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HCM117 PR STAFF This job has expried 11/18/2019 1/18/2020 Food & Packaged Food Hồ Chí Minh

Job Summary:

- Planning ideas, contents, and conduct communication plans (Company’s activities, products for a wide range of customers, consumers, and organizations related to Company’s business activities.

- Carrying out activities to enhance company’s image through communication, PR on social networks, newspaper, events, seminars, etc.

- Carrying out activities that ensure company’s brand identity is used appropriately in communication activities.

- Building, maintaining good internal relationship with employees of national departments, and promoting internal communication activities through multi-platform channels (website, application, local area network, puplications, etc.) to make employees be aware of the company and its products, strengthen cohesion between employees and the company.

- Collaborate with other groups in the PR Department as well as other departments such as Sales and Marketing Department to carry out campaigns and projects supporting the Company's business operations.

- Other duties assigned by their superiors.


1) Internal:

- Daily report directly to supervisors and up.

2) External: 

- Related Departments.

Job Detail
HCM116 MARKETING STAFF This job has expried 11/18/2019 1/18/2020 Food & Packaged Food Hồ Chí Minh

Job Summary:

- Handling tasks relating to prepare Marketing plan and new products development.

- Conduct market research, monitor and manage Marketing expense and Sales budget.

- Work closely with agencies and cooperate tightly with related Departments of company especially with Sales to lead and execute on-going and new projects smoothly.

- Perform related duties as assigned by superiors.


1. Internal:

- Daily report directly to supervisor.

2. External: 

- Related Departments.

Job Detail
HCM115 R&D SUPERVISOR This job has expried 11/18/2019 1/18/2020 Food & Packaged Food Đồng Nai, Hồ Chí Minh

Job Summary:

- Responsible to develop new food products, improve products and food process technology. Focusing on food packages development, packing process development and new technology investigation.

- Shall undertake the following responsibilities as assignment of R&D Department:

- Establish plans, implement necessary experiments to develop food products, including packaging, which meets the product concept; conform to legal regulations and ensure quality standards of company.

- Make plan, control schedule and coordinate with other departments in implementing a development.

- Develop design, specifications of food materials and packaging materials for food products which assure product quality and satisfy consumer usage.

- Develop industrialization process and reinforce techniques of production process.

- Technical support to quality matters, production troubles, and customer requirements, etc.


1) Internal:

- Daily report directly to R&D managers, senior supervisors.

2) External: 

- Related Departments.

Job Detail
HCM114 MECHANICAL/ METRATRONICS ENGINEER This job has expried 11/18/2019 1/18/2020 Food & Packaged Food Đồng Nai

Job Summary:

- Design & calculate basic Piping, tank, heat exchanger system, pump, agitator.

- Inspection install piping, tank, equipment (material, welding, installation,…).

- Control the schedule on site.

- Inspect & plan for maintenance machine.

- Make, control, and evaluate maintenance calendar effectively.

- Control spare parts & evaluate importance of risk.

- Repair and maintain system such as pump, agitator, blower, vibrating, conveyors, air compressor, vacuum pump, cylinder.

- Make standard operating procedure of repair and maintenance and train for workers.

- Assign and manage manpower in shifts.

- Support supervisor to control safety, environment, and quality of maintenance jobs.

- Do others assigned by superiors. 


I. Internal:

- Daily report directly to Supervisor.

2. External: 

- Related Departments.

Job Detail
HCM113 FI MANAGER This job has expried 11/18/2019 1/18/2020 Food & Packaged Food Đồng Nai

Job Summary:

- Keep business activities compliant Tax Law in Vietnam.

- Follow Tax Policy and Tax Procedure of the company group, company in Vietnam.

- Minimize Tax Risk.

- Maximize Tax Advantage of Tax Incentives.

- Develop the policies to deal with various tax-relating areas.

- Investigate new tax laws.

- Handle all tax issues of company in Vietnam (CIT, PIT, VAT, FCT, TP,…).

- Manage Cash Flow.

- Improve interest of “Time Deposits” with efficient term.

- Contribute to the Company and Departments’ s targets and goals.

