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Skills required


• Strong knowledge of modern development technologies and practices, including but not limited to:

§ Python

§ Micro-service architecture

§ Restful APIs

§ Kafka

• Understanding of banking and accounting processes and models

• Understanding of modern automated testing practices and design

What you will do


• Requirement analysis of business processes and their translation into code (Workflow Development)

§ Transforming business processes into detailed specifications and flow diagrams

§ Implementing specifications and flow diagrams in Workflow Engine YAML code

• Requirement analysis of financial products and their translation into code (Smart Contract Development)

§ Transforming financial product requirements into Smart Contract architecture and design

§ Making informed decisions on what financial logic should be implemented within the smart contract and what financial logic should live outside the Vault estate

§ Implementing financial product specifications in Smart Contract Python code

§ Automated test design and development for Banking Layer content

• Understanding of Vault APIs and their use

• Solution architecture and development of external integrations into Vault

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