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Korean TOPIK level 5/6 (218/300)
English Basic (TOEIC 650 valid until 2015) 
Microsoft skills and Internet. 
Basic skill in making video clip. 
Soft skills such as communication, team-working, presentation skill… 
Be active, enthusiastic, highly responsible and work well under pressure. Especially, be thirsty for knowledge


Working From (mm/yyyy): 03/2016 - Working To (mm/yyyy): 08/2018

Company : LG - VINA Cosmetics Co

Industry : Beauty/Fitness/Personal Care/SPA

Position : Korean Interpreter Cum Trainer

Main Duties + Awards : Interpret and translate (Korean - Vietnamese & Vietnamese - Korean) - Interpret for meeting and communication of Korean BOD and Vietnamese staff. - Translate product’s training documents and magazines. - Translate documents according to demands of BOD. Training for sales team - Set up and follow training plans based on promotion programs and launching plans from Marketing team. - Do training documents (by ppt, video clip...). - Develop training documents (review old documents, develop new documents based on current documents and real needs, develop training way such as online, gameshow…). - Think out ideas for gameshows, teambuilding events, contests for sales team. Training for sales team (product knowledge, counselling skill, customer services such as make-up, diagnosing skin...). - Support training courses when needed. Make an in-house magazine - Search & collect info, compose content. - Think out ideas to design for own content. Support sales team or marketing team in many events (make-up show, talk show, sale-off program, training supplier…) Support special sales project of BOD (contact with customer, follow special sales order & shipment process)

Working From (mm/yyyy): 04/2014 - Working To (mm/yyyy): 02/2015

Company : Kim & Kim Company (Korean Company)

Industry : Financial Services - Accounting/Auditing/Tax

Position : Event Executive

Main Duties + Awards : Manage PGs team: recruitment, training , and handle the compensation benefit for PGs. Set up events: sampling in supermarkets, ”Teaching how to make Kimchi &Kimbap”, ”The competition of making Kimchi” and activation in supermarket. Set up the budget plan for the events. Support in telemarketing: Find new customers and take care of old customers

Working From (mm/yyyy): 11/2013 - Working To (mm/yyyy): 01/2014

Company : Khuong & Le Company – HCM City

Industry : Consumer Products

Position : Sales in showroom

Main Duties + Awards : Counsel and sale products (woman clothes, accessories) for customers. Understand needs and maintain satisfaction of customers. Communicate with foreign customers by english (when needed).

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Candidate History

2016 - 2018

Korean Interpreter Cum Trainer

LG - VINA Cosmetics Co

2014 - 2015

Event Executive

Kim & Kim Company (Korean Company)

2013 - 2014

Sales in showroom

Khuong & Le Company – HCM City

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