- Establish and maintain the systems and procedures to produce reliable, timely, relevant operational and tax & treasury information; ensure smooth operations.

- Ensure full compliance with Group guideline, IFRS (International Financial Repoting Standard, VAS (Vietnamese Accounting Standard).

- Make and analysis business reports.

- Other tasks assigned by Department Manager, Executive Manager and Director.


1. Internal:

Daily report directly to Department Manager.

2. External: 

Related Departments.

Job Detail
HCM112 INTERNAL AUDIT SUPERVISOR This job has expried 11/18/2019 1/18/2020 Food & Packaged Food Đồng Nai

Job Summary:

1. Perform the Audit Engagement as assignment in the approved Audit Plan such as:

- Prepare “Term of reference”, which determines the purpose, scope and audit approach.

- Modify “Audit Program” to meet the current situation of Auditee, based on “Audit Manual”;

- Implement “Audit Program”, obtain sufficient audit evidences, record audit process onto audit working papers.

2. Support performing Operation Test.

3. Coordinate with other departments to develop Internal Control Process in concern with the compliance with J-SOX.

4. Others jobs assigned by manager.


1. Internal:

- Daily report directly to Manager.

2. External: 

- Related Departments.

Job Detail
HCM111 IT STAFF This job has expried 11/18/2019 1/18/2020 Food & Packaged Food Đồng Nai

Job Summary:

- Part of maintenance team to maintain existing ERP system and other software systems of company.

- Work closely with outsourced vendor and user department to eliminate business interruption due to software’s trouble.

- Programing ability in order to maintain some existing software that was developed by IT department; making new data extraction tool as user requirement.

- Participate to new software implementation project as assignment of team leader.

- Support user using the current software in their daily operation.

- Cooperate with vendor to troubleshoot and handle occurred issues.

- Review and update design document and conduct user training.

- Cooperate with user department to conduct user acceptance test.

- Collect user requirement and collaborate with vendor to realize system change to adapt business changing.

Job Detail
HAN110 Development & Production Technician This job has expried 11/15/2019 1/15/2020 Footware Hải Phòng

*   Work with the development/production team and factories to ensure the seasonal development/production process.

1. Responsible for transferring tech pack and knowledge to factories; Conducting pre-production/commercialization process.

2. Achieving each milestone of product development, commercialization, and production;

3. Functioning in areas of shoe pattern, tooling, lasting, materials and production techniques;

4. Assisting shoe factory production line to achieve technical request and quality standard.



Job Detail
HAN109 Business Development Manager This job has expried 11/14/2019 1/14/2020 Automotives/Motor Vehicles/Parts
Machinery/Equipment Manufacturing
Bình Dương, Hà Nội
Job description
The successful candidate is expected to possess the right entrepreneurial spirit and perseverance to develop and implement a profitable & sustainable CT growth strategy. His role will become anintegral part of the sales process specifically targeting Japanese companies in Vietnam.
Your mission is to primarily focus on developing new relationships while reinforcing existing customers in Vietnam with the end result to increase Compressor Technique’ market share with Japanese companies. You will work intensively together with Business Line Managers (BLM) & Salesmen of equipment and aftermarket.
Together with the Business Line Managers, you will develop the best sales and marketing strategy that matches the opportunities.
Key responsibilities
You will support the sales process targeting Japanese companies across all Compressor Technique product portfolio working with the local BLMs. You will base in either Binh Duong or Hanoi City and will be reporting to the General Manager, Compressor Technique.
- You are expected to develop and implement strategy in order to improve Company business relationship with all existing Japanese companies in Vietnam specially targeting the Japanese management in order to maximize business generation for both equipment and aftermarket product.
- You are expected to develop and enhance relationship with all Japanese EPC companies in Vietnam in order to ensure that product are specified and considered for your projects requiring all product available in the product portfolio
- You are expected to support and develop both internal and external channels (Japanese distributors, dealers or resellers) who are responsible to sell CT products to Japanese companies and recommend appropriate actions necessary to increase our chances of securing all possible deals.
- You are expected to visit customers together with existing sales team and distributors in order to have greater understanding of the customer and to speed-up the building a good & mutual business relationship between the customer and company. Provide feedback to the local organization for any concern in order to develop a winning strategy to penetrate the concerned customers
- You are expected to develop a business plan with specific sales target for both machine and service product with the aim for improving market share and revenue on an annual basis for the next 3 years.
- Liaise with other Customer Centers especially with Japan for information
regarding new investment in the Region and determine the best possible way to secure business for company.
- Develop a matrix over time with Japanese customers and installed base of competitor; whereby CTS and equipment sales can generate leads.
- You will monitor the competitive environment and provide information on competitors and market trends in close collaboration with the Business Line Manager. You are expected to design a marketing plan which aims to improve our business generation from Japanese  companies in coordination with the BLM.
-You must have update the information on Japanese competitors, sales arguments and available tools are available at all times. 
- Reinforce our strategy of value sales to fight against competitors to Japanese customers.
- Clear understanding of product strategy for each of the Compressor Technique divisions.
- Other tasks which may be assigned to you on an ad-hoc basis.
Job Detail
HAN108 Sales Engineer This job has expried 11/14/2019 1/14/2020 Automotives/Motor Vehicles/Parts
Machinery/Equipment Manufacturing
Hà Nội

