Skills required
- University or higher levels specialized in automotive
- 2 years  of customer service advisor
- 01 years at the position of Technician of Vietnam Motor Co.
- 02 years at the position of Service Advisor of Mercedes in Hanoi.
- Technical:
  • Product Knowledge
  • Marketing knowledge
  • Parts knowledge skill
  • Interpersonal skill
  • Communication skill
  • Customer orientation
- Leadership
  • Business Acumen
  • Leveraging talent
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Driving change and performance
  • Sustainable orientation
What you will do
  • Daily to provide and conduct service advices to the customers’ cars together with the customer at reception bay towards the customers’ satisfaction and company’s profit.
  • To check and conduct car examination and make the reparation orders with detailed  description of faults ( original statements by customer), vehicle data, diagnosis ( if appropriate) and to estimate the operation time (FRU), completion date, scope of work and cost for each case and to offer price quotations and excellent method of reparation.   Also, to re-examine,   explain and obtain the customer’s acceptance with pleasure for the additional order if any.
  • To provide the best advice to the customers for the cases of heavy damaged cars.
  • To ensure that all of cars in and out of Service workshop strictly follow the process as regulated by the company.  Also remind the customer of luggage or things left inside the car if any.
  • To evaluate and offer accessories and lifestyle products as well as the service of the dealership within the framework of the advice discussion.
  • To be updated with the new prices and new process from PMV and/or the company
  • To co- operate with W/s foreman on checking and arranging orders on the capacity of workshop reasonably. 
  • To check and implement test drives with or without the customer to ensure that the service is done correctly with the best quality.
  • To advise and offer the proper terms of payments to the customers in accordance with the company policies.
  • To draw up reports on the difficult cases that repairs is not carried out.
  • To assess warranty and goodwill applications on both of professional and technical point of view.
  • To record and update vehicles data and customer accounts.
  • To implement and enhance customer relationship /Follow up/customer care by offering service promotion campaigns. 
  • To conduct regular demand – oriented telephone prospecting for services.
  • To check and report on time the availability of spare parts and inform that to Parts Dept. to optimize parts supplies. And also to follow up and keep up with the customer about the status of parts order.
  • To co-operate daily with Service assistant for booking appointment of the customers.
  • Others
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