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HAN1006 Sales and Service Engineer 7/16/2019 9/17/2019 Automation Hà Nội
Subsidiary of a global technology company, focused on markets in the field of automation. Its operation in Vietnam focuses on wire harness manufacturing industry. The Group employs around 2,000 people worldwide and provides sales and service support in over 60 countries through subsidiaries and independent representations.
  • Handle existing customer & identify new customer in defined market segment;

  • Achieve sales target for new machine, spare parts & service contract set by management in assigned area;

  • Monitor customer, competitor activity & gather general market information and feedback to headquarter;

  • Install, commission of new machines at customer premises;

  • Provide training to customer for operating & maintaining the machines;

  • Executes field service activities such as maintenance, repair, troubleshooting and technical consulting at customer site based on applicable processes and guidelines;

  • Prepare quotations, documentation and whenever required, take the lead for direct project related to customer communication;

  • Create and maintain strong customer relationship with top notch customer service;

  • Ensure Code of Conduct compliances.


  • Decide and acts on local discount in consultancy with supervisor and according to global discount guidelines;

  • Act to gather information and advices from specialists and communicate with the customer;

  • Act in order to achieve high data quality and up to date CRM database;

  • Act and decide on relevance of service products and consult customers accordingly;

  • Acts on executing field service activities;

  • Acts on executing help desk duties and technical customer consulting;

  • Enforce Code of Conduct within the organization.     

Job Detail
HAN1005 Technical Specialist 7/16/2019 9/17/2019 IT/Computers - Software Hà Nội

About the Employer

A leading ICT Services Integrator in ASEAN specialising in implementing, supporting and providing consultancy for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) & Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions; managing and supporting IT infrastructures; Cloud-enabling IT platforms, including the Cyber Security elements in fully compliant and secured data centres (DC). 

Owns a proven track record of serving more than 1,000 clients in the region across various business verticals; from small to global enterprises as well as public sector and industries such as manufacturing, financial, construction, education and healthcare.  The Company currently operates in 15 locations across 5 countries (Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam) and will be expanding its operations to Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos.

About the Position

1. Post-sales support

  • Perform installation, setup, and configuration of hardware such as x86-based servers, SAN and NAS storage systems, SAN switches (Fiber Channel and iSCSI), tape drives and tape libraries, Firewall, LAN switches (Layer 2 and Layer 3), desktop computer and notebooks;

  • Perform installation, setup, and configuration of VMware, Hyper-V;

  • Perform installation, setup, and configuration of server and desktop operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows Server 2016 and newer, Microsoft Windows 10 and newer, standard applications on desktops such as Microsoft Office, email clients, antivirus clients, etc;

  • Upgrade hardware components such as hard disks, memory, I/O adapters in servers and storage systems;

  • Upgrade Operating Systems and install patches;

  • Perform installation, setup, and configuration of data backup / restore solutions such as Symantec Backup Exec / NetBackup, and able to provide advice to customers on backup policies;

  • To find out and understand the detail requirements of configuration settings from customers before installation and configuration starts;

  • To coordinate and manage the progress of the installation and implementation of projects;

  • Produce full documentation of systems setup and configuration upon completion of job / project;

  • Provide on-site and remote support to customers to solve technical problems on products and solutions we sold to customers;

  • Provide daily, weekly, and monthly status report and updates to customer and manager / superior on job and project;

  • Always seek opportunities to pick up skills in products outside of main focus;

  • Works as a team with other solution teams to ensure customer focus;

  • Works as a team with other solution teams to ensure integrity of the entire technical team;

  • Assist other team members in projects and technical issues that require skills and knowledge that acquired from previous jobs and experience, such as networking, network security, etc;

  • Meet KPI’s set for technical support;

  • Any other duties or assignment as and when assigned by the management from time to time;

2. Research & Development

  • Learns new technical knowledge via testing and research;

  • Be initiative to learn new technical knowledge on both focus and non-focus solutions/products;

  • Properly documents all results of tests and researches in knowledge base;

  • Meet KPI’s set for research and development;

  • Any other duties as and when required by the management from time to time;

3. Certification

  • Obtains technical certification on identified focus products/solutions within the probation period on major focus products such as VMware, Microsoft, Symantec, and Trend Micro;

  • Any other duties as and when required by the management from time to time. 

