOM in the follow up and completion of departmental work plans;
  • Provide administrative support to the Chairman in implementing organizational projects and programmes;
  • Project assistance – report writing and collection of information from department;
  • Provide administrative support to the Chairman in the leadership and management of the organization;
  • Provide administrative services to field offices such as responding to queries, issuing memos and following up on BOM.

Other Responsibilities

  • To comply with all policies, procedures, legal and regulatory requirements;
  • The flexibility to work additional/out of hours as necessary to fulfill the requirements of the role and meet the business needs;
  • The post holder may be required to apply for a disclosure confidential agreement as the Enterprise Policy;
  • Other tasks assigned by BOM.
Job Detail
HCM205 Nhân viên an toàn lao động 工安技術員 This job has expried 2/19/2020 4/19/2020 Plastic/Rubber Bình Dương

1) Tổng hợp thông tin, và lập kế hoạch thiết lập các hệ thống quản lý ATVSLĐ, giám sát, hướng dẫn các bộ phận liên quan thực hiện.

2) Phụ trách lập kế hoạch quản lý sức khỏe và an toàn lao động chung của công ty.

3) Đào tạo nhận thức ATVSLĐ liên quan cho công nhân viên mới.

4) Hỗ trợ các bộ phận biện pháp phát hiện, hạn chế, xử lý nguy cơ phát sinh nguy hiểm.

5) Tuân thủ theo luật định và hướng dẫn các bộ phận liên quan làm theo luật định.

6) Hỗ trợ các bộ phận phát động hoạt động tuân thủ quy định an toàn vệ sinh lao động.

7) Thu thập thông tin ATVSLĐ, chia sẻ và áp dụng.

8) Giám sát việc thực hiện xử lý ứng phó sự cố phát sinh của các bộ phận.

9) Điều tra, xủ lý và phân tích thống kê về sự cố phát sinh, các sự cố báo động ảo, các yếu tố ảnh hưởng sức khỏe.

10) Tham dự các lớp tập huấn ATVSLĐ.











Job Detail
HAN204 Senior Manufacturing Engineer This job has expried 2/18/2020 4/18/2020 Security & Protection Bắc Ninh

• Responsible for the whole manufacturing operations on a day-to-day basis from SMT, wave soldering, design/process validation, production, packaging to delivery issues
• Evaluate manufacturing process and improve production yield by applying knowledge of product design, fabrication, assembly and materials, bringing the lesson learned from previous designs/processes as well as creative options allowing to manufacture and test products efficiently
• Review line balancing, cycle time and bottleneck analysis to ensure sufficient capacity to fulfill the demand and on-time delivery
• Support the factory manufacturing effort with proven ability for failure analysis and pursue plans toward their resolution.
• Participate in the investigation of technical problems and the establishment of procedures and corrective actions to avoid recurrences
• Responsible for continuous improvement of production process to enhance cost effectiveness
• Plan and lead Kaizen events
• Lead efforts to simplify and standardize processes and eliminate waste
• Will be required to handle several assignments (project & process duties) simultaneously

Job Detail
HAN203 Customer Service Executive This job has expried 2/17/2020 4/17/2020 Mining Hà Nội

About the Employer

Subsidiary of an MNC headquartered in London, United Kingdom. The business deals with manufacturing and selling of advanced industrial refractory products and systems to global Steel and Foundry industries and a range of special refractory products to Aluminium, Petrochem, Cement, Power, Glass, Solar, Mineral processing industries, among others.

Globally the corporation employs over 12,000 employees across 40 countries that include 70 manufacturing sites, 120 sales locations and 14 R&D centers. The business enjoys almost 56% market share in the industry across the globe.

About the Position


Coordinating sales daily routine – sales order processing, liaise with third party warehouses on the packing for delivery, distribution/transportation arrangement & follow up after dispatched.
Customer service – incoming call, follow up shipping status and after distribution, customer enquiry, customer quotation preparation & etc.
Inventory control – monitor and reorder level stock based on previous record and existing customer usage.
Support sales person (during travelling) on stock, unit price & etc.
Third party warehouse monthly invoices verification prior to SE approval.
Stock reconciliation – end month stock tallying between physical (third party) & system (SAP), verify & rectify variances and proper documented.
Sales document – monthly filing for audit purpose.
Customer order fulfill in time.
Ensure cash sales strictly follow CMR policy – full payment before delivery.
Customer AR collection.
Maximize work efficiency by reduce no of credit note.
Minimize distribution cost through proper dispatch arrangement.
Properly control inventory days & smooth supply to customer.
Ensure latest selling price updated to customers.
Ensure no legal issue on the hazardous Materials.
Ensure correctness of bill from 3rd party warehouse.
New customer code and product code generation and follow up.


