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Skills required

Core Focus:

  • Must possess entrepreneurial skills to develop business from almost scratch.

  • Must be able to source various products which are strengths of Vietnam in international market like Apparels, Footwear, Home Products, Luggage, Furniture etc.

  • Having a good network of Factories would be an advantage.

  • Must be able to build team in Vietnam considering work load and budgets.

  • Must have knack towards sales and marketing in the international Eco system.

  • Must have sound command over English language.

  • Must be willing to travel domestic & international.

  • Must possess good interpersonal skills to establish cordial relationships with buyers & suppliers.



  • Production Team.

  • Merchant Manager.

  • Merchandiser.

  • Quality Assurance


  • Buyer.

  • Vendors ( Factory).

Competencies Knowledge/Skills Required:

  • Strong project management and leadership skills.

  • Customer/ Client focus.

  • Communication proficiency.

  • Collaboration skills.

  • Problem solving/ Competitive Analysis.

  • Strategic thinking.

  • Decision making.

  • People Management.

  • Requirement analysis.

  • Negotiation skills.

  • Creative ideas.

  • Ability to negotiate and sustain networking relationships.

  • Comfortable with figures and in collecting, analyzing and interpreting data.

  • Solid judgment with ability to make good decisions.

Behavioral Competencies

  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation: Level 3.

  • Influencing: Level 3.

  • Driving Execution: Level 3.

  • Business Acumen: Level 3.

  • Building of Talent: Level 3.

  • Empowerment & Delegation: Level 3.

  • Enabling: Level 3.

  • Operational Decision Making: Level 3.

  • Presentation Skills: Level 3.

  • Communication Skills & Conversation Generosity: Level 3.

  • Market information Business intelligence & Networking: Level 3.

  • Customer Service Orientation: Level 3.

  • Competitiveness: Level 3.

What you will do

Main Purpose:

  • A general manager oversees all aspects of the process required to add value to the business by developing and implementing marketing strategies in order to optimize sales and profit growth for the designated portfolio. Other responsibilities will include the identification, development and commercialization requiring field research, market evaluations, value projections and management of trials required to meet the regulatory requirements.

  • You are required to learn and pitch your new items to overseas customers by investing and knowing what buyers or end customers need for a particular market. Should be able to analyze market trends and develop product proposals that can help the organization to generate more profits.

  • You are required to be reliable, highly motivated and an enthusiastic individual who enjoys taking responsibility and working in a highly autonomous role to achieve clearly defined and pre-agreed objectives. Must be creative, detail oriented and must be able to multi-task. You will be required to travel on a regular basis.

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