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• Multiple International and National Mathematic Olympiad Prizes, including: (1) Silver Medal in Greek International Mathematic Olympiad 2004 and (2) Third Place in Vietnam National Mathematic Olympiad 2004 • Accredited International Programming Prizes, including: (1) Third place in ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest Asian (Iran 2007) and (2) Nineteenth place in ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest World Final (Canada 2007) • 4 years of Formal Educations in Computer Sciences at a World Renowned Institute in Singapore as a Scholarship Student (under Asean Scholarship). • 3 solid years as Software and Application Developer in Research & Development Department of Bank and Other Finance-related Institution in Vietnam. • Relevant experiences in applying Information Technologies in Liquidity/Currency Risk Analyses and sufficient understandings of bank payment and other financial processes for programming purposes. • Fluency of the following Programming Languages: Visual Basics, Java, C++, C#, php, mySql, etc. • Proficient Communication Skills in English and Vietnamese


Working From (mm/dd/yyyy): 1/1/2009 - Working To (mm/dd/yyyy): 12/2/2009

Company : Exxon Mobil, Singapore

Industry : Consumer Products

Position : Software Developer

Main Duties + Awards : • Develop an Account Management Program for the Board of Directors to measure employees’ working time, performance and system accesses. • Develop a Quality Management Program for the field engineers to timely control the petroleum contents, temperatures, specialized measurements and filter under-grade outputs. • Develop a Thermo Visualization of the Oil Field to detect danger zones and counter problems aroused in time. • Languages in use: Visual Basics, Java and a combination of other specialized programs of Exxon Mobil Singapore

Working From (mm/dd/yyyy): 1/1/2011 - Working To (mm/dd/yyyy): 1/1/2012

Company : Lien Viet Post Bank, Vietnam

Industry : Financial Services - Banking

Position : R&D Executive

Main Duties + Awards : • Develop a Visual Basic Program, specializing in Liquidity and Currency Risks Analysis for the Product Research and Development Department. • Technically, support others on developing VBA Programs for Portfolio Analysis.

Working From (mm/dd/yyyy): 2/1/2012 - Working To (mm/dd/yyyy): 1/1/2013

Company : ViMASS Corporation, Vietnam

Industry : E-commerce

Position : Manager of Data Team

Main Duties + Awards : • Develop Data Crawler Programs to filter data from different websites and remove duplications before mapping the data to the Company’s Electronic Commerce Databases. • Adhere and Administer the Programming Processes of the Company’s multifunctional payment card, which can be used for different purposes, including: Mobile Payments, Loyalty, and other related functions. • Build in the adopted Hadoop Open Source to develop the NoSQL database for the Company’s Electronic Commerce System.

Language Certificate

Candidate History

2009 - 2009

Software Developer

Exxon Mobil, Singapore

2011 - 2012

R&D Executive

Lien Viet Post Bank, Vietnam

2012 - 2013

Manager of Data Team

ViMASS Corporation, Vietnam

2004 - 2005

Mathematic (Honors Program)

National University Of Vietnam

2006 - 2010

Computer Science

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

2012 - 2013


Monash University, Australia

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