ePR – follow up on the approval chain.
Purchase order processing – ensure correctness of data transfer from ePR to SAP Purchase Module, follow up on PO approval chain and order acknowledge from supplier.
Incoming shipment – liaise with supplier for full shipping details & docs, liaise with shipping agent for custom clearance including correctness of HS code, sales tax & import duty, and advise 3rd party warehouse for the receiving.
GRN (Good Receive Note) generation – verify the PL and GAR from 3rd party warehouse with SAP system, life stock data entry, and advise finance for landed cost and payment preparation.
New vendor code and product code generation and follow up.
Stock adjustment – raise stock adjustment form in lotus note for any variances in the stock reconciliation from customer service.
Interco & 3rd party supplier price list – liaise with supplier on the latest price and lead time.
HS code – ensure the correctness of traffic code for dangerous and generation cargo.
Shipping agent / forwarder monthly bill/invoices verification prior to SE approval – Empire & AES.
Transporter monthly bill/invoices verification prior to SE approval.
GRN end month report for FM verification.
Purchase docs filing as per audit requirement.
Ensure Purchase Order completed in time.
Ensure GRN generation accurately as per GAR and PL.
Ensure incoming shipment arrive in time.
Minimize shipping and forwarding cost through proper shipping docs control.
Ensure proper control in inventory days & smooth supply to customer.
Ensure latest buying price being updated.
3rd party supplier price negotiation.
Ensure no demurrage charge due to delay in custom clearance.
Ensure correctness of the transportation, shipping agent and forwarder bill.
Ensure no legal issue on importing DG cargo.

Job Detail
HAN202 Sales Engineer This job has expried 2/17/2020 4/17/2020 Machinery/Equipment Manufacturing Hà Nội

• Working with a dynamic team in a fast-paced environment, you will develop sales strategies, forecasts, budgets and goals for products that are second to none.
• You will have heavy contact with customers by visiting, writing or phoning, as well as expertly prepare/present demonstrations for machinery at client locations.
• You will also expand our customer base, maintain a customer database and develop new leads, participate in open houses, industry trade shows and association functions as well as research competitive information.
• Acting as liaison with installation and service team to your client is also part of your day.
• Must be able to travel up to 50% of the time.
• Applications, PC and CNC knowledge a must, CRM database experience or equivalent.
• Demonstrate a strong knowledge of customer service skills
• Troubleshoot and repair with minimum assistance
• Complete machine moves independently
• Instruct customer on metal applications, machine procedures and operation and safety
• Demonstrate some Technical ability on one or more products
• Build positive relationships with customers

Job Detail
HAN201 Quality Assurance Engineer This job has expried 2/17/2020 4/17/2020 IT/Computer – Others
IT/Computers - Network
Bắc Ninh

Company overview
Headquartered in San Jose, California; a multinational corporation with 25 years of operation in computer networking device manufacturing, providing networking hardware to consumers, business, and service providers via retail, commercial channels and as service provider. The conglomerate's products are currently sold in approximately 30,000 retail locations worldwide, and through approximately 25,000 value-added resellers, as well as multiple major cable, mobile and wireline service providers around the globe.

Key responsibilities
Flexible in travelling to conduct all new site qualifications & on-going on-site technical/Quality Engineering support of all Company ODMs/AVLs mainly in Vietnam etc. Support includes successfully results bringing up of factory overall process control and product quality/reliability;

NPI FAI Support: Achieves NPI FAI requirements (Test Plan, Test Program review, Manufacturing GateKeeping) & ensures quality products are released per plan;
Factory Continuous Improvement: Knowledgeable in 6 Sigma Quality; Engages related departments in Process Capability improvement; real time SPC implementation and QMS improvement. Work with ODM to cultivate Continuous Improvement Culture to achieve QA Key Objectives such as FPY, OOBA and other key goals;
- Drives ODMs to achieve NTGR RMA FFR goal and co-work to the FA, Corrective Actions & implementation status;
- Provides Customer Supports in terms of solving product quality and or reliability related issues. Co-work with ODM, AVL and other department to ensure all Customer Complaints are resolved timely;

Manages SCAR process: Minimize or eradicate repeat SCAR;
Meets Regulatory Compliance: Co-work with U.S. team on Product Regulatory Compliance such as RoHS, CTPAT, WEEE requirements. Conduct related audits and follow up of CA;

Manages AVL factory quality: Key AVLs such as plastic, Printers, Cable. Conducts periodical audits, manages the AVL’s product & process quality;

EORT and LTT: Monitor product reliability through on going reliability test (EORT) and Lifetime Test (LTT)

Training: Agile accounts approval, trainings of new CQA/E.