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HCM1004 HR DEVELOPMENT 7/16/2019 9/18/2019 Medical/ Healthcare - Pharmaceutical Bình Dương, Hồ Chí Minh
  • Ensure HR’s objectives, policies and practices are well developed, recommended and implemented in accordance with the organization’s vision, mission and strategies as well as local Labour law.

  • Manage & Executive all activities in the field of HR at commercial division

  • HR Policy: Set up & to build policies and procedures, regulations of Sales Dept;

  • Recruitment & Selection (level Supervisor up): Source, screen, interview and recruit in co-ordination with requesting Departments;

  • Talent management; performance management; set KPIs;

  • Organization Design & Development: Coordinate to set up job description, job evaluation, job grade, and organization structure;

  • Compensation and Benefit: Set up & maintain Salary Structure, compensation& benefits policies, Monthly payroll, etc.

Job Detail
HCM1003 JUNIOR PRODUCT MANAGER 7/16/2019 9/17/2019 Medical/ Healthcare - Pharmaceutical Bình Dương
  • Develop strategic brand plans based on SWOT analyzing, market trends, customer’s/ shopper’s insights and anticipating competitor strategies.

  • Identify opportunities, develop innovation and smart action plans to drive business growth across all relevant channels of e-commerce, modern trade, pharmacy and hospital.

  • Lead marketing initiative implementation to both internal and external partners.

  • Construct and deliver persuasive impactful communication to field force teams to give brand direction and get their alignment.

  • Work with 3rd party to deliver impactful innovative marketing activities, define and monitor KPIs to maximize ROI and marketing activity effectiveness.

  • Operate within the relevant Internal & External Codes of Conduct, including SOPs. 

Job Detail
HAN1002 QA Engineer 7/15/2019 9/15/2019 Iron/Steel Bắc Ninh, Hà Nội
  • Onsite support customer compliant and get necessary information to factory;

  • Build good relationship with customer; 

  • Organize sorting or rework at customer side if necessary;

  • Other work assigned by manager.

Job Detail
HCM1001 SEA HS MANAGER 7/12/2019 9/13/2019 Environmental Service Hà Nội, Hồ Chí Minh
  • Identifies and proposes H&S objectives and actions to the management in order to set up H&S objectives and action plan of the region;

  • Oversees and coordinates the implementation of annual H&S Contract and other necessary H&S programs to improve H&S performance, including but limited to campaign, audit, reporting, incident analysis & follow-up, training, etc.;

  • Creates, implements and improves H&S rules and procedures according to and company H&S policies and local regulations;

  • Monitor H&S objective achievement and performance indicators, report to management and take actions to ensure achievement and compliance;

  • Acts as safety advisor in design, engineering and site activities to ensure that the project activities are in compliance with company policies and local regulations;

  • Collaborates with BU and H&S Department and promotes exchange and cooperation among H&S team of the region.   

Job Detail
HAN1000 Recruitment Consultant 7/12/2019 9/13/2019 Employment/Recruitment/Staffing Hà Nội
  • Work with Client to deliver Recruitment services per Client or Manager’s request.

  • Attract candidates by well preparing job description, job posting and high quality consulting service.

  • Screen and interview candidates.

  • Arrange and organize interview for candidate as requested by client.

  • Ensure the recruitment speed and results of assigned direct manager and clients.

  • Be responsible to provide high quality service to clients and candidates.

  • Develop new client and keep relationship with existing client database.

  • Consult for client on HR market or other information that related to the labor regulations.

  • Follow up client on recruitment status and support if required by client.

  • Be able to work independently and in a team.

  • Other tasks will be assigned by Hiring Manager.

Job Detail
HAN999 Programmer 7/11/2019 9/11/2019 IT/Computers - Software Hà Nội

- To perform program according to the detailed programming design provided by the client. 
- To prepare program check list and carry out unit test and integration test. 
- To keep abreast of latest technological advancements in software development. 
- Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.
- To ensure quality deliverables with minimum rework.
- Assist in any other ad-hoc task assigned by your superior or management.

