Giám đốc điều hành (Full Time)

Hà Nội

  • Trình độ học vấn / chuyên môn / văn hóa: Tốt nghiệp đại học trở lên Chuyên ngành: Quản trị kinh doanh, thương mại...
  • Kinh nghiệm: từ 3 năm đến 5 năm kinh nghiệm Giám Đốc/Giám Đốc Điều Hành
  • Ưu tiên kinh nghiệm tại các Cty. trong lĩnh vực: giáo dục đào tạo
  • Ưu tiên kinh nghiệm tại các Cty. với quy mô: 100 người trở lên
  • Kỹ năng ngoại ngữ: kiến thức tiếng anh tối thiểu tương đương ở cấp độ B - Đọc, hiểu & dịch được tài liệu chuyên môn; viết đúng chính tả và văn phạm thuộc chuyên môn
  • Thái độ - Quyết đoán, máu lửa trong công việc - Xử lý phát sinh tốt - Chịu được áp lực công việc cao

(mm/dd/yyyy): 1/31/2019

Presales Manager (Full Time)

Hà Nội

1.     Qualifications:

-       3 years or more of experience of SI Solution Presales, SI Solution development or professional service experience.

-       Business Development experience is required.

-       Strong interpersonal skills with internal/external stakeholders

-       Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills

-       Ability to handle multiple assignments, manage priorities, and achievement results.

-       Ability to work independently within a team environment.

-       Understanding of predictive analytics and Statistical Methods

-       Excellent communication skills (written and verbal) in English

-       Good presentation and influencing skills.

  1. Other skills:

-       Technical knowledge and expertise to realize SI Solution Presales

-       Experience of system/application development in a certain domain (preferred)

-       Experience of entire application architecture design in SI domain (preferred)

-       Programming and development knowledge with any programming language (preferred)

-       Extensive knowledge about database design and reporting tools (preferred)

Knowledge on BI (Business Intelligence) tools or any relevant tool development (preferred)

(mm/dd/yyyy): 11/30/2018

Developer (HN) (Full Time)

Hà Nội

  • Bachelor Degree in Computer Science/Information Technology
  • At least 1+ years of hands-on software development experience in a software company
  • Have knowledge in OOP, C#, SQL Server, Crystal Report
  • Excellent in testing, debugging, and troubleshooting skills, problem solving.
  • Have experience in ERP system (especially Warehouse management system, Time attendance, Human resource, Payroll (salary calculation)), SAP system ( is preferable)
  • The person who has worked for company and support their business system such as Time keeping, Human resource, Payroll (salary calculation), manufacturing, accounting, sales, is preferable.

(mm/dd/yyyy): 11/30/2018

GL accountant (Full Time)

Hà Nội

(mm/dd/yyyy): 11/30/2018

Account payables (Full Time)

Hà Nội

  • Knowledge of accounts payable
  • Knowledge of general accounting procedures
  • Knowledge of relevant accounting software (such as Sage, FreshBooks, QuickBooks)
  • Proficient in data entry and management
  • 2-3 years accounts payable or general accounting experience

(mm/dd/yyyy): 11/30/2018

Payroll/Cash Accountant (Full Time)

Hà Nội

  • Graduate of Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting/Finance
  • Relevant certification in Accounting practice.
  • Minimum of 2 years experience.
  • Effective team player. With very good interpersonal relationship skills and can work and relate well with co-employees.
  • Must have the behavioral sensitivity, maturity, diplomacy, detail – oriented.
  • Outstanding oral and written communication skills.
  • Strong ethics and confidentiality; high level of personal and professional integrity.
  • Computer literate and very highly proficient in using MS office programs.

(mm/dd/yyyy): 11/30/2018

Administration Assistant (Full Time)

Hải Phòng

College or university graduated
Prefer graduated in Finance, Accounting, HR, Foreign Trade, Business or related field
Prefer at least 1 year in administrator, finance, accounting, purchasing, HR, import/export department.
Knowledge in Labor Law and Regulation.
Knowledge on Supply Chain and Logistic are advantage.
Skills & Behaviour:
Good communication in English/Vietnamese/Chinese
Good Excel/Word, email & reporting skill
Able to work independently, good analytical skills and customer relationship
Problem Solving & Complexity:
This position is expected to handle various tasks and daily in-time target.
The focus is on Admin activities, while coordinating with other parties to cover business requirement such as booking for hotel, air-ticket, IT related issues, financial coordination.
Submit related reports
Other ad-hoc activities such as PPE, new year calendar for customers, interpreter, etc…

(mm/dd/yyyy): 10/31/2018

Account Manager (Full Time)

Thanh Hóa

Qualifications/Requirements - Internal 
- Bachelors of Science Degree in Engineering (Chemical, Industrial, Environment), or Chemistry, OR Bachelor's Degree in any related discipline
- Minimum 5 years of experience in the water treatment field
- Ability and willingness to travel within territory
- Willing and ability to reside in Thanh Hoa area geography
Desired Characteristics 
- Internal - Ability to effectively manage time and budget or expense parameters
- Solid communication skills (both written and verbal)
- Able to prove sales record
- Demonstrated computer skills, including Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint

(mm/dd/yyyy): 9/30/2018

Field Service Engineer (Full Time)

Thanh Hóa

Qualifications/Requirements - Internal

-    Bachelor’s degree in Engineering is preferred (Chemical, Industrial, Environmental)

-    Minimum 3 years of experience in the water or process treatment field

-    Ability and willingness to travel within assigned area

-    Willing and ability to reside in assigned area geography

Desired Characteristics - Internal

-          Ability to effectively manage time and budget or expense parameters

-          Strong presentation skills

-          Strong creative problem solving skills

-          Strong oral and written communication skills

-          Sound interpersonal and leadership skills

-          Able to interface at all levels of the organization  both internally and externally

-          Strong customer mindset

-          Demonstrated computer skills, including Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint


(mm/dd/yyyy): 9/30/2018

System Engineer (Full Time)

Hải Phòng

Graduate / Post Graduate in Engineering (Mechanical / Electrical)
- High Vocational Certificate with Experience in Mechanical or Electrical assignment would be beneficial.
- 1-2 years’ experience in machine installation/mechanical/electrical equipment installation would be a plus.
- Experience working in Steel Mills is the plus.
▪ Broad and comprehensive understanding of concepts and principles of steel plant and different product line applications.
▪ Should possess sound understanding of steel making process to identify scope for value creation.
▪ Good understanding of the application of mechanism, preferably gates for ladle & tundish.
Skills & Behaviour:
▪ Planning & organizing
▪ Customer service orientation
▪ Analytical ability
▪ Communication Skills
▪ Presentation skills
▪ Disciplined Approach
▪ Extensive Travelling to various locations
▪ Team building and team work
▪ Good problem-solving skills.
Problem Solving & Complexity:
This position is expected to suggest solutions / improvement proposals based on Scientific Analysis of information while dealing with challenges impacting the overall Iron zone business of the organization. Some of the focus areas are mentioned below –
▪ Building a high level of customer loyalty and relationship – both internal as well as external through regular interaction and value propositions
▪ Possessing patience and strong perseverance

(mm/dd/yyyy): 9/30/2018

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