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* English: Good level General English and Conversation.
*Familiar with the Microsoft office and have basic knowledge of Visual basic.
*Expert in Auto cad.
*Expert in computing skills (MS DOS, Networking, …)


Working From (mm/yyyy): 09/2013 - Working To (mm/yyyy): 05/2016

Company : Microsoft mobile Vietnam

Industry : Adhesive Tape

Position : DFBA Engineer

Main Duties + Awards : -Maturity and manufacturability improvements into new product designs from begin of concepting with primary focus on BA related design and manufacturability aspects. Composing and sharing L2L. Development of design guidelines and Preventive action plans. -Analyze material and process issues to identify design, process and quality improvement opportunities -Create/Update DFBA/MIS/PMP documentation to define and describe the board assembly processes and solutions. -Support builds (VS and factory) and follow up the SMT related issues. -provide design modifications/suggestion to R&D -Provide BA focus on new product training for process engineering and training team -Development of factory DFBA process and practices @ Owned 7 products (MP& SD) with smooth RU

Working From (mm/yyyy): 09/2011 - Working To (mm/yyyy): 06/2013

Company : JUKI SMT ASIA (Thailand)

Industry : Adhesive Tape

Position : SMT Service Engineer

Main Duties + Awards : 1. RESPONSIBILITY -Contact with Customers and arrange member to follow. -Do installation of SMT machines. -Technical training -Troubleshoot machine and on side support customer to solve problem. -Technical support by phone. -Do maintenance machines. 2. ACHIEVEMENT - Support customer on time.

Working From (mm/yyyy): 04/2009 - Working To (mm/yyyy): 09/2011

Company : SMT Group of Panasonic System Networks Vietnam Co.,Ltd (PSNV)

Industry : Adhesive Tape

Position : Production Chief

Main Duties + Awards : I-2. Apr-2009 – Sept 2011: SMT – Chief 1.RESPONSIBILITY -Management and directly report to manager about production plan, section’s quality… -Nov – 2010 participated in the 46th Panasonic Manufacturing competition in Osaka Japan and won silver medal . -PT200 programming’s person in charge. -Making monthly production plan for 17 SMT Lines. -Making weekly SMT’s duty roster for a group of 24 shift leaders. -Work with related departments under making required programs used in related, carry out improvement program such as scrap reduction, and provide technical support to the production department in ensuring good performance of machines, training about machine’s operation for new member… 2.ACHIEVEMENT -Keep production plan on time -Keep SMT section runs without big problems. -Reach the section’s quality target (single PPM) -Keep section’s 5S in good condition. -Have ideas for factory’s improvement (Reduce change models time, design new type of nozzle to pick components up without mistakes…)

Working From (mm/yyyy): 09/2007 - Working To (mm/yyyy): 03/2009

Company : SMT Group of Panasonic System Networks Vietnam Co.,Ltd (PSNV)

Industry : Adhesive Tape

Position : SMT – Engineer

Main Duties + Awards : 1.RESPONSIBILITY -Oct 2007 learn about SMT machine and PT200 data in Kumamoto Japan. -PT200 programming’s person in charge.(Leader of PT team (5 persons)) (In this field , I’ve just finished a project “Increase the SMT’s machine run ratio by reduce change model time-Z Axis fixation group”.) -Deploy new models -Receive and analyze information of “Engineering Change Notification” (ECN) . -Make weekly machine’s run ratio and summit to SMT manager. -Make maintenance plan and follow it. -Make solution for trouble shooting of all SMT machines. -Equipment control’s person in charge. -Handling subordinates and make internal training for subordinates. 2.ACHIEVEMENT -Ensure the production plan on time for next process. -SMT lines run without big problems. -Save the time to change models. -Keep 5S in good conditions.

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Candidate History

2013 - 2016

DFBA Engineer

Microsoft mobile Vietnam

2011 - 2013

SMT Service Engineer

JUKI SMT ASIA (Thailand)

2009 - 2011

Production Chief

SMT Group of Panasonic System Networks Vietnam Co.,Ltd (PSNV)

2007 - 2009

SMT – Engineer

SMT Group of Panasonic System Networks Vietnam Co.,Ltd (PSNV)

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