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- Project management skill & planning skill.
- Communication and presentation skills.
- Analytic competence and numerical aptitude.
- Good verbal and written skills in English.
- Strong team work skill and also independent problem solving skill.
- Familiar with Microsoft Power Point, Word, Excel.


Working From (mm/yyyy): 06/2012 - Working To (mm/yyyy): 06/2014

Company : Vietnam Suzuki Corporation

Industry : Automotives/Motor Vehicles/Parts

Position : Senior Marketing Executive

Main Duties + Awards : was responsible for marketing functions including marketing research, product analysis, PR & advertising’s channels deployment, etc. I contributed to planning and executed integrated 360 degree marketing campaigns. I led projects such as product launch, promotion, customer connection, etc. On jobs, I managed advertising agencies to deliver channels’ execution, coordinated closely with internal functions and dealers to deliver business objectives...

Working From (mm/yyyy): 08/2014 - Working To (mm/yyyy): 04/2015

Company : Daiko Advertising Co., Ltd

Industry : Advertising/PR/Events

Position : Account Executive

Main Duties + Awards : I contributed to and developed communication campaigns/projects for clients. In cases of need, I was responsible for making proposals for ‘pitch’. - Served as the primary liaison between internal teams, client marketing teams and outsourced suppliers. - Defined client requirements in projects, guided teams in the development and delivery of campaigns. - Adhered to budgets, oversaw account billing and communicated updates to client teams.

Working From (mm/yyyy): 03/2016 - Working To (mm/yyyy): 01/2017

Company : HTech Resources Vietnam Co., Ltd

Industry : IT/Computers - Software

Position : Marketing Manager

Main Duties + Awards : I was responsible for the implementation of marketing strategies for brands of security software & solutions, ESET and Damballa. - Built marketing plan for brands and led the team on executing. - Planned and managed marketing budget. - Managed all daily marketing activities, supervised subordinates on completing tasks. - Ensured a close coordination between marketing team and other cross functions to achieve objectives.

Working From (mm/yyyy): 02/2017 - Working To (mm/yyyy): 07/2017

Company : Siam Brothers Vietnam JSC

Industry : Agriculture

Position : Marketing Manage

Main Duties + Awards : I led the team managing product development, packaging & labeling, PR & Advertising and brand management. I held responsibility for brands’ business – analyzed market, optimized product mix & pricing, devised promotional strategies, etc.  Improved branding and messaging through marketing communication projects.  Analyzed new business opportunities in agriculture-fishery, developed plan striking new market.

Working From (mm/yyyy): 07/2017 - Working To (mm/yyyy): 12/2018

Company : French Scooters Manufacturing & Assembling Factory,

Industry : Automotives/Motor Vehicles/Parts

Position : Marketing Manage

Main Duties + Awards : I managed the brand Peugeot Scooters in Vietnam market with responsibility for all marketing functions.  Mastered motorcycles market data and customer insight, monitored competitive landscape.  Oriented marketing strategy, built plan following 4Ps mix and led the team on deployment.  Cooperated with business function to set sales target for the year and allocate target in a monthly base.  Supported business team on proposals & materials to approach new dealers, ensured brand image synchronously in the dealer system...

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Candidate History

2012 - 2014

Senior Marketing Executive

Vietnam Suzuki Corporation

2014 - 2015

Account Executive

Daiko Advertising Co., Ltd

2016 - 2017

Marketing Manager

HTech Resources Vietnam Co., Ltd

2017 - 2017

Marketing Manage

Siam Brothers Vietnam JSC

2017 - 2018

Marketing Manage

French Scooters Manufacturing & Assembling Factory,

2008 - 2012

Marketing, International Trading

Foreign Trade University

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