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Skills required

- Having knowledge of electronic facotory.
- Management skill
- At least 10 years of experience in PC Management
- Production control experience
- Understanding of production, purchasing, WH and other sections' works
- Production capacity analysis skill
- Good sense of calculation
- ERP knowledge
- Experience in collecting and analyzing data
- Strong leadership
- Honesty, integrity, high professional ethics


- Proficient in of English (must) Chinese language (Preferable)
- Having analytical skills
- Logical thinking
- Leadership skills
- Teamwork skill
- Skill to work independently
- Proficient in computer skills, Word, exel, powerpoint ...

- Honest, transparent at work
- High professional ethics
- Strictly follow the company's regulations
- Enthusiastic to help and guide team members and colleagues in the company when needed

What you will do

Job purpose:
- Collect all outside and inside information
- Responsibility for accuracy Of all production plan
- Create and maintain master data Of system
- Daily plan monitoring
- Participate in capacity analysis with production
- Production Cost
- Make PL investigation
- Calculate and forecast material price, labor cost, overhead cost
- Calculate WIP, …


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