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Education/Teaching/Training - Consultancy - Construction - HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning)
  • 8-year experience in electrical engineering for EPC projects - industrial plants (Oil & Gas, Food and Processing, Chemicals, Fertilizer, Pharmaceutical, Utilities and Environment).
  • Prepare specification/Data Sheet for major electrical equipments of industrial plant: MV Switchgear, Transformer, Generator, MCC, MSB, Capacitor, UPS, Bus Duct, Power and Control cable...

  • Calculate and select rated data of Transformer, Generator, Capacitor, UPS, Switchgear...

  • Sizing MV/LV power cable and cable tray/ladder/trunking.

  • Grounding and Lightning protection system calculation.

  • Conceptual of Grounding system.

  • Lighting and Fire Alarm system.

  • Schematic diagram/control circuit for Motor starter unit.

  • Hazardous area classification and select appropriate equipments.

  • Prepare drawings for Single Line Diagram, Substation layout, Main cable route (underground/above ground), Grounding system layout, Lightning protection system layout, Cable tray and power/control cable layout...

  • Material take-off and cost estimation.

  • Finding, evaluating and selecting of potential vendors/suppliers (local and foreign) for equipments purchasing.

  • Prepare document for inquiry.

  • Technical clarification and bid tabulation for final vendors/suppliers.

  • Recommendation for successful bidder.

  • Check and approve vendor print.

  • Inspection at vendor's work shop (FAT).

  • Supervise installation work of electrical main equipments, cable and cable tray, lighting, grounding and lightning, ELV system.

  • Communicate and coordinate with other disciplines to control the schedule and trouble shooting.

  • Control construction material and sub-contractor.

  • Communicate and coordinate with owner/client for document approval.

  • Testing, pre-commissioning and commissioning electrical system.

​Technical skill

  • Software: Microsoft Office, Autocad, Dialux, application softwares…

  • Language: Fluent in communication and technical English.

  • Ability to read and understand technical document/standards, apply new technology into engineering work.

  • Electrical engineering, procurement and construction work.

Soft skill
  • Ability to integrating quickly in new working environment and work under high pressure.

  • Ability to work independently and communicate, co-ordinate in team work.

  • Ability in self study, self research and apply new technologies…

  • Good relationship with colleagues, vendors and clients.


Job Type
Full Time
Language Certificate

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