Job Detail
HCM998 Trợ lý Tổng Giám đốc phụ trách nhân sự - đào tạo 7/11/2019 9/12/2019 Courier/Freight/Transportation Hồ Chí Minh
  1. Tham mưu, tư vấn cho Ban lãnh đạo về chiến lược nguồn nhân lực, cơ cấu nhân sự, chính sách phát triển nhân lực trong trung hạn, dài hạn đảm bảo thực hiện được chiến lược phát triển của Công ty.

  2. Tư vấn, đề xuất, xây dựng/ triển khai các hệ thống nhằm đảm bảo thực hiện tốt các chức năng quản lý, đánh giá hiệu quả nguồn nhân lực và tạo ra môi trường làm việc chuyên nghiệp/ hiệu quả.

  3. Chịu trách nhiệm xây dựng/ triển khai hệ thống KPI cho Công ty.

  4. Hoạch định chiến lược nguồn nhân lực Công ty trên cơ sở xu hướng phát triển ngành nghề kinh doanh của Công ty, giá trị cốt lõi cần xây dựng, định hướng phát triển của doanh nghiệp.

  5. Lên kế hoạch tuyển dụng nhân sự hàng tháng/ hàng quý/ hàng năm đáp ứng nhu cầu về nhân lực trong ngắn, trung & dài hạn của Công ty.

  6. Xây dựng kế hoạch và triển khai các chính sách phát triển văn hóa doanh nghiệp; các chương trình đào tạo & phát triển nguồn lực phù hợp với yêu cầu Công ty.

  7. Triển khai và giám sát thực hiện các chế độ chính sách nhân sự (lương, thưởng, phúc lợi...). Giải quyết các công việc liên quan đến quan hệ, kỷ luật lao động, thi đua, khen thưởng.

  8. Dự kiến và giải quyết các rủi ro về kiện tụng liên quan đến vấn đề nhân sự.

  9. Định hướng, hoàn thiện hệ thống quản lý, kiểm soát các văn bản hành chính: Nội quy, Quy chế, Biểu mẫu… của Công ty để đảm bảo tính hệ thống và quy chuẩn.

Job Detail
HCM997 Customer Service cum Logistics Staff 7/10/2019 9/11/2019 Chemicals/Petrochemicals
Consumer Products
Long An

Customer Service:

  • Forecast: Prepare forecast from sales team, send to related people once a month and update monthly forecast.

  • Receive orders from customers and process in system.

  • Communicate with the factory or suppliers, then confirm order with customers once product meets delivery plan, including domestics delivery orders and direct-shipment orders.

  • Communicate with the supply sites to arrange the pick-up and goods delivery.

  • Manage the logistics transportation vendor to deliver the goods to the customers.

  • Follow up the orders from the customers till the order completion.

  • Claim process in system and follow up.

Logistics & import/export

  • Source the local transportation/logistics vendors & service, including the import/export agent, etc.

  • Deal with the import/export process, prepare all related documents if necessary.

  • Manage the logistics suppliers (transportation, agent, etc.) and process the payment to the suppliers.

Payment management

  • Follow up the payment collection from customers.

  • Coordinate with Finance department for invoice.

Job Detail
HCM996 Project Manager 7/9/2019 9/10/2019 IT/Computers - Software Hồ Chí Minh

As a Project Manager, your primary responsibility will be to lead our teams throughout client projects, ensuring the products we create meet the highest quality standards and provide our clients with an exceptional service experience and an exceptional product.

You will be based in our Ho Chi Minh City office and will create strong relationships with our clients, based in Australia, that will lay the foundation for our teams to thrive and to navigate the inevitable challenges that occur on all projects. You will collaborate and work very closely with our teams to provide them with the project resources / artefacts they require to deliver great outcomes for our clients.

The traits we’re seeking from you:

● Leadership - To lead from the front

● Great communicator in both English and Vietnamese - genuine and clear

● Strong project management - Managing external and internal projects

● Show initiative – self-motivated to make it happen

● Flexible - a creative and adapting problem-solver

● Strong work ethic – will set and achieve goals

● Collaboration – will succeed as a team member, not as an individual

● Strong attention to detail - Be willing to dive into the detail on all project issues

You will directly contribute to our company mission: “we partner with people to create practical technology products that make us more productive and connected.''


