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Skills required
• Master’s Degree in Public Health or related fields
• Good at project management and project implementation with partners
• Good at partnership
• Good at staff management and leading the team for common objectives
• Good at child – centered programming
• Good at finance management
• Good at risk management
• Minimum of 5 year experiences working with NGO, including direct experience managing health or nutrition project
• Demonstrated experience in health and nutrition thematic areas and demonstrated experience in capacity building, technical support, advising and documentation of health and nutrition related program;
• Excellent communication skills both verbally and in written form in English and Vietnamese
• Excellent people management and interpersonal skills, with a demonstrated ability to respond effectively to challenges, and work effectively in a cross culture environment.
• Good understanding of challenges facing vulnerable children and communities in Vietnam;
• Commitment to humanitarian principles/accountability frameworks, especially for work with vulnerable populations;
• Ability to work effectively with people of diverse backgrounds, to motivate and inspire team work;
• Ability to analyze information, evaluate options and to think strategically;
• Commitment to and understanding of the organization's aims, values and principles including rights-based approaches.
• Flexibility and a sense of humour – ability to work, live and thrive in challenging circumstances;
• Have a very high level of personal and professional integrity and trustworthiness;
• Be both self-confident and humble;
• Experience of working with local government and partners;
• Experience of working in an emergency setting and/or commitment to build that capacity;
• Thrive in a fast-paced and fun environment.
What you will do
Program Development
• Review recent development in H&N sector and determine potential areas that the organization could focus for its program development
• Provide support to Director of PDQA in developing strategic direction for H&N by strengthening the health and nutrition thematic strategy elements of it in coordination with relevant project managers involved in this sector
• Keep abreast of the organization global strategy and any relevant international development on H&N and determine its applicability to Vietnam context
• In coordination with Awards Manager, explore and maintain relationships with the organization's members with interest in H&N and work closely with Technical Assistance (TA) team from the organization's members and the organization's for program development
• Take lead in developing project proposals, with supports and coordination from Award Manager and Director of PDQA, in coordination with Area Manager(s) and other Project Managers involved in education projects and with Finance team to develop project budget
• Provide support to Award Manager in H&N portfolio fund raising in coordination the organization's members designated staff and TAs
• Take the lead in developing the organization strategic direction in H&N sector by reviewing the CSP, by developing the thematic strategy and by introducing innovations in coordination with Director of PDQA, Area Manager(s) and staff involved in H&N program
• In coordination with Director of PDQA and Director of Program Implementation, ensure integration of H&N in other relevant programs/projects, including the Sponsorship Program.
• Strengthen positive and productive relationships with relevant government, CSOs and donor partners and beneficiaries in the implementation of H&N interventions and ensure their recommendations are considered in H&N program development
• Work closely with MEAL Manager to capture education project impact and lessons, feedback from beneficiaries and ensure these are integrated in H&N program development
Project Management and Technical Support
• Directly oversee or in coordination with Area Manager(s) the implementation of H&N projects. Be responsible in ensuring quality in the delivery of project activities ensure MEAL system is in place within the projects(s). Identify any emerging issues affecting project implementation and determine solutions in consultations with DPI and Area Manager(s).
• Facilitate the preparation of annual Detailed Implementation Plan (DIP), Budget Phasing, Procurement Plan and ensure they are match to each other. Regularly review or facilitate the review and of these plans and make necessary adjustments if needed.
• Provide direct technical support to project staff and implementing partners in the implementation of planned project activities and facilitate the delivery of technical assistance from the organization's member TA during project implementation
• In coordination with Awards Manager, monitor the project reporting requirements and facilitate the preparation of project report. Be responsible in ensuring that the report is of high quality and technically reviewed by Director of PDQA before submission to the organization's member supporting the project.
• Provide technical support to emergency team on interventions related to H&N in emergency both during assessment stage and implementation of emergency response
• Be responsible for the H&N theme in the Country Annual Plan, Country Strategic Plan and Country Annual Report with support from Project Managers of H&N project.
• Facilitate the application and documentation of Quality Benchmark using in improving the quality of H&N program implementation.
• Work with Project Managers to ensure the achievement of operational and program quality KPIs.
Staff Management
• Line manage the staff on designated projects and Project Managers of projects under H&N program, making sure that each staff has clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities and there is synergy among members of the team.
• In coordination with Area Managers identify H&N program core staff and ensure the continuity of their services to guaranty program quality delivery.
• Work together with line managed staff to identify clear performance objectives and capacity building plan. Support and motivate staff to achieve their performance objectives and with support from HR team undertake the periodic performance review
• When needed, provide direct coaching or mentoring to project staff in the implementation of project activities and facilitate their technical capacity building.
Financial Management
• Act as Budget Holder for the designated projects. Provide support to Finance team in preparing budget phasing and monthly forecast according to approved annual budget for both the organization's managed budget and sub-grants in coordination with Area Manager(s), program staff and implementing partners
• Overall manage the H&N program budget to ensure the disbursement as planned and in accordance with donors’ and the organization's policies and procedures. Work closely with H&N Project Managers to plan, phase and monitor the budget to improve the financial management and operational KPIs
• Support H&N Project Managers in identifying any issues related to projects’ budget and determining solutions in coordination with FSSD, DPI and Area Managers.
• During project proposal development, work closely with Awards Manager to ensure that the organization's internal approval process are followed and grant management requirements (e.g. kick-off meeting, donor requirements) are complied during project implementation
• Ensure that the organization's finance and procurement policies and procedures are strictly followed by project staff and implementing partners. Report FSSD any suspected violation of the organization's finance and procurement policies and procedure for proper investigation.
• Facilitate the coordination and collaboration between finance & support services team and H&N projects’ team in partner’s induction and capacity building regarding financial management and procurement.
• Supervise and support Project Managers under the H&N Program on budget and financial management.
Advocacy and Communications
• Collaborating closely with PDQA Director in defining, delivering, and measuring effects of advocacy and communications strategy for H&N program
• Collaborate with other thematic leads to ensure that thematic advocacy objectives are included into H&N program work as appropriate
• Collaborate with Communications team in production of communication materials related to H&N program
Representation, Partnership and Networking
• Represent the organization Vietnam in relevant H&N forum or theme groups both locally and internationally and within the organization. With support from Communication team, increase and maintain the visibility of the organization's Vietnam in H&N sector.
• Establish and maintain network with INGOs, CSOs and donors working on H&N to establish synergy and alliance for any advocacy initiative
• Establish coordination and maintain strong relationship with national level MOH to ensure that the organization H&N program is in line with government priorities and fully supported by government
• Establish and maintain strong relationship with local implementing partners such as government agencies (province and district levels) and CSOs for successful project implementation and ensure that government laws, policies and procedures are complied during project implementation (e.g. MoU, project approval from local authority)
BEHAVIOURS (Values in Practice)
• holds self-accountable for making decisions, managing resources efficiently, achieving and role modelling the organization's values
• holds the team and partners accountable to deliver on their responsibilities - giving them the freedom to deliver in the best way they see fit, providing the necessary development to improve performance and applying appropriate consequences when results are not achieved.
• sets ambitious and challenging goals for themselves and their team, takes responsibility for their own personal development and encourages their team to do the same
• widely shares their personal vision for the organization, engages and motivates others
• future orientated, thinks strategically and on a global scale.
• builds and maintains effective relationships, with their team, colleagues, Members and external partners and supporters
• values diversity, sees it as a source of competitive strength
• approachable, good listener, easy to talk to.
• develops and encourages new and innovative solutions
• willing to take disciplined risks.
• honest, encourages openness and transparency; demonstrates highest levels of integrity

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