Develop and cover the growing business in the region of Compressor Technique Division.

Duties & Responsibilities:
- Perform SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis for responsible territory
market, collect information about competition, potential market volume, and current market share and
customers feedback.
- Aggressively exploit the responsible territory to identify new target customers and new sales
- Plan and organize sales activities, such as demo, seminars, walk the line, solution, presentation… to
find out customer needs and transform opportunities to orders.
- Cooperate with customer and project team in customer project, collect customer’s needs, analyze the
application and provide solution to satisfy customer with values.
- Cooperate with marketing team in market activities and market analysis.
- Cooperate with service, project to achieve customer satisfaction.
- Cooperate with Finance department to improve the performance of receivable overdue.
- Build, maintain, broaden and strengthen good relationship with customer’s distributors.
- Find, select, develop and manage distributor, if applicable.
- Report timely and accurately
- Continuously improve job required competence, personality and behaviour.
- Ensure that related sales targets will be met in terms of unit sales, volume, and revenue generation.
- Increase market share in the assigned territory.
- Ensure proper follow-up of existing customers; fully cooperating and coordinating with all Compressor
Technique Sales and Service team who are also operating in the area.
- Promote all Industrial Air Compressor products, giving each equal opportunity and exposure in the
market, through the development of customer base as well as identifying new business opportunities and applications.

Intended Results:
- Sales targets met (unit sales targets, volume targets, revenue generation targets)
- Industrial Air Compressor products promoted / exposed to the market with equal opportunity
- Sales of Industrial Air compressor products maximized
- Existing customers taken well care of, so the will become loyal customers
- A constant inflow of new customers
- A steadily increasing market share
- New business opportunities and product applications identified and shared with management
colleagues in the Sales Department.

Job Detail
HCM107 Project Engineer – Experienced in cranes/ hire equipment This job has expried 11/14/2019 1/14/2020 Fork Lifts Hồ Chí Minh
  • Be responsible for working with sales, engineering, quality, accounts, service branches, manufacturing and logistics within company to support client on each project. Oversees project execution in Vietnam or overseas (if any) and is responsible for the financial performance of the project.

  • Focus of this role includes:

    • Financial result of the project.

    • On-time delivery of the project.

    • Delivering the project according to the contract.

    • Managing all customer issues and customer satisfaction.

    • Safety of the people involved in the project.

    • Overall quality of project deliverables.

    • Travel extensively to site for cranes commissioning and site meetings.

    • Travel extensively to subcontractor’s premises to follow-up of crane structure fabrication, assembly and FAT status, and meetings.

    • Provide technical expertise and advice to customers.

    • Submit monthly report to Operations Manager with handle projects status update.

    • Any other ad hoc duties as and when required.

Job Detail
HAN93 Marketing & Technical Engineer This job has expried 11/4/2019 1/14/2020 Machinery/Equipment Manufacturing Hà Nội
  • Manage Distributor System, provide technical support and assist Distributor for sales development.