You will be responsible for the following activities:

● Develop and maintain strong relationships with our clients through regular communication and reporting, using industry best practice technology and systems;

● Creating and / or overseeing the creation of all product scoping documentation;

● Planning projects including scheduling and allocating resources;

● Leading the project delivery team, monitoring their performance, recognising great work and taking corrective measures if required;

● Managing the project financials and providing relevant information for TAT invoicing;

● Create and / or oversee the creation of test strategies and plans;

● Leading and overseeing product testing;

● Overseeing the deployment process;

● Leading all other aspects of managing projects including change control, governance reporting requirements and managing risk and issues;

● Providing ongoing product support and maintenance as required.

Job Detail
HAN995 Purchasing & Logistics Executive 7/8/2019 9/9/2019 Mining Hà Nội

1. Purpose

  • Manages strategies to guide and standardize overall procurement, inventory and logistic plans and operating procedures for cross trade activities. Develops goals for sourcing, buying, expediting, planning, and distribution functions.

2. Key Result Areas

- Purchasing:

  • Responsible for purchase administration and order processing using ERP systems;

  • Review purchase requisition orders - verify accuracy of price, currency, terminology, and specifications, supplier details, quotations and passed on for approval;

  • Facilitate timely placement of purchase orders - monitoring, tracking orders and ensuring timely delivery;

  • Ensure purchasing policies, systems and procedures are followed in accordance with Company standards;

  • Sound knowledge of Incoterms and Vietnamese law governing local and import procurement;

- Logistics Operations:

  • Manage import in coordination with Third Party Logistics (3PL) customs, other government agencies, transporters, forwarding agents, and Finance;

  • Follow – up on shipping documents e.g Commercial Invoice, Packing Lists, Test Certificates, Supplier declarations forms, and Bill of Lading requirements;

  •  Liaise with Forwarding Agents Expected Departure Dates (ETD) / Expected Time Arrival (ETA) & Ex-works dates, clearance progress, customs formalities, GST approval, import duties, permits applications, and exemption;

- Others:

  • Compare suppliers' bills with quotations and purchase orders - verify accuracy; check, approve suppliers’ invoices, Freight Invoices, Forwarding Invoices are all intact prior to payment processing;

  • Compilation of Good Receipt Note, suppliers’ invoices, Delivery Order, Freight Invoices, Forwarding Invoices for real time costings prior to invoicing to customers for DDU/DAP Contracts;

  • Maintains all documents, files and listings up-to-date and performs his or her duties in the most efficient manner;

  • Reconcile or resolve value discrepancies where required;

  • Willing to work a flexible schedule to accomplish all major responsibilities and tasks;

Job Detail
HCM993 Marketing & Communications Manager 7/5/2019 9/6/2019 Paints Hồ Chí Minh
Job description:
We are looking for Marketing & Communications Manager to spearhead our online and offline communications and increase brand awareness for Vietnam market. The job scope will cover all relevant planning and implementation of marketing communication activities that includes Brand Building, Public Relations, Events Planning, Digital and Social Media Marketing and all other activities that are essential to build a strong brand and connection with our target audiences.

- Leadership:

Provide clear leadership & supervision to marketing team whilst developing a comprehensive marketing strategy for company in Vietnam, in alignment with regional communications guidelines and local product positioning and core strategy.

Formulate goals that are aligned with division objectives and translate them into clear SOW, action plans and measure for the product marketing team.

Generate management reports and share insights and improvement points on a monthly basis.

Understands team's strengths and weakness to provide necessary guidance for the team to work effectively.

Communicate timely information for MKT team to work effectively.

Ensuring that work processes are streamlined within and between departments so that team productivity is enhanced and paper work reduced.

- Brand Equity:

To enhance company brand equity and grow mindshare in Vietnam market using integrated platforms by:

o Supporting RHQ on B2B branding direction, contributing to a harmonised brand impression across SEA markets.

o Seeking alignment between regional and local marketing communications for an integrated approach.

o Reviewing and establishing clear KPIs for external agencies (i.e. PR/Social media/creative).

o Ensuring A&P budget is used with clear deliverables and measurements.

o Brand building through sponsorships and collaborations, as well as enhancing CSR efforts.

o ATL planning for growth products.

