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Yêu cầu kỹ năng
• Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related field
• Java development experience with a demonstrated track record of Object-Oriented Analysis and
Design (OOAD)
• Have experience with Java Core, especially with Network Programming, Multi-Thread Programming.
(2 years+), experience with Oracle.
• Knowing deeply writing Junit with mock, always having mindset of keeping code clean and code quality.
• Good at Data Structure and Algorithm. Deep understanding of Design Pattern and Software
Development Principles and Concepts.
• Having the desire to pick up and learn new technical skills.
• Good at English (both writing and speaking). Strong interpersonal, organizational, time management
and problem-solving skills.
• Be familiar with Scrum framework, know how to play competently the Scrum team member’s role.
• Having basic experience with DevOps and CI/CD concepts. E.g., Jenkins, Maven Artifactory, Docker,
• Experience with designing and building Java enterprise application.
• More than 4 years of Java development experience
• Understanding and use competently the state machine to design and develop the business logic.
• Understanding of distributed architectures, having experience of building high performance Java
backend system.
• Having experience of working with both Windows and Linux system, able to understand or write the
shell script
Mô tả công việc
The primary focus of this position will be to develop new features and enhancements to the company product suite. The Developer will collaborate with testing, Implementation and Delivery teams to analyze requirements for highly scalable and transactional applications.
• Participating in Software Design, Coding, Review, Testing and Integration, depending on company's
software project.
• Assisting Software QA and Infrastructure Engineers in Qualifying, Deploying and Packaging
Company’s software product and libraries.
• Assisting Software QA in development of component and project test plans and test automation.
• Collaborating with other team members to foster a team atmosphere.
• Maintaining high quality software source code and documentation.
• Providing remote support and troubleshooting for Client's systems

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