Job Detail
HCM92 Logistic Manager – Experienced in Forwarding/Shipping/Export This job has expried 11/4/2019 1/14/2020 Alternate Energy Hồ Chí Minh
  • Maintain and build strong relationship with existing forwarder, shipping lines, transportation company.

  • Search and develop relationship with new forwarder, shipping lines and transportation company.

  • Negotiate with forwarder, shipping lines, transportation company to manage competitive ocean freight, transportation, customs clearance cost.

  • Working with foreign agents: asking prices, offering prices, sending shipment information, tracking agent debt.

  • Optimization of transportation and logistics routes.

  • Resolve ad-hoc problem relating to shipments.

  • Resolve ad-hoc problem relating to free time Dem/Det/Sto.

  • Reporting & Regular updates of market information.

  • Perform other duties as assigned by Managers.


Job Detail
HCM102 Sale Engineer – South Vietnam This job has expried 11/13/2019 1/11/2020 Mining Hồ Chí Minh
1.  Job Purpose   
  • To work on generating revenue from customers to achieve maximum growth and profit. 

  • To build long-term relationship to customers/resellers/distributors and have in-depth understanding their needs or problems.

2. Direct Reports
  • Sale Executive – Foundry, Vietnam.

3.  Dimensions
  • Total Sales: GBP 1,132 K (2018).

  • Gross Margin: 32.0%.

  • Trading Profit: GBP 286 K (2018).

  • Total no of foundry customers: approx. 50.

4.  Staff Reporting
  • None.
5. Key result Areas
  • Liaise with marketing team to identify potential product/project of solution delivery to customers.

  • Develop connection to key customer accounts.

  • Conduct trials in co-ordination with application engineers to establish the claimed benefits and the values generation.

  • Assist in bulk trials for customers as and when required to help regularize the business. 

  • Help in resolving customer complains related improper product application, product quality, pricing, delivery and services.

  • Provide call report, sales report and trial report.

  • Assist sales manager in maintaining  MIS , routine works and promotion activities.

  • Help in conduct customer workshop on proper product application to educate users at customer’s end.

  • Assist accountant in collection.

  • Complete missions given by the line managers.

6.  Main Working Relationships
a. Internal

Contact: Sales Executive

  • Frequency: Daily.

  • Purpose: To discuss proposal, trial, report, promotion and customer feedback.

Contact: Sales Coordinator
  • Frequency: Daily.

  • Purpose: Quotation, purchasing order, Delivery, sample.

Contact: Accountant
  • Frequency: Weekly.

  • Purpose: Receivable, collection.

b. External
Contact: Customers
  • Frequency: Regular.

  • Purpose: Trials, pricing, delivery, product complains, collection, promotion of new technology, data, information, relationship, solution., etc.

Job Detail
HAN153 Solution Sales Specialist (for Azure/Infrastructure) This job has expried 12/9/2019 1/9/2020 IT/Computers - Software Hà Nội

• 40% of your time will be spent with customers identifying and surfacing new engagements that align with the customer’s business strategy. You will work with partners and others, as well as use our core tools and targeted account lists to identify and engage prioritized customers. You will be required to be disciplined in business-management, adaptable to a culture of accountability and build a strong and active business network.

• 40% of your time will be spent on being the key technical leader, trusted advisor and influencer in shaping customer decisions to buy and adopt, Datacenter Infrastructure solutions. You will win the customers’ technical decision for sales opportunities and usage scenarios through tailored messaging, engaging with them to show our technology differentiation, and guiding them in decision making. You will lead presentations and solution demonstrations to explain and prove to our largest customers the capabilities of Datacenter and Infrastructure solutions, and how we can make their businesses more successful.

• 20% of your time will be spent on influencing the Infrastructure and Hybrid Datacenter go-to-market strategies by providing feedback to sales, marketing, and engineering on current and future product requirements and sales blockers. You will be recognized for sharing, learning and driving work that results in business impact for customers, partners. We encourage thought leadership and we encourage all our employees to continuously maintain and enhance their technical, sales, professional skills and competitive readiness. You will therefore be required to attain and maintain required certifications.

Job Detail

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