- PR: 

To lead integration between PR and social media communications.

Foster relations with existing and new journalists to increase PR coverage.

To develop rich and engaging conversations for growth products aligned with division’s goals.

To conceptualise and work with appointed PR and social media agency to develop storytelling content that not only focuses on products, but also on solutions and applications to expand the story into different media verticals.

- Digital Marketing and Social Media:

Manage company Vietnam’s social media channel (Facebook) and campaigns and ensure effective use of social media to promote overall brand and improve campaign efficacy.

Plan and align company Vietnam’s digital marketing efforts with RHQ, including SEO, SEM, Google AdWords.

To ensure that company keeps abreast sand taps on social media (FB, LinkedIn, Instagram) and digital marketing to increase digital footprint and enhance brand awareness.

To conceptualise and plan for media buy budget to optimise use of social media.

- A&P Budgeting Forecast:

Responsible for full year A&P planning & budgeting, including creation of 12 months ESD marketing calendar and media plan. This encompasses planning and monitoring of all I/O created for the financial year.

Ensure A&P spending accuracy (FC vs actual spend).

Monitoring of all I/O created and spending for the financial year including quarterly FC reports.

- Service Marketing: 

To enhance solution showcase at ECCC and look to increase optimization of its facilities for workshops, training and demo.

To offer alternative redemption mechanism by moving into digital.

- Events Management:

Responsible for project management of key seminars, exhibitions and product launches, and provide directions and guidance to marketing team.

- Administration: 

Provide marketing reports for (a) local monthly meeting such as MSB and (b) regional management meeting (EMM) & marketing meetings (kick-off meetings) (c) monthly A&P spent and (d) Monthly activities update (N+2).

- Agencies Management:

Identification and recruitment of agencies to develop creative content pieces and sales materials to support sales and marketing activities.

Constant review and feedback on their performance and areas of improvement.

Provide creative direction and input for all brand and tactical execution, spanning varying media and encompassing all products carried by company in Singapore.

- Company Logo Licensing: 

1. Ensure appointed partners and 3rd parties adhere to company guidelines when utilising company’s branding assets, including logo.

Job Detail
HCM992 Back Office Manager 7/5/2019 9/6/2019 Paints Hồ Chí Minh

- Talent Management: 

• Apply advanced skills and experience in using assessments and analysis to guide selection decisions.

• Evaluate various sources and channels of recruitment to recommend the most viable option for selection based on efficiency and effectiveness analysis.

• Develop a recruitment plan, breaking down approach into various activities and tasks to be executed.

- Performance Management:

• Facilitate meetings throughout the organisation to discuss, specify and weigh desired results, in order to develop a robust performance management system which drives those results.

• Guide or partner with line managers to conduct performance appraisals or implement performance management system for their teams.

• Maintain oversight of performance management system implementation, ensuring proper documentation of results, understanding of standards of performance, and assessment of progress.

• Set clear guidelines for assessing performance and defining strong vs. average vs. weak performance.

• Design and plan interventions to identify, manage and recognise the best performers; set desired outcomes and timelines.

• Work with function heads / colleagues to develop effective follow up plans for under performers, highlighting objectives and intended outcomes.

- Budgeting, Forecasting, Reporting and Payroll Matters:

• Manage Company’s budgeting and forecasting which include headcount, salaries and welfare expenses.

• Monthly and quarterly HR Reporting to Regional Headquarter (Singapore).

• Any other reports as and when required by the Regional Headquarter or Japan Headquarter.

• Prepare monthly provision of bonuses.

- Drive and implement company’s internal processes and operational guidelines: 

• Translate guidelines into SOPs, understanding the impact and potential changes (if any) on different functions and individuals.

• Develop a plan to roll out and successfully implement company’s operational guidelines and new / enhanced internal processes.

• Monitor implementation success and lead follow up efforts to drive compliance and acceptance of / alignment with the guidelines.

- Project Management: 

• Participate and contribute to regional HR projects.

- Recommend enhancements to administrative and operational systems and activities:

• Evaluate options for modifying or enhancing administrative and operational systems, by weighing pros and cons and considering their feasibility, practicality and sustainability.