Job Detail
HAN200 Technical Interpreter This job has expried 2/17/2020 4/17/2020 Packaging Bắc Ninh

✓ Interpret conversations in Vietnamese language into Spanish and vice versa to establish proper communication between the parties.
✓ Attend meetings with suppliers and customers to facilitate communication between languages.
✓ Engage in business knowledge to achieve greater effectiveness in communicating parties.
✓ To support in contacting providers to arrange meeting according to given agendas
✓ Participate in training process for production operators in machinery and equipment
✓ Translate into Spanish to Vietnamese or English and vice versa manuals, policies and official documents managed by the company.
✓ To support the publication and dissemination of documents translated.
✓ Prepare periodic reports on level of progress in the different assignments
✓ Participate in tours for the country with foreign personnel of the company. Comply with the rules and procedures regarding confidentiality and work ethic, defined by the organization

Job Detail
HAN199 Senior Facilitator This job has expried 2/17/2020 4/17/2020 Packaging Bắc Ninh

✓ Facilitate Value Stream Analysis according to company necessities to develop a yearly improvement plan.
✓ Create and Develop an Education and Training Plan for the company in Lean Tools and Lean Culture (Continuous Knowledge).
✓ Facilitate and comply with all continuous improvement Initiatives (KAIZEN EVENTS)
✓ Ensure the follow up of Daily, Weekly and Monthly results of each initiative of improvement through root cause analysis.
✓ Daily, weekly, monthly Report for KPI for Continuous Improvement Department.
✓ Management of KPI be exception through a Control Room update (WAR Room)
✓ Guide the value stream to find and implement the best solutions to achieve best profitability for the company.
✓ Increase the performance of the value stream with the Management of Daily Improvement and assure the correct root cause analysis and action plan (MDI)
✓ Create, Adjust and Deploy/train in new standards of operation (methods)
✓ Execute time analysis in detail activities to define actions to improve productivity of personnel
✓ Control and Execute yearly training plan.
✓ Guide and Teach main leaders to eliminate or reduce deviation and waste (8 wastes of lean) on the processes through a root cause analysis procedure.

Job Detail
HAN198 Security & Compliance Technical Specialist This job has expried 2/14/2020 4/14/2020 IT/Computers - Software Hà Nội

As a Security & Compliance Technical Specialist (TS):
You will be the technical sales leader for Security & Compliance within your account teams.
• You will drive the advancement of Security & Office 365 Advanced Compliance capabilities and support the advancement of the overall Modern Workplace portfolio, encompassing the 365 suite and Surface devices.
• You will identify leads and work with your account teams to build the business case for Security & Office 365 Advanced Compliance.
• You will be the subject matter expert on your local sales team for Intelligent Security Graph, Identity Protection, Threat Protection, Data Protection, Security Management and Office 365 Advanced Compliance; and will lead competitive strategy for Security & Compliance within your account teams.
• You will work with your account teams to obtain a strong understanding of each account’s governance and decision processes and the customer’s business & technology priorities.
You will help customers make technical decisions to build tomorrow’s business and IT solutions based on technology.
• You will lead technical presentations, demonstrations, workshops, architecture design sessions, proof of concepts, and pilots to explain, demonstrate, and prove to our largest customers the capabilities of Security & Office 365 Advanced Compliance products and services, and how we can make their businesses more successful.
• You will lead to clear technical, competitive and security blockers to accelerate Security & Office 365 Advanced Compliance sales and customer usage.
• You will own winning the technical decision at customers for sales opportunities and usage scenarios, through tailoring your message, bringing ideas to customers, engaging with them to show our technology differentiation, and guiding them in decision-making.
• You will work with partners and others at the company, as well as use our core tools, social connection tools, and AI-driven data to extend your reach and the reach of your team, focusing on satisfying important customer needs.

You will be a vital connection and orchestration point for a variety of technical resources, by:
• Orchestrating complex solutions with internal and external partners for multiple products and services.
• Helping identify and diagnose technical, architectural, and competitive blockers and respective solutions for sales opportunities and usage decision blockers and helping pave the way for successful implementation.
• Sharing practical knowledge with partners to drive the sale, deployment, and adoption of Security & Office 365 Advanced Compliance solutions.
• Shaping current and future products, marketing strategies, and customer-centric ideas through your feedback to sales, marketing, and engineering.

You will stay sharp, share your knowledge, and learn practices from others.
• We encourage all our employees to continuously maintain and enhance their technical, sales, professional skills and competitive readiness.
• Your knowledge will be enhanced and shared by participating in internal technical communities and in the broader industry through events, blogs, whitepapers, training and articles for your domain.
• You will be recognized for sharing, learning and driving individual work that all result in business impact for customers, partners and within the company. We encourage thought leadership and leadership from every employee.

