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HCM974 Quantity Surveyor (Experienced in furnishing design/M&E/Construction) – Salary: open 6/25/2019 8/28/2019 Architecture/Building Bình Dương

Report to Director (Expat).

  • Read and understand drawings (AutoCAD, 3DsMax, etc.).

  • Estimate/forecast costing of the project, including material volume and cost, labor time, schedules, etc.

  • Prepare bill of quantities, tender documents, quotations, and other related documents.

  • Track changes to the design drawings, adjusting project budget, prepare variation order documents.

  • Verify project completion percentage for progress billing.

  • Verify other sub-contractors’ bill of quantities.

  • Collaborate with project teams and procurement department to ensure timely supply of materials, and work towards targeted schedule.

Job Detail
HCM973 Chief Accountant (temporary in 9 months) – Salary: open 6/25/2019 8/27/2019 Architecture/Building Bình Dương
  • Report to Account & Admin Manager/Financial Controller.

  • Monitor and control junior accountants (AP & AR), review their work to ensure accuracy.

  • Check and approve payments & receipts.

  • Prepare daily reports for bank and cash balance, AP, AR, WIP, etc.

  • Prepare monthly accounting and bank reconciliation, journal entries, etc.

  • Prepare and sign off on closing of accounts, monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements

  • Prepare and submit all tax declarations and finalization as required by law, including VAT, FCT, PIT, CIT.

  • Advise on accounting & tax treatment of various business transaction and activities.

  • Review and ensure accuracy and completeness of accounts and documentations for the year.

  • Work with independent auditors during annual audit, and sign-off on audited financial statements.

  • Work with tax authority on required occasions/ inspection/finalization.

  • Train new junior accountants if required.

  • Assist in preparing administrative or accounting documents when required.

Job Detail
HAN972 Fastener Engineer 6/25/2019 9/14/2019 Automotives/Motor Vehicles/Parts Hà Nội, Hải Phòng
About the Employer:

Originated from Belgium. One of global frontiers in providing Full-Service Concept for fastening technologies; embracing all aspects of fastening in 5 main industries: Automotive, Truck, Rail, Agriculture, Construction; minimizing complexity and costs across the entire fastener and C-parts value chain by serving from the early concept and design phase throughout the product's entire life-cycle.
Detail Job Description:

Follow the Responsibilities (R) and Participation/Support (PS) roles, defined in the Position-Process Matrix DO-04 Organization Overview and corresponding Turtle Diagrams (TD); Central point of contact for customers in daily operations. Coordinate and support:

  • fastener related issues and assist customers in solving joint problems;
  • development of fastener applications;
  • customer technical objectives;
  • cost and lead time information for technical changes or projects;
  • customer fastener release process (functional builds, CAD data, ….);

Support the customer with value added value engineering (VA/VE) initiatives:

  • Coordinate and support the Bill of Material for internal and external customers (part count - standardization – reporting - …);
  • Coordinate and support line walks, development of parts, best in class fixing, assembly time reduction, ...
  • Promote and investigate new technologies of suppliers for customers;

On-site support if required by customer (periodical or resident); Provide technical support to other teams and processes, tools and systems; Actively participate or take on the project leader role in various projects; Support the implementation of the operational plan and support the measuring and reporting of the status; Apply and safeguard the Company values in daily operations; Escalate market and organizational needs and opportunities to your direct manager and work on continuous improvement projects to adapt to the changing and challenging environment; Perform other job related duties assigned by your manager.

Job Detail
HAN971 Technical Lead 6/21/2019 8/31/2019 Financial Services - Finance/Investment Hà Nội
  • You’ll be responsible for the complete scope, design, build and testing of products and features for one of Asia’s fastest growing fintech companies. As a part of the True Money Engineering team, you will be exposed to many innovative technologies in the fields of distributed data processing, big data, algorithms and data structures, machine learning, and experimentation. True Money is customer centric first and our mission is to empower users to experience digital life through an amazing user experience enabling pay anyone and purchase anything anywhere and anytime.
  • You have an appreciation of architecture and system design, love to code and enjoy seeing your work land in the hands of millions.
  • You’ll be involved in technical leadership, hands-on coding as well as working with design patterns, complex solution design, full life cycle service ownership, deployment, monitoring and diagnostics and much more. We are performance driven in our approach and our product is a best in class solution.
  • This is a full stack role, covering everything from designing interfaces and building back-end services and APIs, to configuring build pipelines and deployment systems. We experiment and iterate to deliver the best experience for the customer. Our platform is designed scale and multi country adoption throughout South East Asia. With high volume use cases, it’s a chance to showcase your software and architectural skills to help revolutionize cashless transactions and the offline to online ecosystem. You will be using technologies encompassing front end development (such as native JavaScript, React and CSS), back end development (covering Java/Python services with SQL and NoSQL data stores) and much more to help us continue evolving our platforms. We are all about performance, scalability, security and wrapping it all in the best user experience our customers can imagine.
  • This spans wallet, top up, purchase, payment, shopping and more as you create readable, repeatable code and manage your codebase with pride to develop our platform and full service financial platform offering to build a digital life experience.


Job Detail
HCM987 SALES ENGINEER 6/19/2019 8/28/2019 Food & Packaged Food Hồ Chí Minh


Develop new customers within a defined territory and/or business area in order to deliver budgeted sales and margins for complete Synergy by company’s portfolio, with a focus on equipment sales. Provide customers with win‐win solutions which meet their needs and are in the best interests of company, thus enabling company to achieve its Balanced Score Card and regional objectives.


