Skills required
  • University degree, good communication in English (TOEFL score 300), relevant PC and office equipment knowledge.
  • Managerial skills, commercial skills, communication & relating to others.
  • Material knowledge and industry overall.
  • Result-oriented, self-driven, pro-active, good planning, immune to stress, flexible.
What you will do

Job descriptions:

  • To prepare and implement the sales plan to achieve the given sales objective (turnover, gross profit) for his assigned team.
  • In cooperation with his Product Group Director/Manager and other PG Directors/Managers to plan for his sales team members and other slaes team members of other PGs to approach customer to optimize the supply possibilities.
  • To bear responsibility for the realisation of the established sales plan in conformity with the established sales policy. Especially to ensure the compliance policy (Anti-corruption and Anti-trust) of the sales team.
  • To take responsibility of handling the most important customers on the assigned region following TKMV requirement (3-7 customers).
  • To monitor the sales team to follow up the account receivable follow TKMV’s procedure.
  • To train and inform sales team members (possibly to all PGs) with respect to prices, delivery times, technical developments and market information.
  • To propose the marketing activities to the Marketing Department (among others establishment of the target group and market forces), and implement the program to the sales team, if required.
  • To bear responsibility for the definition and actualisation of the inventory program, the delivery programme and the sales programme.
  • To remain informed about the developments in the area of product development, market, price, competitors and buyers and test by the sales plan and the selection.
  • To make an inventor of customer demands and requirements and to safeguard customer satisfaction.
  • To bear responsibility for the acquisition, the presentation of the complete delivery programme and to obtain requests.
  • To bear responsibility for the provisioning of information, proposals, price and discount proposals to customers and the follow-up in connection therewith. To follow-up the collection of payment, by assisting Credit Control in monitoring debtor list to ensure customers pay within the credit period.
  • To bear responsibility for the registration, inventory and processing of complaints.
  • To introduce, manage and support the training and development of employees.
  • To hold performance and assessment interviews.
  • To organise work meetings and consultation with the supporting departments.
  • To bear co-responsibility for the execution of policies in the area of quality, employment conditions and environment.
  • To coordinate with another department to successfully deliver TKMV’s goals.



About Faro Recruitment Vietnam

With a team of extensive experience consultants who always serve clients with more than 100% of dedication and well understanding of Vietnamese market and legislation, Faro Vietnam is committed to providing the practical and compliant human resources advices and solutions to the clients in the professional manner. It is helping clients free mind and free hands in dealing with human resources matters in the frequent change business environment like Vietnam.

We focus on offering four main services, including:

  • Executive Search and Selection
  • Staffing Solution
  • Payroll Administration
  • Human resource Compliance. 

Readmorehr consultants , Talent acquisition consultant will be involved in the process of recruitment





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