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Yêu cầu kỹ năng
- Bachelor Degree in any field, but preferable in Business Management
- 6-8 years of experience in business management and team leadership
- Minimum 5 years in Plastic Industry
- Good understanding on plastic market and manufacturing industry
- Knowledge of Plastic Products, Sales & Marketing of plastic products.
- Understanding of financial statements
- English, Vietnamese
Mô tả công việc
1. Key Results Areas: Manage the legal entity and ensure compliance
with Value & Principles and code of conduct.
Major Activities:
• Plan, implement and renew policies and procedures for daily company
- Formulating and successfully implementing company policies in
compliance with Vietnam Labor Law
- Directing strategy towards the profitable growth and operations of the
- Developing strategic operating plants that reflect the long-term
objectives and priorities established by the management
- Putting in place adequate operational planning and financial control
- Secure the effective measures to overcome obstacles and hindrances
• Corporate with other organizations to support each other’s requirement
- The branch in Korea & Thailand product compliance requirement to
• Compliance with Vietnam Labor LawPrepared by Faro Recruitment Vietnam JSC
• Product Compliance
2. Key Results Areas: Finance, Accounting Controlling and IT
Major Activities:
• Effective cash flow management, credit management and financial
reporting compliance
• Review and evaluate operational performance including regular
• Closely monitoring the operating and financial results against plant and
• IT infrastructure and maintenance
Achieve operational target.
3. Key Results Areas: Human Resource
Major Activities:
• Establish the HR policies and procedures of the Company in
accordance with the group policy and local legislations
• Oversee the process of recruiting and retaining of the employees of the
company to ensure that the standard of the company never deteriorates.
• Build up a professional and completed team as well as foster employee
motivation and improve staff performance
• Secure succession planning and talents for key positions
• Establish training program and implementation
• Develop capabilities of employee
4. Key Results Areas: Sales & Marketing
Major Activities:
• Establish sales and marketing strategy including priding guidelines
- implement marketing strategies for specific products and specific
- provide training and guidance to sales team
- maintain effective and cordial relationship with clients
• Direct weekly pricing policy and approve its deviation
• Optimize customer portfolios and approve its changePrepared by Faro Recruitment Vietnam JSC
• Improve market position and profitability
5. Key Results Areas: Environment, Health & Safety (EHS)
Major Activities:
• Implement EHS guidelines in accordance to global and regional
• Safe work environment

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