  • Accountable for meeting budgeted sales and margins for the assigned territory/business area.

  • Manage existing customers and develop new accounts within assigned territory/business area.

  • Establish strong relationships with customers by building a network of contacts within their organization.

  • Build strategic networks and relationships with vendors, suppliers and integrators to further develop the market.

  • Identify market potential for assigned territory/business area and develop strategic and tactical sales plans accordingly.

  • Develop customer needs analysis.

  • Negotiate and issue price lists.

  • Present quotes in line with commercial policy.

  • Maintain and clean up-to-date sales pipeline in the SDWH.

  • Manage Master agreement contract process from beginning to end.

  • Oversee the execution of the project and maintain customer contact.

  • Initiate product development strategies (short and long term) through the Product Development Plan.

  • Represent company at events/conferences/seminars when applicable and network with trade and sales organizations in the industry.

Job Detail
HAN986 TRƯỞNG PHÒNG MARKETING This job is going to be expried 6/18/2019 8/24/2019 Beauty/Fitness/Personal Care/SPA Hà Nội


  1. Chịu trách nhiệm quản lý điều hành toàn bộ các hoạt động của phòng Marketing theo đúng mục tiêu đã đề ra: Bộ phận marketing online, marketing offline, thiết kế, quảng cáo và truyền thông, bộ nhận diện thương hiệu, nghiên cứu thị trường…
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  3. Xây dựng hệ thống các quy trình, quy định, biểu mẫu liên quan đến hoạt động của phòng Marketing.


  1. Tham gia xây dựng chiến lược Marketing trong ngắn hạn và dài hạn bao gồm: Chiến lược phát triển thương hiệu, chiến lược sản phẩm, chiến lược truyền thông quảng bá.
    Lập kế hoạch công việc, kế hoạch marketing (bao gồm ngân sách), xây dựng các Chương trình marketing, bán hàng, Chương trình hành động chi tiết theo từng giai đoạn, xây dựng các giải pháp để tổ chức thực hiện các Mục tiêu, kế hoạch, Chính sách kinh doanh của Công ty, xây dựng bộ nhận diện thương hiệu (tài liệu, ấn phẩm có liên quan) nhằm đảm bảo tăng nhận diện thương hiệu và lượng khách hàng.
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Job Detail
HAN984 ADMINISTRATOR 6/17/2019 8/26/2019 Employment/Recruitment/Staffing Hà Nội
  • Manage data management system for Executive Search and Selection Department;

  • Make weekly, monthly reports submitted to Manager;

  • Support Consultants in recruitment tasks as edit CVs, input CVs, etc.;

  • Download and manage CVs from Company’s resources;

  • Post jobs on recruitment site to attract the potential candidates from Faro's channel sites;

  • Other relevant tasks assigned by Manager.

Job Detail
HCM982 Payroll Admin 6/14/2019 8/30/2019 Employment/Recruitment/Staffing Hồ Chí Minh
  • Absorb, classify, arrange, filing documents of HR Consultant Team;

  • Be responsible for the filing software system:

+ Be responsible for keeping documents in a filing cabinet;

+ Update, upload incoming/outgoing documents to the software;

+ Issue required acknowledgment for each incoming/outgoing document;

+Other relevant works of this software;

  • Assist HR Consultant Team to courier documents to relevant authorities (Tax Department, Social Insurance Agency, Industry & Trade Department, etc.) and clients;

  • Prepare proposal and service contract to client;

  • Be responsible for tracking and following up the expiry date of service contract;

  • Be responsible for management welfare for client’s staff;

  • Be responsible for SHUI declaration, Job Center and labor reports under Faro account;

  • Assist Consultants in preparation payslip (upon requested);

  • Assist consultant in updating Masterfile;

  • Assist Consultants in monthly payroll report, yearly PIT finalization (upon requested)

  • Other relevant works upon request.

Job Detail
HCM980 Administrative Assistant cum Receptionist This job is going to be expried 6/14/2019 8/23/2019 Employment/Recruitment/Staffing Hồ Chí Minh

- Being responsible for executing administrative activities and greet all visitors, to answer and respond to all phone call. Main duties are included, but not limited to:

  • Make documentations, provide timely and accurate administration service;

  • Organize company trip, celebrate birthday for staff;

  • Arrange car for business trip;

  • Book hotel and air ticket;

  • Phone calls forwarded to correct employee;

  • Take care facility;

  • Take care reception area tidy at all times;

  • Manage /set up meeting room booking and business lunch as required;

  • Clear messages are taken and delivered; 

  • Customer and other key contacts ratings of effectiveness of receptionist at answering queries, forwarding calls and taking messages.

- Assist HR Consultancy department with following main duties, but not limited to:

  • Absorb, classify, arrange, filing documents of HR Consultant Team; 

  • Be responsible for the filing software system;

  •  Be responsible for keeping documents in a filing cabinet;

  • Update, upload incoming/outgoing documents to the software;

  • Issue required acknowledgment for each incoming/outgoing document;

  • Other relevant works of this software;

  • Assist HR Consultant Team in preparation labor reports;

  • Assist HR Consultant Team to courier documents to relevant authorities and clients,

- Other relevant works upon request.

Job Detail

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