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The benefits for you

Being an Associate of company, you are offered:

• Flexible working hours (5 working days/week) and no overtime;

• Competitive salary with annual review and performance bonus;

• 100% official salary during the probation period; 13th-month salary;

• Onsite opportunities in the US, UK (1-3 months/year);

• Biannual luxury vacations and monthly Happy Hour;

• Exciting company outings/events and team building activities;

• Outstanding Wellness and English training allowances;

• Bao Viet Premium health-care insurance;

• Sponsored training and self-development opportunities (English, PMP, CSM...);

• 10% paid working time per week for personal development (attending soft skill courses, reading books, working on side projects, self-teaching any new IT-related concepts);

• Modern facilities with Laptop Dell Precision 7550 chip I7-10xxxH, Ram 32GB, SDD 1TB and at least 2 high-quality monitors;

• Free access to over 9,000 courses on LinkedIn;

• Supportive, international, dynamic working environment and talented, culturally diverse teams;

• A large pantry full of snack, drink, and seasonal fresh fruit.

Skills required


• Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or equivalent;

• 2+ years of hands-on experience in DevOps/SRE with elastic infrastructure and a custom-development environment;

• Strong experience in Linux/UNIX administration, configuration, networking infrastructure and security;

• Broad understanding of tools and technologies: source control, continuous integration, infrastructure automation, deployment automation, container concepts, orchestration and cloud;

• Strong grasp of automated configuration management using Ansible;

• Hands-on technical experience in Docker, Git, and Jenkins (or similar) is required;

• Proficient in at least one major scripting language (Bash, Groovy, Python);

• Comfortable with frequent, incremental code testing and deployment;

• Experience creating and maintaining detailed, up-to-date technical documentation;

• Good communication in both English and Vietnamese.


• Deep understanding of service metri Deep understanding of service metrics through the development of dashboards, service KPIs, monitoring and alarming systems;

• Hands-on technical experience managing micro-service architectures (Container orchestration ( Kubernetes, DockerSwarm), Message streaming/queuing (Apache Kafka, AMQ, RabbitMQ).

What you will do


A DevOps Engineer is responsible for improving software product delivery in the areas of provisioning, monitoring, securing, deploying, scaling, maintaining, and system hardening. A typical day in this role involves monitoring systems, supporting the project teams, and collaborating with the software development, architecture, and infrastructure teams to derive best practices for continuous improvement. This role requires an individual to be hands-on to build, setup, monitor, and maintain running systems remotely and at client sites.


• Support the Software Development team’s hardware and operational needs to rapidly iterate products and services, particularly with build automation, testing, CI, software releases, and system deployments;

• Establish reusable CI/CD pipelines for automating procedural steps including gated check-in, testing, deployments, and configurations using GitFlow, Jenkins, SonarQube, Ansible, Docker, et. al;

• Configure and deploy GUI front-end visualizations of builds, deployments, tests, telemetry, alerting, errors/logs, and health status;

• Manage and maintain multiple Linux-based environments to ensure proper setup, configuration and availability for each project as scheduled;

• Create and maintain detailed, up-to-date technical documentation;

• Design and implement a toolset that simplifies provisioning and support of a large cluster environment;

• Solve live performance and stability issues and prevent recurrence;

• Apply proper architecture guidelines to ensure highly available services.

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