Skills required
  • Bachelor degree in Business/Marketing/Computer Studies or equivalent from a recognized institution.
  • At least 2 years of working experience in the in the IT industry in a sales &/or product marketing capacity. (P2 classification)
  • Must be willing to travel and meet customer.
  • Must have good presentation and communication skills (both written & spoken) in native & English language.
  • Independent, highly motivated, pro-active and result oriented.
What you will do

Product Management & Marketing (40%)

Major activities:

1.   Market intelligence. Track, gather, analyse & report market trend & competitor activities.

2.   Support all ATL (eg: advertising) & BTL (eg: public events) sales promotions implementation and administration. Review & analyse ROI.

3.   Conduct sales training.

4.   Price management.  Channel pricing communications.  Support price discount management.

5.   Sales forecasting.


1.    Timely & accurate market information to support decision making. Updated & accurate information on trade regulations & government policies.

2.   Achieves set sales/marketing objectives both strategic & tactical.  A & P expenditure within budget & policies.

3.   Skilled & knowledgeable channel sales force. 

4.   Adherence to price policies & sales policies.  Timely implementation of market pricing.

5.   Timely & rationalized submission.  Optimal channel inventory.

Channel development (35%)

Major activities:

1.   Channel mapping.  Identify, assess & appoint channel partners.

2.   Conduct regular sales calls targeting top resellers. 

3.   Monitor storefront merchandising implementation at key retailers.


1.    Capable & committed channel partners.

2.   Achieve EVL & channel sales targets.

3.   Top of mindshare amongst key retailers.  Prominent brand & product display.  Prominent & correct product messaging in the market.

Business development (25%)

Major activities:

1.   Direct end user engagements of key large corporates & relevant market segments to assess needs.

2.   Support channel partners for major projects/tenders. Engage key end user decision makers to establish competitive situation & promote winning preposition.    


1.   High brand recall. Updated & accurate information on market needs.  Estimated sales potential.

2.   Win major tenders.



About Faro Recruitment Vietnam

With more than 10 years of establishment and operation, Faro Vietnam is recognized as a leading reputable human resources service provider in Vietnam. Clients are satisfied with Faro Vietnam is not only due to the premier quality of services but also the added on support that are beyond than the scope of services they engaged.


The aim of the Company is to support the Client at most that helps clients free mind and free hands in dealing with all human resources matters.


We are proud of our professional management team, who have such a deep knowledge and experience that highly committed to deliver comprehensive and flexible HR solutions tailored to clients’local market needs.


With a team of extensive experience consultants who always serve clients with more than 100% of dedication and well understanding of Vietnamese market and legislation, Faro Vietnam is committed to providing the practical and compliant human resources advices and solutions to the clients in the professional manner. It is helping clients free mind and free hands in dealing with human resources matters in the frequent change business environment like Vietnam.

Faro Vietnam Consultant Team


We focus on offering four main services, including:

  1. Executive Search and Selection
  2. Staffing Solution
  3. Payroll Administration
  4. Human resource Compliance

  1. Our service solution offering to clients is always built up on government’s regulations compliance basis since we understand that avoidance of legal risks is the utmost expectation of all organizations.
  2. Each business is unique and there is no one-size-fits-all, accordingly, our service solutions are developed adaptably to client’s actual situations to ensure that the most effective solution is given to each business.
  3. Confidentiality is a top requirement when doing human resource services, our system is developed and operated in the up-to-date technology at high security level with frequent checking performed by international expert.
  4. Integrity is a consistent and long-term goal of our Company. Clients have our commitments in service quality and professional in every steps of our service delivery process.





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