Skills required
  • Must be Korean Citizen
  • Age between 28 to 35 year old
  • Can speak, read and write English proficiently.
  • With Degree in Electrical / Electronic or in Mechanical Engineering.
  • At least (5) years working experience in Surface Mount Technology (SMT) manufacturing environment and knows the process well.
  • Able to communicate well in both Korean and in English.
  • Good in human relation skill will be an added advantage.
  • Able to work well individually as well as in a team with diverse culture in a manufacturing environment.
  • Work closely with the local office engineers to meet the customer’s need.
  • Attend meeting and making report.   
What you will do
  • KAM reports to Area Sales Director (APAC)
  • KAM will work closely with Vietnam Country Manager as well as the Company’s FSE(s) in 4PHP. Weekly meeting with Company’s Senior FSE
  • KAM must be fully aware the production line condition at 4PHP and SMT process.
  • Require to do installation, troubleshooting and maintenance work together with our Company’s FSE(s).
  • If it is a machine problem he needs to work closely with Company’s local FSE(s) to have the machine fix at the earliest time frame.
  • If there is a process issue he must also be there to find out and understand what the issue are and what are the remedy to fix it and the counter measure to prevent it.
  • For point (5) and (6), he is expected to communicate to the Korean Company’s Client /4PHP Korean and explain clearly the status of the problem.
  • KAM is also require to make Technical trouble report in Korean (with a English translation) on point (5) and (6) whenever require by Company’s Client.
  • KAM is required to make and submit weekly report back to HQ about the activities at 4PHP.
  • When dealing with any issue, keep all party concern in close loop. Report back immediately if problem cannot be solve.
  • Constantly maintain a good rapport with Company’s Client Korean and 4P Korean as well as with the service team.
  • Keep the customer happy at all time.
  • Daily support at 4PHP factory (08:00 ~ 17:00)
About Faro Recruitment Vietnam

With a team of extensive experience consultants who always serve clients with more than 100% of dedication and well understanding of Vietnamese market and legislation, Faro Vietnam is committed to providing the practical and compliant human resources advices and solutions to the clients in the professional manner. It is helping clients free mind and free hands in dealing with human resources matters in the frequent change business environment like Vietnam.

We focus on offering four main services, including:

  • Executive Search and Selection
  • Staffing Solution
  • Payroll Administration
  • Human resource Compliance. 

Readmorehr consultants , Talent acquisition consultant will be involved in the process of recruitment





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