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- Won 1st prize in Hai Phong IT Olympic; - Won 2nd prize in Hai Phong IT Software Contest; - Won International Exchange Award, 16th Programming Contest ( http://www.procon.gr.jp) in Yonago, Japan; - Achieved USOL Vietnam company ( http://www.usol-v.com.vn) for excellent studying result; - Won consolation prize in Super C up – IT Olympic of Hanoi University of Technology; - Won Scientific Research Student Award of Hanoi University of Technology; - Achieved Nextware company ( http://www.nextware.co.jp) and Shinko EN&M company ( http://www.shinkoenm.jp) scholarships. OTHER COURSE: - Japan Educational Exchanges and Services - Others - Japanese-Language Proficiency Test - Level 4


- Problem solving;
- Ability to work under pressure;
- Good at bussiness analysis;
- Teamwork or independent working.


Working From (mm/yyyy): 04/2007 - Working To (mm/yyyy): 07/2009

Company : High Performance Computing Center of HUT

Industry : IT/Computers - Software

Position : Researcher

Main Duties + Awards : - Research on Data Mining: Text classification, data clustering, algorithm: CRF, Named-Entity Recognition, Vector Space Model, based on open source framework: Hadoop, Lucene. Build system to automatically collect & classify information obtained from sources on the Internet; - Distributed computing on Linux operating systems; - LINDA project: File sharing system based on data grid technology.

Working From (mm/yyyy): 07/2009 - Working To (mm/yyyy): 06/2010

Company : Viettel Telecom

Industry : Telecomunication

Position : IT Center

Main Duties + Awards : Develop systems to operate, monitoring and manage telecommunication equipment of Viettel: - Analyze business and develop Network Management, Monitoring & Operating System of Viettel Telecom (Viettel-NocPro). Successfully deployed in Viettel Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Haiti, Mozambique; - Develop Automatic Block/Open ADSL Viettel subscriber system.Technology: Java, JSP/Servlet, Struts 2.0, Spring, Hibernate, Oracle, ExtJS, JQuery, Design Pattern.

Working From (mm/yyyy): 06/2010 - Working To (mm/yyyy): 01/2013

Company : MB Bank

Industry : Financial Services - Banking

Position : Senior Developer & BA

Main Duties + Awards : Analyze business, research & develop IT systems implementing in bank. Typical projects: - Analyze, develop and integrate services for Online Service Registering system. - Analyze, develop C oncentration C redit Ranking & Loan Appraisal system (MB-C RA). - Develop Online Recruitment system. - Research & implement MB C ollaboration Portal based on MS SharePoint (MB-Portal).

Language Certificate
English, Japanese Japanese-Language Proficiency Test - Level 4

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Candidate History

2007 - 2009


High Performance Computing Center of HUT

2009 - 2010

IT Center

Viettel Telecom

2010 - 2013

Senior Developer & BA

MB Bank

2004 - 2009

Engineering - Information System

Hanoi University of Technology

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