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Skills required


• Understanding the system and component interactions that enable product functionality, integrations

• Strong business analysis fundamentals: requirements elicitation and analysis, artefact creation

• Ability to illustrate technical concepts using architecture and business process flow diagrams

• The ability to explain complex products and software to a wide range of audiences

• Ability to understand customers underlying needs

• Technical Skills:

§ Comprehend YAML and Python Code

§ Interaction with REST APIs

§ Conceptually understand Microservice based architectures

What you will do


• Educate customers on the capabilities of Vault. Provide guidance on required functionality to meet business goals

• Build specifications for Business Processes (Workflows)

• Build specifications for Financial Products (Smart Contracts)

• Support Client Integration through:

§ Creation of documentation 

§ Demonstrating features within Vault

• Identify product gaps and feature requests, capturing and raising product feature requests

• Be an advocate for the client

• Understand Vault's APIs and how to use them to get the data a client needs for a business process or requirement

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