Job Detail
HCM197 Channel Marketing Manager (Consumer) This job has expried 2/13/2020 4/13/2020 IT/Computers - Software Hồ Chí Minh

What Joining the Team Means

The Channel Marketing Manager is responsible for driving readiness and execution within key channels, partners and segments to build fans and impact presence, advocacy, sell-out and sell-through in Vietnam. The Channel Marketing Manager localizes Channel & Device Marketing plans based on worldwide guidance that address Category priorities for Windows, Office and Accessories and support retail partners, channels and commercial segments. Leveraging visual merchandising, digital, labor, evangelism and demo tactics to support product launches, seasonal and promotional campaigns, the Channel Marketing Manager will deploy and adjust these tactics based on performance, current inventory position, market/partner/channel needs and competitive activity.

By joining the Channel & Device Marketing team, you’ll work closely with Category Marketing, Channel and Device Sales to drive go-to-market execution plan for an exciting product and service portfolio that only continues to grow. As part of a larger regional team, you’ll have the opportunity to share learnings and best practices with other markets and leverage the larger regional infrastructure for execution support and platforms.  

As a leader of all Consumer Channel Marketing executions, this role will continue to hone their expertise across tactics and have the opportunity to be on the cutting edge of our analytics work that is helping us identify how tactics perform and how we can optimize our plans, store by store, partner by partner.

Working closely with partners and customers, what’s powerful about this role is the ability to help our partners transform – whether that be enabling new capabilities in digital, creating a point-of-experience in-store or building new channel/segment opportunities.  At the same time, this role works closely with our device sales and marketing teams to drive a holistic and aligned experience for consumer audiences in the country.  

We need proven leaders with deep retail marketing and execution experience to manage all aspects of marketing programs, including managing and driving accountability for our extended Partner Activation & Readiness team, education and marketing for retail pros, and cultivating relationships with key retailers and store managers to drive sell-through impact and brand advocacy.

The Impact You’ll Be Making

Drive readiness, lead execution and build fans by leveraging Channel Marketing strategies and tactics effectively and efficiently:

Strategic Business Planning:  Create short, medium and long-term marketing execution plans that maintain channel momentum and profitability through the product life cycle and are tailored to account, partner and segment needs.

Shopping/Partner Experiences: Ability to localize and execute an Modern Life experiences using digital, visual merchandising, demo, evangelism & labor tactics.

Partner Centricity & Relationship-building: Act as a trusted advisor to the retailer/partner building credibility and impact and influence to help land key priorities.

Execution Excellence: Deliver against timelines, budgets, and scorecards while also capitalizing on innovation opportunities.

Analytics and Insights: Analyze performance results against execution activities to identify causals, opportunities and action plans. Incorporate key insights from accounts to drive informed marketing action plans.

Consultative Leadership: Work across channel sales, category and device sales to maximize investments and synergy across tactics.

Team & Community Leadership: Manage teams across accounts, partners and disciplines.

Evangelism Planning & Execution Excellence: Leverage worldwide assets and platforms to build develop a community of Retail pros – this includes online, in-person and in-store engagement. Tactics could include online training, social campaigns, in-person group training, livestreaming and incentives.

Partner Readiness: Ensure partners are well-versed on product stories/demos/value propositions, drive execution excellence in-store with a strong focus on merchandising fundamentals with displays and product presence and act as the face of the brand to drive sellout and sell-through with consumers/partners. 

Partner insights: Use learnings to influence the sales motion in Thailand and at the store/reseller level. Collect and package insights from partners/OEMs/channels, consumers and Retail Pros to help inform execution and enhance positioning, presence and conversion.

Job Detail
HCM195 Administrative Assistance, Channel Excellence (Healthcare Equipment) This job has expried 2/11/2020 4/11/2020 Electrical/Switchgear Hồ Chí Minh

Role Summary/Purpose:

• This role will provide Administrative Assistance to Channel Development Manager to ensure efficient operations of Vietnam & Laos Channel Management function. Ability to effectively communicate via phone and email ensuring that all Administrative Assistant duties are completed accurately and delivered with high quality and in a timely manner.

Essential Responsibilities:

Organize and schedule meetings and appointments.

Maintain records of Channel Partner, contacts, entitlement and key point of contact lists.

Assist in the preparation of regularly scheduled reports.

Handle multiple projects.

Carry out administrative duties such as filing, typing, copying, binding, scanning etc.

Organize travel arrangements for senior managers.

Maintain computer and manual filing systems.

Handle sensitive information in a confidential manner.

Take accurate minutes of meetings.

Chase channel partners for timely submission of regular information e.g. Inventory, opportunities etc.

Initiate & execute supplier payments, dealer agreement and other processes as required from time to time.

Co-ordinate and guide partners with the support and information needed to facilitate their effectiveness.  

Job Detail

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