• Recommend effective enhancements to current policies and processes, and explain rationale.

• Determine criteria to select and assess appropriate vendors.

• Conduct regular review of all vendors’ performance.

• Source for and propose potential vendors to collaborate, considering the associated procurement costs and potential benefits.

• Identify mutual benefits and negotiate favourable contracts with vendors and/or internal stakeholders.

- Internal Communication and Engagement:

• Develop local communication plans to explain internal issues, policies and procedures to staff and clients.

• Deliver key messages to employees and clients in a compelling manner, tailoring communication to different target audiences.

• Hold and lead sessions with employees and people managers to convey expectations and to gather feedback in a productive and focused manner.

• Actively seek and share relevant and timely information up, down and across the organisation; ensuring alignment and comprehensiveness of the audience’s understanding.

• Contextualise and prioritise various feedback points – identify key threads and explore ways to address critical issues.

- Finance & Accounting:

• Manage outsourced vendor on accounting and tax filing.


• EVNL is translating into a full-fledged sales company in FY2020. This person needs to possess strategic thinking skill and participate actively in this exercise.

Job Detail
HCM991 Sales Support cum Personal Assistant 7/5/2019 9/6/2019 Paints Hồ Chí Minh

- Sales operation & administration support (50%):

• Channel sales performance & tactical rebates.

• Collating of Disty contracts & supporting documents.

• Computation of rebates.

• Validation of computation with distributors.

• Pricing.

• Update & maintain consolidated price list.

• Dissemination of price list to channel partners.

• Reporting.

• Collect & consolidate channel sales & inventory report.

• Sales forecast.

• Collect & consolidate distributors’ sales forecast.

• Submission of EVNL sales forecast to ESP.

• Business management.

* Support MD with quick updates of BP/FCx.

product rev/qty trend via review of Sim File internally.

* Support future process & system automation internally.


• Error-free computations. Timely submission of required documents to facilitate the payment of rebates.

• Price list updated and error-free.

• Timely submission of reports to relevant parties.

• Timely submission of sales forecast to ESP.

- Finance support (20%):

• Accounts receivable management.

• Liaising with distributors on sales collection.

• Window person for statement of account management with distributors.

• Other Finance ad-hoc tasks.


• Clear & accurate records of outstanding.

• Timely reporting to ESP on status of payment & background of outstanding.

• Good relationship with counterparts at distributors.

- Supply chain operations support (15%):

• Coordinate between ESP SCM and disty for additional orders, shipping schedule, shipping document, Form D/E

• Contact point for pricing/operational issue with ESP SCM/PM & EVNL disty

• Hand carry documentation (invoices, credit/debit note) printed off EVNL local printer to disty

• Support MD on trade control/customs regulatory updates/changes accordingly in strict compliance, researching & keeping on top of related logistics, warehousing, importation, FDI matters for future planning.


• Clear requirements and instruction to ESP & distributors.

• Timely & accurate dissemination of information to all relevant parties.

• Records of relevant regulations remain updated at all times.

- CS admin support (10%):

• Spare parts rebate claims management.

• Collating of supporting documents.

• Computation of rebates.

• Validation of computation with distributors.


• Error-free computations. Timely submission of required documents to facilitate the payment of rebates.

- Personal Assistant to Country Manager (5%):

• Support CM in business schedule (flight and accommodation booking).

• Assist CM with translation/interpretation.

• Prepare reports/data under instruction from CM for meeting internally/externally.

• Other ad-hoc tasks under request of CM.


• Timely submission of required reports/data.

• Follow CM’s schedule closely.

• Translating/interpreting information with high accuracy.


• Timeliness of channel partners’ submission of reports and documents. Cultivate trust with channel partners. Seek support of EVNL product managers.

• Inaccuracy of channel partners’ sales & inventory report. Support EVNL product managers to investigate and reconcile.

• Understanding of parts details and requirements. Support required from CS member to validate requirements to meet target inventory holding.


• Timeline pressure. Prioritizing work based on importance/urgency.

• Number & frequency of reports.

• Number & frequency of sales forecasting.

• Number & frequency of rebate validation and processing.

Job Detail

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